Error Pages 404 and Coming Soon pages Multipurpose - HUGE

Error Pages 404 and Coming Soon pages Multipurpose - HUGE

v2.7 : 02.18.2018 : Added new 3 Jumping Balls Layouts (error page Jumping Balls, coming soon Jumping Balls and Domain for Sale Jumping Balls).
v2.6 : 01.17.2018 : Added new 3 Tower Blocks Layouts (error page Tower Blocks, coming soon Tower Blocks and Domain for Sale Tower Blocks).
v2.5 : 12.13.2017 : Added new 3 webflow Layouts (error page webflow, coming soon webflow and Domain for Sale webflow).
v2.4.1 : 11.22.2017 : Added new 12 Layouts. Including error page Crypto Gainers, Coming Soon Crypto Gainers and Domain for Sale Crypto Gainers.
v2.3.1 : 11.17.2017 : Added new 3 Snow and 3 Colorful Madnes Game Layouts (error page 500 Snow, Coming Soon Snow and Domain for Sale Snow).
v2.2.1 : 11.08.2017 : Added new 3 Retro Mac OS Window Layouts.
v2.1.1 : 11.03.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts.
v2.0.1 : 10.25.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts.
v1.9.1 : 10.13.2017 : Added new 3 Halloween Gorgeous Layouts.
v1.8.1 : 10.04.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts. In Cat theme fixed responsive layout for xs devices.
v1.7.1 : 9.26.2017 : Added new 6 Gorgeous Layouts. Added demo industries.
v1.6 : 9.17.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts.
v1.5 : 9.02.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts.
v1.4 : 8.25.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts.
v1.3 : 8.11.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts.
v1.2 : 8.04.2017 : Added new 3 Gorgeous Layouts.
v1.1 : 7.17.2017 : Added new 3 layouts.
v1.0 : 7.08.2017 : Realease

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