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hi .. nice email template. Like it very much.

I’m newbie for this.. may be it sounds stupid.. but i want to ask how to use this template .. my sites based on wordpress themes .. can i use your template with wordpress ..

how to delivered email using your template ..

thanks.. all the best sinfu

campaign monitors rocks dude … : )

thanks for your information .. helps me alot ..

ready to purchase your email templates .. hope you can help me more if there’s another questions i want to ask ….

all the best for you bro .. sinfu

just bought your cool emali templates .. but don’t know how to re-edit that .. : (

any sugesstions? or do i have to use adobe dreamweaver to do that or any thing else that you can tell me ..

newbie .. hahaha ..


Hi Sinfu,

Thanks for the purchase,

If you have decided on a template that’s suitable for your content, just choose the colour version that you want to use and you can upload it straight to Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor will tell you step by step how to get the template in (It’s just 2 steps) and then you can use the editor to add your content.

If you aren’t going to use CM, and want to make changes to the templates, then you could use Dreamweaver or something similar.

The template sections are separated by comments so that you can see where the different elements start and end in the code.

Hope that helps :)

nice work…

Hey thanks :D

This is why you buy products from people like this! He responds to emails and questions. I have been buying products for years on Themeforest and when the designer doesn’t respond to emails: DON ”T BUY THE PRODUCT !

I am totally buying this now. Thanks Charlie!

Hey the plugin Word Press with Campaign Monitor states it has been discontinued. Can I still upload this in my wordpress? Do you have a “tutorial” on how to make this work? Or what other programs you can use besides Dreamweaver (never used it) to start customizing it?

Hi Sunnnee,

Thanks for the purchase :)

I don’t understand why you need to integrate the template with your website, unless you mean having the ability to add subscribers directly from your website to your newsletter mailing list?

Could you give me a little more info on what you want to do?



With regards to any other app you could use to edit the template…

You could use any text editor on either PC or Mac, also there are some good dev tools like Esspresso for Mac.

Hey Charlies,

Basically I don’t know what the hell I am doing to be honest. I use wordpress and not sure how to use this. I read the documentation and quite honestly, I don’t speak developer code. LOL ! Do you have some step by step process. I downloaded Campaign Monitor (well signed up) and I thought I could upload your zip file there?

Should I send an email to your GM account instead?

Yup, use the Gmail account.

I think I know what you are after – I’ll email you some details :)


Sent you email! (LogAllot)

Hello hello,

Great design! Would like to buy this email template but just wanted to double-check something with you before I do. Is this compatible with Lotus Notes 6.5?


Hello Raindomain

Sorry for the slow response – only just seen your message.

I honestly don’t know if this template is compatible with Lotus Notes. It’s only been tested against the main email clients like outlook and web based services like hotmail and gmail.

The plain version is just simple table based html, should it should render fairly well in anything. Ive avoided any complex layout for just that reason.

Good luck :)