Discussion on Hubhood - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Discussion on Hubhood - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

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Do you do custom work on this theme, or totally new? how do you charge?

Thanks Sam

I want to show more numbers {Default listing card design: 6} Shows only 3 numbers. I was able to add CSS to the homepage { https://ibb.co/ZYM88ML } but I can’t do the search listing page { https://ibb.co/6Jz1SX3 } Can you give me the CSS to do the same for the search page.

Hi asjfounder,

These details will be verified shortly, thanks for reporting.

Regards, Eduardo

Is there a way to edit real estate icons and text? Do I have access to custom the real estate property icons? e.g. room, bathroom etc..

Also, the real estate icons run into each on mobile devices

Shows on the real estate demo when you do a search

Hi asjfounder,

It requires custom CSS to change these icons, please send an email to support@wt.ax and will be provided.

“Also, the real estate icons run into each on mobile devices”

Let me know if you are reporting an issue.

You can’t edit these texts currently.

Cheers, Eduardo


specbuilt Purchased

Hi Eduardo,

1) after importing demo data, we received following errors, kindly provide solution for the same.

New AJAX call! [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility exclude-from-catalog [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility exclude-from-search [WARNING] Failed to import product_type external [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility featured [WARNING] Failed to import product_type grouped [WARNING] Failed to import product_cat Hot Deals [WARNING] Failed to import product_type job_package [WARNING] Failed to import product_type job_package_subscription [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility outofstock [WARNING] Failed to import product_tag popular [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-1 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-2 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-3 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-4 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-5 [WARNING] Failed to import product_type resume_package [WARNING] Failed to import product_type resume_package_subscription [WARNING] Failed to import product_type simple [WARNING] Failed to import product_cat Uncategorized [WARNING] Failed to import product_type variable

2) We would like to change word “Amenities” with “Services” in Listings, do let us know, what is best way to do that….

Awaiting Quick Reply,

Thanks SP

Hi specbuilt,

The demo import was tested now and it is working. Please use WP Reset plugin and try to import again.

A new theme option to rename amenities will be provided soon.

Regards, Eduardo

Import test complete, see: https://snipboard.io/e35yPi.jpg


pritamroy Purchased

hi, I am Pritam, recently I am purchase your theme Hubhood. I am facing an issue when I am uploading demo data. this process is not complete properly. and my hosting server CPU usage shows full 100%.

What is the solution, please white me

Hi pritamroy,

Let me know if you are using a shared server or very basic hosting plan.The demo importer and PHP routines are all default, no relation with the theme or memory/CPU usage, meaning that you will get high CPU usage while importing data from other themes too. The demo import was tested now and it is working. Please use WP Reset plugin and try to import again. If not working yet, please send admin login credentials to support@wt.ax.

Cheers, Eduardo

Import test complete, see: https://snipboard.io/e35yPi.jpg

I uploaded just the wordpress plugin file data.

It returned this message:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.”

This is using the hubhood.zip file

Hi zionbrides,

“No valid plugins were found.”

You should be installing via WordPress Dashboard / Appearance / Themes, not via Plugins. Docs:


Please send an email to support@wt.ax to get it installed properly.

Cheers, Eduardo

I just bought this. I tried to upload into Wordpress and it’s saying plug-in failed. Please help

Hello zionbrides,

You need to upload exactly “hubhood.zip”, not the whole package downloaded.

Cheers, Eduardo

Hello. Can you customize your theme for me? For example add customer fields in the listing form, for example additional fields: text, text area, date picker, select, check box?

Hi Vlad_Akimov,

No custom fields are available today, but a built-in listing form builder is being planned. By now, you can pay for customization services. If you have interest, please send your requirements to support@wt.ax.

Regards, Eduardo

Hello. I already sent a request to your email.

Hi Vlad_Akimov,

Email answered, thank you.

Regards, Eduardo

Hi – nice work. Any way to make the requests less and implement more ajax. Would be great imho. Otherwise Community websites are to heavy especiall if users are logged in. best

Hi chooseone,

Ajax requests are intended, added on the update queue for implementation. Not available today.

Regards, Eduardo

sounds great – pls do also consider reducing number of requests – almost 99.9% of theme devs failing regarding this issue. Im using Wordpress over 15 years – yes we can use plugins for that but if there are over 30 js file requests and 30 to 50 css file reqeusts something is not well planned. In most cases theme devs put together all possible functions to satisfy the customers. But most of them using shared hosting and failing to run a website in a normal way.

Especially if users are logged in – wordpress becomes slow like a turtle despite an vps or dedicates server with just a few hundred users.

Is ther any live / ajax search function – or at least planned?


Hi chooseone,

Thanks for the suggestion.This will be considered for the next version of the theme, CSS and JS files will be joined. We authors need to follow the Envato guidelines in everything, that is why these file enqueues are kept standard. Now that the theme is approved, I can revisit it and make changes, it is reasonable.

Regards, Eduardo

I notice the left-side widget sticks as I stroll down the listing page. I would like if I could have the menu widget to be placed on the left-side. (if possible)

Would be perfect if I could move around the widget on the listing page in the order I like. (left to right and up & down)

Hi asjfounder,

This will be prepared, this part is intended to be widgetized shortly.

Hi Guys, The theme is very good, but I have a problem… Once the user has added the listing and directed to the Billing Details page…. They are unable to fill in details as the detail boxes are not allowing the txt to be show. How can this be sorted please.

Hi lbliss1973,

Could you please send a screenshot to support@wt.ax?

Please inform your site URL.

Regards, Eduardo

This looks great. Any chance you will add a user profile page with their reviews, favorite listings, and follow/following other users? If yes, timeframe? Thanks.

Hi nrply,

I’m adding your suggestion to the update queue. There is a predefined list of updates to follow, so no plans for the next three months. We are open for customization services, you can ask pricing on support@wt.ax.

Regards, Eduardo

Beautiful work on the update, Eduardo – super impressed with the new demos – to my eye, makes Hubhood the best looking & most uniquely functional directory theme on the market – hope it sells as well as it deserves!

(PS – love the recommendation above for WooCommerce products on Listings – very useful feature)

:) – Ian

Hi Ian,

Delayed update, but here it is. Thank you for the words and for always being supportive, I really appreciate it.

Yes, products for listings are on the update queue, this will be very considered.

Cheers, Eduardo

A great feature to add Woocommerce products to listing

Hi AnthonySJohnson,

This is on the plans, it will happen in time.

Really Nice Update!!!

Hi AnthonySJohnson,

Thank you for the feedback!

Regards, Eduardo

Hi Guys, I really need an urgent fix on the blank password reset page, I have a lot of users saying that they are unable to access the site and use it due to the above issue. cheers

Hi lbliss1973,

If not done yet, please update the theme to the 1.4.0 version and the issue will be fixed.

Regards, Eduardo

Hello. I’ve have another issue with the hubhood theme I purchased. The videos in the listing page don’t play. I can insert the links (or the embed) in the backoffice, but it doesn’t display in the page. Can you help, please?

Hi carlosh105,

Please send admin login credentials to support@wt.ax, the issue will be verified.

Regards, Eduardo

email sent. thank you

Hi carlosh105,

Email asnwered.

Regards, Eduardo

Hello My name is Lee Bliss I have purchased your software – 20 Oct 2022

When a client registers on the site they create

1) a username 2) input Email

The user is not getting theyre password link correctly

It ping in an email like so:

Someone has requested a password reset for the following account:

Site Name: Para-Pages.com

Username: Woody

If this was a mistake, ignore this email and nothing will happen.

To reset your password, visit the following address:


But when the link is pressed it goes to a blank screen so people are unable to register and use the site .

Regards Lee

Email sent

No Reply recieved???

Hi Lee,

A quick fix was created and will be available for the next version of the theme, which will be launched yet this week. Thanks for reporting!

Regards, Eduardo

I am unable to install the theme. When I attempt to upload the file I get a message telling me I am blocked and it looks like it may view the file as spam. Please advise Thanks a.white@discoveramarillotx.com

Hi awhite806,

Please notice that you need to unpack and use hubhood.zip file to install the theme, not the whole ZIP package you have downloaded here on Themeforest. If the issue persists, please send an email to support@wt.ax.

Regards, Eduardo


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