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I have purchased the item. The downloaded items is a old version and not able to save or export.. Where do I download the new version which you gave the url http://event-theme.com/themes/huge/test/dist/

We have sent the same version we have on our demo so it should work. Please check PHP settings and make sure you have uploaded the whole package

Iam still not able to run the script. Can you pls send the documentation to run it..

Please send me an email on jakjim@gmail.com and we will send you page builder documentation

Great product, fairly easy to use. I am not using the builder though. If you could ‘pin’ the builder menu to remain open it would help.

1 question what do I need to do to get the contact forms to work – to email me the result?

It will require some PHP work. You may need to hire a developer for it

Could you include “Page Builder” documentation in the downloadable package?

Hello, I have a few questions. I’d like to delete the sidebar menu because it pops up when the site loads and doesn’t look good. When i delete the coding for the sidebar in the html file, then the mobile version has no way to navigate. Also, do you have a standard php file that could be used for the contact form?

Other than a few items, this is a great theme and love it. I use it to build a “structure” then edit all the details in html. Thanks in advance for the help.

Sorry I was on vacation, Please let me know if you are still having issues with it.

Hi, Its components are fantastic … but it seems to me that there is a lot that does not work properly, the menus when opened in Mobile, the icons, buttons… will you fix this?? Thanks

You can send screenshots and we will check this for you.

Sure! I’ll do it in the next few hours and send it to your email. Thanks

Sure we will wait

are the problems regarding edting images and text resloved? i wish to buy this but i have noticed alot of problems with the building en editing of the blocks. the test builder doesint let me change text or images and people that have bought the html builder seem to run in the same problems.

I just bought it and see I lost my money in nothing. The builder does not work at all. It works great in the demo you have to try, but what you have to download DOES NOT WORK. I’m trying on local and drag & drop DOES NOT WORK. Only sometimes it has let me drag & drop one module and then nothing else… Or try again with the same module and again DOES NOT WORK. I feel absolutely SCAMMED / CHEATED since you already know that this does not work because more people has this problem.I’m going to ask envato to return my money back and to please not let you sell this.

Looks like something wrong with the package you downloaded? Please send me email on jakjim@gmail.com and I will send you the live demo version in zip


please add the option to save and upload project

We have removed the site builder support from our theme

Hi guys, i sent an email to jakjim@gmail.com requesting the current files and docs, can you expedite this before the weekend please? thank you!

ok i wasn’t sure if they were updated, Its up and running perfect,I have one question, when i drag a content block over, the bg images dont show, I have all my permissions set correctly, can you help please?

We no longer support page builder

no, no no! this is the best product on envato!! You can’t begin to imagine how important this product is to me, Can I pay just for help with this issue? i was hoping for future updates like the ability to make sticky headers etc, Please help me out here Jim, good Karma will shine upon you my friend!