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nice one good luck with sales friend.

thanks friend.

Good job!GLWS :)

thank you Themerox

Great Job :) Good Luck

Thank You royalsoft..

Nice Work , Good Luck ;)

Thanks ThemeCafe…

looks so hot. Bought it!

Thank You so much Xeomueller..

Very nice work. Good Luck With Sale….

thanks ibrave…

Nice theme but,I was not careful when I bought … will be available on joomla 3 soon ??

So as to understand,if virtuemart will not release for joomla 3…this template will never be upgraded to joomla 3 ???

I think that is the worst news for my and for everyone else who would like to buy this template,this way I do not think anyone will ever buy just to stay joomla 2.5.

Can be released a version without extension Virtuemart ? I did not buy template for extension,I bought it because I like the look,moves well ,only good options available in it I really like this template…but everyone knows that joomla 3 is better than joomla 2.5.

Thanks for your answer.

we will try our best for template compatible with joomla 3. we will very soon update you. thanks

Ok thanks for reply,I’ll wait for joomla 3 update…I can not begin to use it your temlate now because I do not want to work twice.

Have a good night

Nice template bro,can I install joomla 3 extension on it ?

hello Flashxmlspeed, this template for joomla 2.5 bcz virtuemart is included in it. you may install extension if its compatible whit joomla 2.5. thanks

Hi,for Joomla 2.5 can have problems ( BookPro Tour Booking * We recommend Joomla 3.x for building responsive interface )

When you will have the joomla 3 let me know.

In future there will be support on site..a special site where all members can ask and get answers like a forum suport website ?

we will definitely tell you when this theme will upgrade. thank you


I purchased your theme yesterday.

I have a few questions. I am sorry to write this here but I did not find an answer in the docs nor on your site neither did someone replied on my email.

1. Footer :I can not remove the powered by joomla and designed by message. 2. The menu allways loads under the banner(slider) 3. The mega menu gives error messages 4. How do I create one of the bonus pages?

Thx a lot for your time

hello ivanjacobs, plz check your email we have sent solutions on your all questions. thank you

writing a short email is not the support I expect. Non of my questions are answered non of the plugins in this template function as they should do. The YT framework plugin conflicts with the jquery bootstrap and bloks all the other jquery plugins,modules,admin pages etc.

hello ivanjacobs,
plz send your project details on we will install theme for you. it will easy to manage you.
thank you

Looks good your template,but I see no support !!! if I have a problem what do I do ???

hello mariuspytu2,
thanks to interesting to buy this template. if you have any problem with theme you may ask here in comment or you can send your problem on
thank you

If you give support for your template is ok now I am happy ,and another question that I see was written and other ( will launch this month or not template Joomla 3x ) ? Extension Docman soon will no longer support the old version of joomla 2xx )focuses more on joomla 3 like all developers

we will release this template for joomla 3x in this month but it will comptible with joomla 3x template only package. quickstart package will not includes in the same. thank you

You included backup joomla on this template,where is quick start installation like normal joomla quick start ? News…...........nice,it means it will be available joomla 3 quickstart but without Virtuemart ?

hello, it will joomla 3 compatible but without quickstart and virtuemart. thank you

Nice template,after purchasing you can may make customization we pay customization of course. Do not understand something,will be compatible with joomla 3,but without quickstart ? What is the point when not many know how to work without quickstart,so you will have to pay you to customize it like quickstart ? I’m confused….

hello asus-it,
this template made for specialy virtuemart. and viruemart is not compatible with joomla 3. thats why quickstart is included for joomla 2.5. thank you

Thanks for the reply appreciate. So will joomla 3 but without quickstart , will be the same as the one here ?

How do we make it look like your demo here,without quickstart ???

Hi again, please provide original quickstart not your backup made with ( akeeba backup ).QuickStart looks like this

How to edit FAQ,please update help document ( is extremely poor ).If I want to edit to add a new question it breaks all menus with questions.

When you are to answer. .aftter a week ? In this case i hope i can get a refund please ..because I need to work on this template. Ps.your template have bugs sometime freezing on installation of an joomla extension. Thanks for understanding.

hello jfsocial,
if you are trubling with installation plz send us your hosting details we will install theme for you. thank you


As many of us wonder, can you please make clear whether this theme is compatible with Joomla 3 WITHOUT Virtuemart or quickstart. I don’t need any of them!



hello sidness,
we are working on compatibility with joomla 3x we will notify to you when it will upload. thank you

Do you have an idea on how much is going to take you? We want to start building the site ASAP and I don’t want to use Joomla 2.5, but I can’t wait for a month. Thanks

I followed this step by step and everything looked great until I seen the site and the layout is wrong and I figured well I will login to the backend but it’s a blank page. Any idea of what went wrong or how I can get this amazing site that you have created up and running?

Mr. Green I have the site in a temp folder while I set it all up and move it to the main folder once it’s completed..

Thank you … 8) I will send them to you.

I just sent you an email with my username. Thank you Mr. Green / RockStars of Photography

When can I expect for the template to be installed? I would like to get moving on this project. 8) Thank You Mr. Green

wester union?

Hi, i have bought the template yesterday and want to install now the quickstart method. But i have no in the download file, and the structure in the folder named “quickstart” seems not to be installable. How to do this?

hello cn-design,
plz send your hosting details on we will install theme for you.
thank you

I have a question, I have past I have bought-en a bunch of joomla templates like this one. I have never had to have the creator of the site place it on to my server. It’s a fairly simply process as long as you have your server info and understand how to add the sample data, normally you are looking good. ......... So my question is, what is different about how you are installing this and will you be providing me with details on how to install this myself?

Mr. Green

hello all,

we are extremely sorry for delay to support due to christmas holiday. we are on for support now. thank you

Is totally different from other sites because it is a bakcup

I asked several times quickstart file,answer received ( if you are trubling with installation plz send us your hosting details we will install theme for you. thank you ) I do not want to install it for me ,I simply want quickstart file no quickstart-backup akeeba. I think I installed some 50 templates and I know myself about akeeba backup use it myself,not the same thing and original quickstart joomla.

Example to understand..what is better on a computer ? a) windows fresh install b) window backup restore

The correct answer is (a)

hello all,

we are extremely sorry for delay to support due to christmas holiday. we are on for support now. thank you