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I’ve searched for the css file to modify or remove the copyright but cannot find it anywhere. Can you tell me how to remove or modify the file?

Thanks, Chris

hello homeroom1,
If you want to change copyright then you should edit following file.
templates > hued_theme > inclueds > lib > template.php
thank you

I’m searching for a font color change for

body.hued_theme {     color: #E3E3E3
I using RED Template – Edit css/template-red.css , but havent found body.hued_theme #E3E3E3. Where could i find this and change it ?

found it in Template Settings


I’m having issues with Internet Explorer and Safari.

Both do not render the site correctly. All looks great in Firefox though.

Please see:

Thanks, Chris

Specifically problems on IE are for Windows 7 IE8.

hello homeroom1,
thanks for finding bugs. we will definitly solve this issues with next version of template. thank you

Hi there,

Is there any way to look at the user profile area and the registration form, etc. When I click on any of them I just get the login window


when I unzip the template and the quistart there is an exe file that says is virus. Why the file is there?

Congratulations for your support

Hello again,

how we can configure a module position for example top-pan1, top-pan2 and top-pan3 how much space each one will have? Is there any option like gantry or T3 framework to modify the width of a position related to the others on the same line?


The most ridiculus support I have ever seen…

I have purchased Hued theme, install and configured it. But the virtuemart product details pages are not displayed, whenever clicked page link only white blank page displayed. Used Joomla 2.5.18, virtuemart 2.0.0 on PHP 5.3.3.

regards, Prashesh

plz give z-index properly to slider and menu section in css. thank you

Why I need to set z-index ? why you did not mentioned it into your documentation? What about the virtuemart product details pages not shown problem?

Please send me the mail, where exactly I need to change the z-index.

Hi. I´m going to buy your theme but i need to know if you have an important character to my client. this is about the images, i mean to possiblity to look the product in detail, like . I dont know the name of this character :confused:

Many thanks in advance…

i think your are asking about cloud zoom feature. we have not included in template this feature but you may use third party plugin for the same. thank you

Now this is too much, after 48+ hours of first mail and comment here and then after 4 mails , still no reply. Where is the support team? Or we need to ask themeforest for refund?

But that you did not mentioned into your site. What if I want to install template only and set everything myself as I have already build site into joomla.

We are selected your template among other based on some nice features of your template, and shortcode is one of them. And you have not written anywhere that, we need to buy this third party plugin to use it into our site. We have stuck here because of these kind of problems. So, buy it from your side and provide it to me OR refund me .

Thanks iconsys to provide yt shortcode plugin into new download.

Why you did not provide all extensions used into your quick start demo into download folder, especially the paid extensions? And the one paid extension you have provided i.e. unite revolution slide is older than the version you have used into your quick start. Don’t know how many bugs and problems I will found each day. From the first day of installing the template we have facing lots of problem and you people did not provide any response or help.

hello, this extension includes in yt framework and we have taken already permission to use it in our template so. if you want to use it for your website you can use it with hued theme quickstart package only. we cant give your separately to use it. thank you

You have already given unite revolution slider component into download folder, but why it is not latest version? We are not bound to use your quickstart.

Hi, thanks for the good theme, but i have one big problem, someone hack my site, please help me if you can.

text with blue colour is the problem

“????????????? ?? ??????? ????????? ???????? ?????? ? ???????”

iconsys, why you did not give answer of any of my mail? You have give reply of some of my comments but some issues are still open. When can you provide support for those issues?

You assisted me with the initial install. Thank you very much. However, My site was hacked and the hosting provider said the Hued Theme was corrupted beyond repair or restoration. Could you please assist me with reloading the theme again. I have tried to do it myself but have been unable to do so. Thanks. Please contact me directly for site url and account information.

hello, plz send your hosting details we will install theme for you. thank you

Hello, I have been trying to increase the logo size with this theme but cannot find where to set it anywhere. Could you please advise?

Thank you.

Hi, still waiting for a reply

Still waiting for a reply on above comment. Also having issues with the menu being hidden under slider ? Can you please reply with assistance, you can view this at “davidpeever . com / caravanmart”


we cannot add any custom fileds in virtueMart

Console error says:

“Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘chosen’” 2 times

Please help me to solve it.

Will you please respond? We are waiting for your reply. I have checked the comments and you have provide support for the same problem to one customer, then why you did not give solution to me? I have also paid the same cost of template.

will you publish HuedTheme for joomla 3.x versiyon .

Will you respond to any requests for support? I don’t think themeforest should retail themes that developers do not support. [edited by admin]

hello caravanmart,
sorry for trouble i was not able to give support due to physical problem. we are open now for support. you may ask us now you issues. thank you.

having trouble with megamenu not dropping on k2 category view

Hi, I’m having persistent problems with some modules displaying on the Hued Theme. If publish for instance a video module I created (Spider Video Player extension), the Unite slider and header background disappear. Same with several other modules I have tried on the position “right”.

What do you think it could be. Same behavior happen (Slider and some template css disappearing) when compressing css and js.

I played with the z-index of the modules, but changes didn’t resolve the issue.

By the way, what was changed in the last update of this template I received yesterday? What’s the right way to apply the update to don’t affect all the css changes done till now?

hello, if you want to use shortcode in the module pls enable “Prepare Content” in module your shortcode will work fine. thank you

Yes, but what about the modules that don’t have the “prepare content” option?

Hello, after a lot of problems i finally install your theme, but i have one more big problem! I cannot use the unite slidder correclty. Yout framework crash the functionallity of this slider and the only way to make a new slider is to disable your theme framework! BUT if i disable your framework the site is not accessible from the visitors!!! Are mad?? i have to put my site into maintence just for create a new slider?????

You MUST provide a fix for this or provide me a new slider component that your theme works or provide a full refund because that you sell is not working properly!! Looking for a fast response!


Why you did not provide me solution for below problem?

we cannot add any custom fileds in virtueMart

Console error says:

“Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘chosen’” 2 times

When we will aspect response from you?

Please help me to solve it.