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Very beautiful, if you further customize the buttons and checkout would WooCommerce gorgeous, I’m sure voc6e sell more.

He has demo content?

hello i want to buy this beautiful template, but before I need to know if you are able to let it compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce?

Yes, for sure.

Can i change composition of content with simply copy-paste tesla shortcode ?

Answer on forum.

Hello very beautiful theme… One question…how i can translate in different language the titles “Latest Products,Our Services etc” in HomePage??

Thank you

i found the solution for the second problem..so i need your help only in first problem :)

Hi Viralpassion,

The ”-” character can’t be changed easily. This request qualifies for a paid customization. Please contact our support team at lab@teslathemes.com and they will provide you a quote.


Hello i send you an email .. Regards


in a single product how i can change the related products from 2 to 3??

thank you

Hi, there are up to 4, is gust that you don’t have more then 2 related.

How easy is it to change the font? The font is rather informal now in your preview.

Please tell us which text font you want to change and we will provide you with CSS selectors.

I need to display a product category instead of recent products on the front page… there is no documentation on this

Hi, please write a support ticket on TeslaForums with your credentials so we can help you with this issue.

Hi – I want to change the font type in the drow down menu. Can you assist on how and where to change this?

Did not work.

OK, try this one
.header .top_menu .menu li a{
    color: red !important;
    font-size: 17px !important;
    font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial !important;

OK – It worked. Thanks.

How and where do I edit the home page? Cant see this pages content anywhere i admin area. I have demo content on my hompeage now.

If you want to use a custom homepage you have to rename or delete the front-page.php from the theme folder. After that, create a home page and select it from Dashboard->Settings->Reading

Done that – but every page shows breadcrumb end page name on top of the page. I do not want that on my frontpage. How can I remove this on my frontpage: see it here www.supergolf.dk

add the following CSS rules to the custom CSS field
.home .path, .home .content .rubric_b {
    display: none;

Please, let us know if it worked for you. Regards.

How can I remove “short description” from the category list view? I want to use it on my product page, but not on the category list.

try, .archive .content .item h2 { display: none; }

Worked like a charm – thank you :-)

Glad we could help.

Hello, this topic is interesting. We have a new project and it would help a lot. I have questions: 1-It is compatible with Wordpress 4.5.1? 2-You can use it only as sample catalgo first and only then turn to shopping? 3-It is possible to disable features like “My Account,” “Shopping Cart”?


Hi, yes it’s compatible with the latest version of WP, we don’t know about catalog only ,but you can display: none; the price the same for my Account and Shopping cart and just not create this page.