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How do I remove the footer copyright info?

thanks, Atik

hello atikrahman,
you may edit footer form following file
thank you

Hi. I have the same problem: I have tried to install the template only on an running Joomla 2.11 site but the template gives me an error. Then I have tried to install the full page with quickstart. The program finishes the process, but I am not able to see neither the frontend nor the backend.

I guess it is necessary to explain better the installation process, to solve some installation problems or to point out some frequent problems and its solution.

I want ot install the page on an offline server, therefore you cannot install it for me. I just need advice.

Please, at your earliest convenience, tell us which might be the problem/s. As you might imagine I would like to dedicate these days to work on the page. Thank you!

hello televisio111,
if you are using templateonly package then you need to install yt plugin. plz download it from here
thank you

I have added and activated the YT Framework Plugin v2.2.1 correctly. Afterward I have tried to upload the file within the Template Only folder… it again gives me error :-(

Ok. I have been able to run the full template from the kickstart

Is this template Joomla 3 compatible?

Its been 3days no-reply. Can someone please reply to my questions? Its urgent to remove the copyright info from the footer. I already sent you an email too.

thanks in advance.

BR// Atik

hello all,

we are extremely sorry for delay to support due to christmas holiday. we are on for support now. thank you

Thanks we have fixed it! :-)

I have sent you everything that you asked to install the site, because you have made it such a way that no one can seem to install this… When do you think I can expect this installed on my server, it’s been a long time and no response? Please help…..........I paid the 55 dollars and have nothing to show for it but a headache at this point…

Mr. Green


Mr. Green

its ok mr green you may contact us anytime if you got problem or bugs with this template. thank you

I won’t continue using your template unless I can remove the Copyright info as its connect with your website. Please reply. Few messages I have dropped, no responses.

Awaiting your prompt reply.

thanks, Atik

hello atikrahman, you may edit footer form following file templates\hued_theme\includes\lib\template.php thank you

This ist the worst template I’ve ever had, by far!

• Installing the quickstart is obviously impossible for everyone except the author.

• Documentation is quite poor and buggy (f.e. image with module positions does not match to HuedTheme).

• A lot of small bugs (f.e. buttons are too short or style of button is changing on hover – just look at “Add/Edit billing address information”)

• Hidden (and unhidden) links to SmartAddons (f.e. footer) (Why should I pay to SmartAddon for removing the footer!?)

• The plugin “System – jQuery Easy” conflicts with Virtuemart. New “custom fields” are blocked.

• Can’t install any one page plugins. Conflicts with … don’t know.

Too sad for the $55 and for 3 days of work. I will stop now working on it.

hello all,

we are extremely sorry for delay to support due to christmas holiday. we are on for support now. thank you

How do a I get a refund on this template???? I haven’t used it, I haven’t installed, and I have asked for help understand the install and only get we can install it for you, but never one word back…...... Can anyone tell me how to get my money back, this isn’t right and no one would have to pay for this.

Mr. Green

hello all,

we are extremely sorry for delay to support due to christmas holiday. we are on for support now. thank you

I am updating my server, I did notice that my server was not the same as the backup version you have provided with the template. I would like to try to install the template myself first to see if this is an issue that was caused by my server and not your template. I have received your email and will let you know ASAP what I find out. I really love this template and want to use it.

Footer issue fixed! any idea, YT Shortcodes isnot working?

thanks, Atik

hello atikrahman,
if you are using shortcode in the custom module plz enable “Prepare Content” from module parameters.
thank you

hello all,

we are extremely sorry for delay to support due to christmas holiday. we are on for support now. thank you

Okay gang, I figured this out…....... We can install this template and it’s very simple. the problem is not with the template, but making sure that the server you are installing it on is the last version of mysql. If you are having issues install this template on the first page you will notice a warning that the server is not the same as the backup version of this template. And if you install it, it will not work and if it does it will be missing the complete site… I am so happy and wish that I would have know sooner that this was a problem. Great template and sorry about all the frustration comments.

Mr. Green

Sorry, the latest Apche Server is what I meant to write.


We have a little problem with this theme.

We want to translate it to multiple languages.

I use the language filter etc.

But in the theme I can only select one menu. When I click on another language the menu of that language is not showing.

Is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

hello AtamiBV, can you send us more details of your issue on we will see in it. thank you

I am getting an error when I try to upgrade to the new Virtue Mart but the Virtue Mart AIO updated with no problem… any ideas?

JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

Oh, and I would like to be able to edit and move the copy right info to the other side but can not find it, both the joomla, and theme

hello garywgreen , you may edit footer form following file templates\hued_theme\includes\lib\template.php thank you

The plug was already enabled and inside VM in the configuration area this box is checked (Use jQuery chosen for dropdowns in FE). In fact all of the boxes above Use jQuery chosen for dropdowns in FE are checked, the only one that is not checked is Use external google jQuery library.

Are you talking about enabling this VM or a different area of joomla, please explain… 8) Thank you for the help.

Hello, I purchased your theme and it’s great … but i need help to make the logo image bigger … when i use bigger image it’s automatically resized to fit span3 … how can i change that ??

plz explain your problem with more details and screenshots and send on thank you


I have sent two request for support to more that 30 hours ago and I am still waiting. Seems like you have to post your issues here first…

Anyway here it goes. 1) Where are the custom offline and error pages located as mentioned in your TEMPLATE FEATURES list? 2) Where is the Google Maps Module also mentioned in the Template Features list? 3) How do you remove the Template Settings Tab Top Right of the page? 4) How does the calltoaction module posistion work?

I seriously recommend that you provide a much more detailed documentation. Now I have to waist time to figure these things out by myself.

sent reply thank you

Thank you for the solution, there were two more emails I sent for support – please assist with them also.

hello, plz check your mail.

Can you please check why doesn’t submit button work?

Link here:

thanks, Atik

I was able to fix just about everyone to make it work for us, but I have on issue that is a little bit of a biggy, We are not putting VM as the main page the site because the store is very small and not really what the site is about, so the problem is simple….... but hard to figure out. No content but VM Product, Categories, ect.. will post to the front page ( landing page ). We would like to be able to allow the featured article to post on the landing page…..... Please help me to figure what settings we need to change.

Mr. Green

hello garywgreen,
plz enable component area of frontpage from admin panel > extensions > template manager > hued_theme > general settings.
thank you

The menu looks beautiful. Can this menu bar be integrated in your other theme theme-org. I have purchased that theme, however this menu bar seems cool. Please let me know how it can be done.

yt framework is free plugin but it will not work on theme-org template. bcz in theme-org used diferent framework. thank you

Menu is made from which extension. I will buy it.

its not made through extension. its framework part.. .

Hello i have install quickstart no working all is ok and when i see site is white site admin no work site no work

hello apollo2005,
Plz send your hosting details on we will install it for you. thank you


we cannot add any custom fileds in virtueMart

Console error says:

“Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘chosen’” 2 times


event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

Please help us fix this issue.

hello jny007,
plz send us screenshots on we will see in it. thank you