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Awesome work, good luck on TF!

Much appreciated Przemyslaw, there can never be enough luck! :-)

Beautiful Design! Good Luck – I hope you will elite author soon! ;)

Thank you very much for your kind words! :-)

Great start! Good luck on TF! One day i will move here too.

Many thanks, looking forward to your great designs at TF. :-)

Thank you my friend! :-)

Hi there,

Can I add this template also in mail chimp? And do you know how I need to implement this template in mail chimp?


- Larissa


It should be working with no problems in mail chimp. You can upload a zip with all your pictures and the HTML code to create a template working with mail chimp.


love this look, wish there is more colour variety though, need something brown

Hello, thank you, if you have photoshop knowledge you can easily change the color and export it with the web export function. The .psd is already sliced for export.

Hi there, Great template! You’ve somehow managed to make primitive coding look like the rest of the internet! Kudos! :) One question- for some reason mailchimp loads the files funny- no rounded corners, and odd placement of some pieces. Not a big deal- I can use something else, just wondering if anyone else had this issue.. Thanks!

  • Oh wait I see. Sorry! Thanks again for the lovely template!

Thank you Gobywalnut for your kind words! :-)

Hi Anders,

I’m having a bit of trouble getting the images that create the curves to show up. I’m using Mailchimp, I’m on a mac.. I’m a little confused about how to import the template into Mailchimp with the way the files come downloaded.. I tried zipping a template + it’s photos, and it seems to get most of the images but not all.. do you know offhand what might be going on? I’d gladly send screencaps to show you.


Hello Gobywalnut,

Please send as a message over the contact form. We will try to help you.


Hi I’m having a problem with the theme HTML in mailchimp and I sent an email over the contact form but I’ve gotten no reply. Is there another email I should send it to?


We will contact you in the next few days, sorry for the delay.

I’m still needing help with this. I got it just about all figured out by myself however the horizontal spacing isn’t showing up at all. Anders can you please email me back? I haven’t heard anything from you since my first comment and I really need to get this newsletter out.

Or if anyone else knows how to do template 5 with Mailchimp, please let me know.


Thanks buddy! :-)

So clean and easy to read. Currently testing it in my template and it’s working VERY well. You may have a new revenue stream from us sales people. We always need creative sales flyers. Great work. Looking forward to my purchase.

Thanks for making me look good to my clients!


Hi Stef, your comment makes us very happy! Thank you! :-)

HI I just recently purchased the newsletter, I am having a problem with some of the components change their position every time i send an email email

Hi, sorry for the slow response. What kind of application you use to send out your mail? Thank you!