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Amazing Good Luck

Thank you LioIT! :-)

Humm, interesting! :) Loving the use of metro js, very nice concept.

Thanks, much appreciated Jo! :-)

Looks unique, congrats :)

Thank you Bedros! :-)

Great work, Good luck ;)

Thanks buddy! :-)

Very “powerful”.. I think your main strength in developing site templates is in graphic design and style.


Thank you for your very kind words! :-)

Thanks, I like your work! :-)

Would have been a sure buy, if only it were of a responsive make; but very nice none-the-less.

Also would have like to have seen the HTML5 menu (About, Works, and Contact) remain visible at all times instead of having to scroll back to the top.

We are thinking about a responsive update, thanks for the suggestion!

The menu staying on top is very easy to adjust, if anybody want it just contact us. :-)

Nice Work :) GLWS!

Thank you! :-)

Contact form doesn’t work. When using the .html extension i get 405 Error about the VERB… If I change the extension to .php (some iis servers don’t allow post/get in html) then the form works, but the email is not sent.

Furthermore, the only reference to mail.php is inside jquery.contactable.js which is NOT loaded inside the index page!? bug??

Hello, I forwarded your message to the programmer, he should be back to you in the next 2-3 days (holidays are here). Thank you for the purchase!

No probs, eagerly looking forward to a response from him to sort. I noticed even your demo site doesn’t send the form as expected (I seen in the HTML code there is a that shows the message sent confirmation but instead the page just reloads)

Very nice template, good Idea. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you JFthemes for the kind words! :-)

PS: I’d liked a fixed header! (I did change the CSS but now the jump positions are out… I changed the jump css and FireFox works perfect, but IE, Chrome & Safari ignore the css and thusly cuts content off due the now additional 72px)

Hello, we will provide you tomorrow with a fixed header and the working contact form. Thank you for your patient.

I look forward to an update today :)

Hi andersdenkend,

As I am not a designer I still have and use InDesign CS2. (For those seldom cases I need this software it is still OK for me.)

Please let me know whether ID CS2 is enough to customize the resume and portfolio files or these need a higher version. (Or is it technically possible by you to save these files for using ID CS2 in case I buy this package.)

Thanks and best regards,


Hello fbyte, unfortunately the files don’t work with CS2 and there is no way we can export it to your version. There are EPS files included to us them with Illustrator. You could also download the fully functional CS6 30 day trial from the Adobe website. This solution is the best we can think of in your case. Thank you for your interest!

Hello, thanks for your quick proposal – I will consider the trial verson. May I ask furthermore what is the minimal version to use for these files…CS3, CS4, etc…or CS6 only. Cheers, fbyte

Minimal version is CS4. Thank you! :-)

Hi: I purchased your theme but still CANNOT figure out how to get this front page to look like the demo. its why I purchased this theme. What am i missing???

Never got the file as promised.

Hello, we did send you a link to the demo files this morning, what exactly is the problem?

the demo files i downloaded from your link didn’t have the preview page in there. again, what am i missing?

Really nice piece of work!

One question, the function Print Page works great but how do I get Download PDF to work? It is not working on your preview either for me.


go to line 148 in the index.html:
<a href=""> </a>

and place there your link (example):
<a href=""> </a>

Thank you and don’t hesitate if you have more questions.

Great thanks! I am having trouble placing a favicon. How should I do?

Hi ced775, please insert: <link rel=”icon” href=”” type=”image/x-icon”> in your header, with link adress of favicon.

Hiii. I need this theme to be mobile-friendly. any tips or anyway you can help?

Works fine in ios and android devices, there will be no special “mobil” version.

Uhm…also, what’s with the contact form…i can’t get it to work. the document seems to have a different file than the actual download.

Download the updated version and replace your email section in index.html with the new code, don’t forget to replace the new php.

After new updates, Please add a list of exact Files you’ve changed so we don’t have to replace EVERYTHING. This will be VERY helpful and save alot of time. Where can i find the exact list of files changed in the last update?

Hello, replace line 590 to 646 in the index.html. Replace the mail.php in the php folder. That’s all. Good luck!

Hi. How do i replace the 2 print and page icons on the top right of the theme pls? I’d really like to replace those with social media icons instead.

Thank you!

Just take a look above this message! :-)

thank you :)

Hallo Joomlo, please edit index.html on line 144 to line 150.
<div id="nav-right">
    <div id="print-text"><p>PRINT PAGE</p></div>
    <div id="pdf-text"><p>DOWNLOAD PDF</p></div>
    <div id="bottom-icon">
        <a href=""><i class="icon-file-alt icon-1x" /></a>

Delete line 145 to 149 and rename div container id=nav-right.

something like this:
<div id="nav-right-1">

Now you are able to make your own style with your own pictures right of navi. If you want to link the social icons, don’t forget the anker Tag. Something like this:

<div id="your-container">
      <a href="yourlink">
              <img src="yourpicturelink" alt="" width="" height="" />

Good luck!

When i press “P” then a window with print pops up. How to deactivate this feature?

Hallo jaworskainfo, to deactivate the key Function please edit the File custom.js in the Script Folder and delete line 19 to 26, thats it. Good luck!