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Also After the update of your Framework now the site is not working almost at all, there is a big problem with the jquery loads! Need a fix for this also as soon as possible!

i fixed that. i make php comments the jqury loading in both framework and template include fie and i use he Virtuemart jquery. OMG!

I need to add a background image to the header. But it is impossible for me to find the css, where I can do it.

Can someone help me?

Kind regards Claus


when i use an other language it give me this error:

fetch Table ’..........._virtuemart_products_nl_nl’ doesn’t exist SQL=SELECT l.`virtuemart_product_id` FROM `l0w3u_virtuemart_products_nl_nl` as l JOIN `l0w3u_virtuemart_products` AS p using (`virtuemart_product_id`) LEFT JOIN `l0w3u_virtuemart_product_categories` as pc ON p.`virtuemart_product_id` = `pc`.`virtuemart_product_id` LEFT JOIN `l0w3u_virtuemart_categories_nl_nl` as c ON c.`virtuemart_category_id` = `pc`.`virtuemart_category_id` LEFT JOIN `l0w3u_virtuemart_product_prices` as pp ON p.`virtuemart_product_id` = pp.`virtuemart_product_id` LEFT JOIN `l0w3u_virtuemart_product_shoppergroups` ON p.`virtuemart_product_id` = `l0w3u_virtuemart_product_shoppergroups`.`virtuemart_product_id` LEFT OUTER JOIN `l0w3u_virtuemart_shoppergroups` as s ON s.`virtuemart_shoppergroup_id` = `l0w3u_virtuemart_product_shoppergroups`.`virtuemart_shoppergroup_id` WHERE ( p.`published`=”1” AND `pc`.`virtuemart_category_id` > 0 AND ( s.`virtuemart_shoppergroup_id`= “1” OR s.`virtuemart_shoppergroup_id` IS NULL ) AND pp.`product_price`>”0.0” ) group by p.`virtuemart_product_id` ORDER BY p.`product_sales` DESC L…............

why is this..advice me how i can fix this..


What kind of support is this? i wait 5 days for a replay and dont get any word!!


I have the same blank page issue as some guys here, what’s the solution?


Any update or new version coming for 3.x?



I am having an issue with the menu on MacBook computers. I have tried on several different MacBooks and get the same error.

Here is my website:

When you scroll down a bit and then “quickly” to the top again the menu gets “Stuck” over top of the header. This is very annoying when trying to look at the site. It happens all the time.

How do I fix this?


Anyone monitoring support?

Hello?? Anyone monitoring this?

Could you please respond to my question? I see you have been online as you’ve answered another question.

Hello, I purchased the template Hued Theme, how can I remove the index.php from the URL part of the logo? When you click to get to homepage in template Hued Theme

i tried more than one time to remove the copy rite in the footer but i can’t find it can u tell me where can i remove it

Hello Iconsys.

I already send you a e-mail with a simple question without an answer. So here it goes again. Is it possible to use this theme with multiple languages? I add multiple languages but when I click on another language the Main Menu bar is not displaying.

Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem as other buyers like: AtamiBV and Andrulius, related with the mainmenu and multilanguage. How can I display the mainmenu in several languages??? Greetings

I know a few other people have posting asking for a Joomla 3.0 update, I have that question as well, but also, would any of the 2.5 version work with 3.0?

Hello iconsys,

As virtuemart releases new version 2.6 which is compatible to joomla 3.0 (, when you people will release your template with latest virtuemart? Till date you have refuse because virtuemart not supported joomla 3.0 but now they supported. Hope you will shortly updated your template with virtuemart 2.6

Hello, I am looking forward to buy this template, But few question. 1. Do you have a demo for RTL language? 2. How can I change the size of the menu borders( I.e those color bars below menu items? 3. In the demo site I see one of the menu item in the send line? is that fixed in the template?


Great job. I am still waiting for this template to be available for Joomla 3.x. Unless Virtuemart, is it working with Joomla 3.x ?

Does anyone can make it work properly on Joomla 3.x ?

hi iconsys,

great job done with this theme! i’m about to setting it up and have only one question: comes the bt login with the theme? if yes, it’s missing in my installation here.


got it! it’s for free to download at

sorry for the trouble

still one thing: the “add slide” button for the revolution slider plugin don’t work. support at says “If you bought the slider in a bundle wtih a template you need to contact your template provider for support.”

please help thanks!

hi folks, the problem with the “add slide” button is solved: its the yt-framework-plugin thats caused the problem. if you want to work on the sliders you have to deactivate the yt-framework.

still one problem: the modules for top and bottom are missing. no idea to fix that. we installed “template only”.

could someone from the support please answer this question asap? PLEASE :-)

Custom Field Type: We purchased a theme and set up all products without any problem but have problem adding custom field type in virtumart. We tried with demo but not working at all. Please help us out. We tried customizing using sample data so not sure what is going on.

Sample data shop details also not loading states. We are in Canada and hoping it should be in working condition. Let em know how we can fix it. It is important later stage to within shipping card for billing and shipping account set up.

It will be awesome if someone can help us out.

Hi, send you a email to Thanks


custom menu with revolution slide no work I edited the css menu, when I updated the changes are lost. I inserted a new menu module, no default menu from template. The menu is in the slideshow position and how it works? 1-the menu is below slider revolution 2-If the menu is positioned first, the revolution slider reduces the size of menu item 1, like a thumbnail. As I can have a custom menu not delete css edition? or where can i place another menu module?