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I purchased it 15 months back.

I am facing issues regards Footer file in IE. I tried to work with your new update on css but its not working.

Have a look at honestadviser.com in IE and Firefox or any other browser.

In IE the footer looks very odd.

Can you help me to detect what’s wrong in my css file?

Though this problem is old and refrain it from writing to you, but now many users have given this feedback so want your help to fix this permanently

Warm regards Avinash


Did you change this: #contentWrapper { background: url(“images/bg_contentWrapper.png”) no-repeat bottom right; padding: 0 33px 0 23px; z-index: 10; position: relative; }

Hi Juan- Looks like someone else asked same question regarding easy way to have the drop down under navigation menu a year ago, but there is no reply. If this is not possible or not part inclusive in your help docs., can just give us a yes or no. Have attempted to reach you several times requesting some insight to this but ignored. Appreciate that man

Hi Artragin.

I have been working on another theme for long time. That’s the reason why I coudn’t work on it.

I’ll try to work on it as soon as I can.

best regards!

newsletter subscribe form does this template has newsletter subscription form?

    is it posible to build it is important

Many thanks in advance

My best regards

Hi Julio

this template does not include a newsletter subscription since it is a simple html+css site but you can get the wordpress version. There are great and useful plugins for newsletter subscription.





How to put a thanks message in the contact form once is sent?

many thanks



hi JuanTomasoli,

i just need to know how can i use arabic text in this template instead of english.

HI. no, it doesn’t support arabic characters. Thnx

Hi Juan – When I view my site or even the site it self that I download before any changes in IE some of the content is missing. If you check my home page out you will see above the main content is a blank space. There is supposed to be an H2 tag there and to right of that above the green links and above the map on the left side should say “contact us” all of my pages have these missing and also the file i download has it missing. This only happens in IE. Here is my site http://www.monthlystar.com

hey! try to apply overflow: hidden; to the sidebar

I’v seen wordpress template ver. before. but I can’t find. Can you give me link for wp ver for this? thank you.

Does it contain only slideshow or it contains slider too? Does your support continue with same theme? Then I can proceed for procuring.

Hey. The template includes an slider. I’m still offering support for the HTML version

Hello Juan!

Thanks very much for offering a taste of design, beautiful in its special way. I will be happy if you could give me a step by step guide in converting this theme to a drupal 7 theme. my email address farmah007@gmail.com



Hey Scapeller. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you that guidelines, but you can find out a right provider to help you on http://studio.envato.com/