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Does the comments on the blog really work???Because there is no back-end

Hello, no the blog doesnt’t work. This is a HTML template only.

Hi I bought your template today I think it very nice.

But I cannot to edit the page I can’t find a index page.

How I open, I will to use what program for open the page to edit.

Hello, you can open the files with any text edit application or specific html editors like BBedit. The index.html is there, I am not sure how to help further. Good luck and thanks!

Do you have an e-mail? I want you help me. My E-mail

Hi, I am trying to change the background pattern and have made all of the changes in the template as you instructed 1) changed line 160 to: <body style=”background-image:url(images/pattern/pattern10.png); background-repeat:repeat;” >


Changed the selector_pattern.js on line 3 to: var myColors2 = ‘url(images/pattern/pattern10.png),

and still the background isn’t changed and a plain white. Is there something else I am missing?

Hello when are the wordpress version coming?

Best Regards Robbie

Hello Robbie, unfortunately we can’t give any estimate for the release. Sorry.

Great design! Calendar sort tags are not working.. It is pity… This option made me choose your template. Is there some way to make them work without database usage, for example using the same way, it is used in portfolio…? Or at least, make the dates scroll content to certain entry? How does fancy box knows, which and how many images are displayed for certain project? I don´t see particular options in html code. Could i disable a device check? Don´t want to use this ipad.html and mobile.html at all… Thank You!

Hallo mahno333, Thanks for buying our Template and sorry for our late answer. The requirement for a usual Blog is a Database. Our Template gives you a model to make your own Blog in a CMS System like WordPress.

If you want to have more Pictures in the fancybox, please ad a new div container and set it “display:none”. In the data Tag “data-fancybox-group” you determine the group in what the picture should display.

<div style="display:none;">
            <a class="foto" data-fancybox-group="design" href="images/gallery/image2.jpg"></a>
       <a class="foto" data-fancybox-group="design" href="images/gallery/image2.jpg"></a>
                      …and so on
Please insert this Container under project 13 (line 1045).

To disable the Mobile and Ipad Version, please open the File loader-pc.js in the scripts folder. Delete Line 131.

Good Luck! isoarts

Good Day, I have been working in your template for a few months now (and have to say I love your work). I have run into a few snags that I would truly love your advice on.

First problem seemed to be I also cannot get my background to work. My selector_pattern.js top line is: var myColors2 = ‘url(images/pattern/pattern7.png)’.split(’, ‘), theColors2 = [], colorBox2 = $(’#colorBox2’);

My Index.html line is: <body style=”background-image:url(images/pattern/pattern7.png); background-repeat:repeat;” >

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I apologize if I misunderstood the directions. Could I snag a hand in this?

My other question has to do with the portfolio: My issue is that I would like it so that when the portfolio show’s the image of the work, it will link to the image, and when it shows the scroll window with the project information I would like it to link to the website.

For example: <!-- Project 1 --> <div class="element design pr1 width2 height2 "> <div class="tiles"> <a class="foto" data-fancybox-group="design" href="images/gallery/Port-HWHG-Lg.jpg" title="Homer Watson House & Gallery | Project Information" onfocus="this.blur()"> <span class="layer" /> </a> I'm aware that this line over-rules any other link I put under it in the portfolio for my project one. However, when I have think line: <code> <div class="fancy-text-400 dark orangedark"> <a class="foto" href="WEBSITE URL HERE" title="WEBSITE TITLE" onfocus="this.blur()"> Click here to view the website </a> The image will always over-ride the inner div urls. I understand the logic of it, I think, but I am curious if there is a way I can link to both the image details of the project and to the actual website? I appreciate your patience and time with my inquiry! Best regards, Laura</div></code></div></div>

Hallo Imabee, is it possible to send us the source code of your index.html? Our E-Mail Thank you.

Hello! I just bought this beautiful template … thank you very much!

I have a problem: I do not get to change the background color for the “pattern19.png”. Please, I need your help … I’m going crazy with something that in principle should be very simple! Many thanks!, Anna

Hallo Anna, sorry for the late answer. First, thank you very much for buying our Template. To change the Pattern please insert an inline Style in the body tag with Background-image of your pattern. Something like this: <body style=”background-image:url(your adress); background-repeat:repeat;” >

Hope this will help you. Don`t hasytate to ask us. Isoarts

Hello Isoarts!! Many thanks to you for this template … I love it! Finally I was able to change the pattern! Happy day! Anna

Hi! Great work! Like other people i want to change background color and put a image. I follow all the instructions: change body code line…<body style=”background-image:url(your adress); background-repeat:repeat;” > and selector_pattern.js but doesn`t work. I try to change also selector_background.js but doesn´t work. What i`m doing wrong?

Hello, sorry for the late answer, please contact us trough the form from the theme arts profile page. Thank you!

Hello I like to preview this template but the site seems down. Can you fix this?

Hello, the demo is back online, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi there,

bought the template and love it!!

I am using it to build a Wordpress theme myself (there is no WP theme yet, is there? Otherwise I’ve wasted time :) )

It seems that the four items in the left navigation are clickable through JS instead of standaard HREF’s. I prefer (and WP demands!) real hyperlinks.

I can of course insert anchors in the -tags, but then the surrounding blocks are still using the JS.

Any suggestions on how to implement real hyperlinks?



Responsiveness is more about the width of a design. This is about the height and looks like a bug for people with smaller resolutions….

What if you adjust the top-setting and the margin-top-setting of the #wrapper in style.css. I removed “top:50%” and changed “margin-top:-405px” to “margin-top:30px” and that seems to solve my problem….

Thank you cees, we will probably implement your solution into the template. Best regards, Michael

When is the wordpress version coming out?

Hello, it will take a while, first we have to recode the html Version truly responsive.

i love this one;

Thank you Graf! :-)

Hi, Could You please put a clear instruction how to change background pattern? I read here, not only me have problem with this. Changing <body style=” background-image:url(images/gallery/mypattern.jpg); background-repeat:repeat;” > and the selector_pattern.js on line 3 to: var myColors2 = ‘url(images/pattern/mypattern.jpg), unfortunately doesn’t work. :(

Hello, To change the patterns: Please open the File: selector_pattern.js in the Script Directory. All patterns are listed there. Delete all Files and keep only your pattern, example: var myColors2 = ‘url(images/pattern/pattern1.png)

Could You just share working file with only one pattern?

Of course, which pattern you want to use?

weird i cant see the top of the template. you know like when you scroll up. it cuts off the top

Ok, I have to contact the coder, it could take a few days, because he is on vacation. Please be patient. Thanks!

Hello, please send us a message so we can send you the solution. Thanks!

Hello again, we updated the template, just re-download and replace the style.css.

im still waiting for WP version… :)

Hello, sorry there is no date for the wordpress version. :-(


I have a problem wit this template. On my Laptop the top of the homepage is cut. On my iMac 27” is everything okay. How can I change the configuration – that in each different “computer” is the homepage 100% to see….

Hello, did you download the latest version? We updated the template last week just for the bug you are encounter.

It’s no easy to customize, the mobile site don’t fit well and the author don’t answer the questions. it is not very recomendable. At least, it didn’t work for me :(

Any updates on a Wordpress version?

Hello, sorry the Wordpress is canceled.

[ Support ] HTML Site – Adaptive Bootstrap Square vCard

Hi, We have purchased HTML Site – Adaptive Bootstrap Square vCard party website provider. Currently we bought was installed but without success. Thanks to the entire vendor files (HTML Site – Adaptive Bootstrap Square vCard) in which the technical side we notice the lack file style.css file …. Thank You!

Hello, sorry but it is not clear what your question is? The style.css is missing? Please download the file again, the style.css is definitly not missing. Best regards!

I know you’re not offering support anymore but I was hoping you would still be able to answer a question, in case you still receive comments. How can I turn off detecting a mobile or tablet and just let the desktop version display on any device used. I have the site up and running and was able to customize it to my needs.


Hello, I will try to contact the developer of the site and will come back to you.