Discussion on Huber: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

Discussion on Huber: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

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I hope you can help….. The user scores are not showing on a mobile version on many categories like they always have done in the past.

I have attached a screenshot t show you what you mean….


Thanks as always, one of the best themes on the market,,, such a shame you didn’t carry on developing it as it was very unique with awesome options.

Hi there,

If you’re reporting a theme issue or bug and don’t have an active support license please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.

I saw that the theme is not compatible with Elementor plugin. Would it be possible for you to customize the theme to make this compatibility?

Hi there,

Yes I can do this as custom work. If you want to discuss this further you can email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact

I need a hotels review website, wish is the best option for me

Hi there,

With this theme you can review any type of content you want.

can i test de admin panel first before buy it?

There is no ability to test the admin panel before purchase unfortunately.


igordnt Purchased

Hi. I can’t use support anymore cause it has expired, but latest update messed up with galleries. They were working perfectly, but now they just pile up the images.

https://ngplus.com.br/games/grand-theft-auto-v/ – here’s an example.

Hi there,

The most recent update just provided an update to the latest version of WPBakery Page Builder. Nothing in the theme was changed, so it’s unlikely to be a theme update issue.

Since you’re reporting an issue and don’t have an active support license please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.


igordnt Purchased

I sent you an email. Thanks.

Ability to change post and page author on post edit disappeared after last update.

Hi there,

The last update just updated the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, that’s it. No other changes were made.

In order to see if this is a theme issue switch themes. If the issue still occurs we know it’s not theme related.

If it is theme related since you don’t have an active support license please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.


KevenNP Purchased

Can you reply to my support ticket. Thank you.

Hi there,

Please allow 24 hours for a reply Monday to Friday. :)


KevenNP Purchased

Yes, but it was Friday.

And thank you for refunding the other Theme!

But it hadn’t been 24 hours.

I’ve now resolved your issue, please check your ticket. :)

Can this be setup to allow any registered site user to post a review without being an admin?

Hi there,

Yes absolutely.

You can create a submission form for registered users to post reviews from the frontend without being an admin. You can see an example here: https://huber.ghostpool.com/my-posts/?post_submission=1&hub_id=405&_wpnonce=08b9c625a6

Loving your theme and features. I could do with some help trying to achieve something though.

Is there a way that I can have a Page/Post that displays a Grid/List of “Developed By” tags?

So, for example https://huber.ghostpool.com/developed-by/ and on that page is a grid/list containing BioWare, Activision, Bandai? I could just do with a page like this, rather than having to remember to add new developers manually.

Hi there,

It’s certainly possible but would require customisation. If you’re interested in a quote please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact :)

pls this templates work in wordpress 5.9.3 ? thank you

Hi there,

Yes the theme is fully compatible with WordPress 5.9.3. :)

I think all Your themes are great, i really do, great work.

But without doubt, Huber is the best, it is so powerful, it allows you to add really detailed reviews with scores, where to buy hubs, its fantastic and different to anything else on Themeforest.

Magazine don’t do all the cool stuff that Huber does.

Also Huber works a dream converting it to an app on App Store and google play.

Are there any Huber theme updates coming soon please as I think WP Bakery is out of date and needs updating.

Without Huber my business and app would fall to bits.

Keep up the great word

Amazing as always.

It is just so brilliant, I have over 30 themes I have used, Arvada, Porto, VideoPro, ListingPro

Yours is up there with the best as so unique, such a shame you didn’t pursue such an awesome theme, but I understand your reasons.

One other thing, I have been meaning to ask this for a good few months, for some reason x amount of months ago after an update the follow button button went from the left hand side to the right, we built all our images around it on the right hand site for mobile phone ect.

Is there anyway moving it back to the right hand side again?

I have attached screenshot to show you what I mean.


Hi there,

WooCommerce CSS is interferring with the button CSS. I’ll take a look at addressing this in the next update.

Hi! First of all, great theme.

I’ve run into a weird problem and I don’t know what I did. Whenever creating a new page that is not a hub, even if it’s empty or filled with content using the page builder, it shows posts from the blog. Setting a page as the homepage from WP settings and it shows as it should, but as soon as it’s a page that is not tied to anything it shows blog posts no matter what.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

If you’re reporting a theme issue or bug and don’t have an active support license please email me at https://themeforest.net/user/ghostpool#contact with your WordPress URL and admin login details and I’ll take a closer look.

Which theme is better as a review site…Huber or Magazine?

I’m asking because it seems that Magazine is better overall, but its cheaper, which is odd.

But the design in Huber is better. The way the ratings are displayed on the posts in the home page are better looking than on Magazine.

So Which is actually the better theme?

Hi there, Magzine is the better theme. Magzine has all the features of Huber and more. Huber is priced so high to deter new customers from buying it, but it’s still for sale so I can provide updates for previous customers.

Is there a way I can buy this theme for less? 200 dollars is too much!

Hi there,

You cannot purchase the theme for less, however I’ll post what is written at the top of the Huber item page.

WHY IS THIS THEME PRICED SO HIGH? This is to reduce the number of new customers and cover the costs of continuing development for existing customers. The theme will only receive bug fixes and essential feature updates. Unfortunately Envato does not offer the ability to charge for updates or for a subscription to the theme, which would be better ways of charging customers for continued development.

THERE’S A CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE! If you’re looking for the same features at a cheaper price then check out Magzine – and it comes with many similar review demos!

Magzine Theme: https://themeforest.net/item/magzine-elementor-review-and-magazine-theme/33098719

Light Review Gaming demo: https://magzine.ghostpool.com/light-gaming-review/


My wp bakery is not working correctly, it says there is an update to do, how are we able to update this, or do we need to wait for you to update the theme please?

Hi there,

The latest version of Huber comes with the latest version of WPBakery. You need to update the theme to install the update as explained in the documentation here: https://ghostpool.com/help/huber/help.html#52

Hey @Ghostpool. I have the Huber theme up and running, i paid for the pro install… However i cant get it to save any changes. I cant post anything, i cant upload any images. Nothing saves. Ive cleared my browser cache multiple times, and even tried going from chrome to firefox and nothing changes. Im not sure its even the themes fault it might be wordpress or maybe a browser extension, but i even turned all of those off and got no change. The guy that did the pro install for me was able to upload images to the media library fine. but i cant.

Hi there,

I’m not sure what a pro install is, as this is not a service I offer, but it sounds like something they should resolve for you as part of the service you paid for.

However I could certainly help with installation issues you’re having. The ThemeForest comments area is only for pre-sale questions, so please open a support ticket at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com and provide admin login details and I’ll take a look. :)


Hi! I have been waiting for your new Magazine theme to become available. However, I am wondering what the main advantages of the new theme will be over Huber theme? Also, how customizable is the search feature in Huber? Is it on par with the feature in Gauge? Thanks!

Hi there,

Magzine will have tons more customisability so you can completely change the layout easily with the drag and drop Elementor page builder. There’s also far more powerful filtering options and review features.

Huber has more search features than Gauge. It allows the user to filter search results by template type e.g. hub, reviews, user reviews etc. you can also only return results from some or all of these templates.


koce Purchased

Hello, whats going on with the new theme? When will be ready or some demo or some screenshots will be nice if possible :D

Hi there,

I’m in the middle of the review process at the moment. This can take some time but hopefully won’t be much longer! :)


Wondered if you could please help, for some reason today my site homepage and reviews blogs don’t show right when logged in as Admin.

If you are logged in as a normal user, everything displays perfect, as it does if you are not logged in.

If you are logged in as admin, the reviews posts and homepage do not work,

Please see screenshots I have attached.

I know that we must be due a wpbakery update soon, but this still would not answer the reason why when logged in as admin, stuff don’t work display properly.

IMAGE 1 – Home page Display When Logged In As Admin


Image 2 – Reviews Posts when logged in as Admin


Then if you visit the site as logged out, or logged in as a user it displays perfect

Please See Here

www.dartsreviews.tv – How Home Page Should Look

https://www.dartsreviews.tv/2021/06/23/pro-ti2-datadart-darts-review/ – How Review page should look

Hope you can help, this has totally mystified us.

Yes I did. I replied to your email 3 days ago. Maybe it was sent to your spam folder.

I sent you a new reply, if you haven’t received it please check that your email for ThemeForest/Envato is correct.

All received now, thank you. We will try what you suggested and let you know what happens. Thank you.

Fantastic theme, Guys, tell me how your voting system is arranged, how do you avoid duplicating votes by one user?

Hi there,

For logged in users the data is stored in the database as user meta so it knows if that user account has voted. For logged out users this data is stored in localStorage, meaning if the user clears the localStorage they can vote again.

Hi. Do you have support for WooCommerce 5.1.0? I do need to implement your theme in one of my websites https://www.eurovamarketing.com/

Thank you very much, have a nice weekend

Hi there,

Huber is fully compatible with WooCommerce 5.1.0. :)


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