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I can’t able to edit slider on backend.

What can I do now?

hello, what errer getting you. plz send screenshot wit more details on thank yuo

I sent you information can you please let me know how to get this revolution slider working? It seems that there may be a java conflict.

Hey I just purchases this today and I am facing the same problem of my unite responsive revolution slider not being able to add slides. Any idea developer can provide uh with solution?

hello, what errer getting you. plz send screenshot wit more details on thank yuo

Like many others, I am having trouble installing this template. Please refer to the email I sent with cpanel login information to setup the quickstart version.

hello dmoxley,
we will install template for you. thank you

hello i have installed and work fine why is in my home page shop we can this make another website no shop ?

hello apollo2005,
plz explain more details of your problem. thank you

Hi, I’m looking to edit the top bar where the contact link, currency and language are located. I’d like to extend the top-pan1 to 2/3 of the width and have the top-pan4 on the last 3rd. Just looking for a little direction…what file would I go to, to edit this section of the template? Thanks!

hello jackcees,
you may edit it from templates > hued_theme > layouts > edit file which layout u are using. and if you want to edit css plz go in less directory edit in layout.less and module.less.
thank you

Submenus does not work with slider revolution


hello didi101, plz explain your problem with more details and send on

hello didi101,
plz explain your problem with more details and send on

hello. Compliments for the beautiful template. I want to know before purchasing if you plan an upgrade to version 3 of joomla. I do not use Virtue Mart …

hello dontstop,
there is no released virtuemart for joomla 3. so we cant provide it for joomla 3. if it will release for the same we will definitely upgrade. thank you

We can make delete this copyright info Joomla! is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License.

hello apollo2005,
plz tell us you want to remove joomla copyright or template copyright…

I’ve emailed you with my problem but have not gotten a response?!

You can see my problem here:

Basically if I add something to the cart from the category view it will not reflect the proper custom attributes. However if I add the product to the cart from the specific product page it does properly add it.

Please let me know how to solve this quickly. This template has been all kinds of trouble and this is our final little error that’s holding us up.

Ok when can we expect a response? The problem is delaying the launch of our website. Thank you.

hello, we search lot of on your issue.. actually virtuemart not give add to cart button on category page.. we have added it by hardcode. thats why comming this issue. if you want we can replace this default page as virtuemart. but there will no add to cart button on category page… thank you

Yes please. How can I do this now?

hello, beautiful thema. you could install me as the thema in your demo? you can rename the name of the theme visible in html? How much do I count?

hello Intenso,
couldn’t understad your issue.. can you explain with more details..

can you install theme like our demo on my server? Can you rename the name of the theme “hued_theme” in “OTHER”?

yes plz send your hosting details on

Hi, how can use apply a Google Font to the template via the typography setting in the template manager? What is the correct way, please give example as I have tried to specify the name of the font (selected from Google) and it does not seem to work where specified.

still awaiting your answer…

hello erikdw,
can you send your hosting details on we will see in it.. thank you

Ok now this is getting to be a problem and I’m going to take further steps if we don’t have a resolution. You’ve recognized the issue and left me with nothing. 1. What’s the solution? You’ve at least acknowledged that it’s a problem but issued no real solution. We have many hours into the website and your theme is stopping us from launching it. 2. When will I see this solution? If it’s not resolved in 48 hours I will be forced to pay someone to fix the problem in your theme and I will communicate this to Themeforest to get my money back.

Please respond with answers.

hello garywgreen.. we are trying to solve your issues.. just give us some more time. to solve it.. thank you

Please Can you rename the name of the theme “hued_theme” in “OTHER”?

yes, just send your hosting details on we will fix it for you. thank you

hello i have send hosting details

Hello i have installed and work fine i have a problem my module left and right no work in main site ( home ) another sites work fine why ??

hello, just go to your admin panel of template and enable compoenent area on home page. thank you

I want to purchase corporate theme with virtuemart shop features. please assist us how can we purchase it and from where we can have all files ?

hello marketrix,
Thanks to interested to buy this theme. you will got in the file Quickstart package including dummy data, template only package, extentions which is used in template, documentation file.
thank you

Hi, I bought the Hued Theme , but the Unite Revolution Slider included on the template package do not work properly (can’t add slides, button “Add slide” simply do NOTHING!). After some research, seems that the extension included on the pack is an old version of this slider. (got install file 2.1.7, but inside the quickstart pack says that QS comes with 2.2.8 for the module of that extension,...and then the Unite Page says the Slider present version is 1.4.2!!! I don’t understand what’s going on!!!

I wrote to Unite for other problems with template but they don’t answer after some 50 hours.

Also other questions: RemoteImage is incompatible with Hued template? What other known incompatibilities?

The site I’m doing is bilingual but can’t make work the main menu module in the second language. All perfect on spanish area but menu not shown in the english main page (nor any of the internal pages) Nothing shown.

Could you please check if the pack I received was the proper one? ( Zip is named: ” themeforest-6386948-huedtheme-responsive-virtuemart-joomla-template”. )

Could you please send me (or publish to everyone’s sake)… some of your “magical secrets docs” on how YOU GUYS deal with the problems on this template, which I’m sure (for the many comments of “too many obviously frustrated clients” ) you are more than aware. The situation is sad because you have created an outstanding template….but would be much better if your clients would be able to WORK ON IT !!! Thanks for your asssitance.

Helloooooooo….anyone at ICONSYS???

hello Andrulius,
There is Js Troubleshoot with Revolution slider. but there is one solution. When you adding slides in revolution slider you have to disable yt_framework plugin. after adding slides or slider again enable yt_framework plugin.
thank you..

Hi there Will this theme work with Joomla 3.2 Thanks

hello countryfayre,
this theme inculed virtuemart so. you may not use it with joomla 3.2. its work with only joomla 2.5 only… thank you


I sent a email to you, few days back, still no reply.

having a issue on certain plugins which cannot click save button.

hello plz check your mail. thank you

Hi I haven’t received any email

its really urgent, i haven’t received any email

Previously I had problems with the install because one of the files would not upload. I downloaded the zip package again and re installed the template. All looks fine on the front end but i cant log in to the back end. I tried redoing the install several times, including deleting the database and starting from scratch. When I checked the Db table _users, the admin user is there with my email but it shows the user registerDate 2013-11-13 and lastvisitDate 2013-12-12 and resetCount 0 . It looks like the password isnt being updated when I use the ANGIE installer. I purchased the template Jan 31, 2014. I really need to get this done. Your help would be great

hello lupinlady,
plz send us your hosting details we will install theme for you. thank you