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So very nice!

Few queries, Can the 3d squares for portfolio be set to a different size? Bigger?

the portfolio thumb image, some with text on them, are these separate images? or can you control what shows up before clicking into the item?

Back button on Chrome does not seem to go back a page after I click into a portfolio item?

On mobile – Is it possible to not take up the left side of screen with the horizontal bar from menu?

Can the theme work with Revolution Slider? And would Visual Composer play nice?


1. Not out of the box, since the maximum size is 340px (thumbnails are always resizing in order to fill up the entire screen at any time).

2. Those are separate images. Thumbnails are a single image. You have complex controls on the project views only.

3. I’ll tackle this issue in the next update..

4. Nope, this is the concept of the theme. Sidebar on left, even on mobile.

5. Don’t know where you would put the Revolution Slider (only in inner pages i guess since everything else is custom coded), but technically i don’t see why this wouldn’t be a possibility. The same with the Visual Composer.

Nice theme Ruben. I am glad that you keep it simple, no intoxicated with all those 100+ features like we are used to :) .This is what we need on this market. Good luck

Thanks for your great feedback! :)

I like the balls man :bigwink: We need more of these around

Thanks, i guess :)

Thanks for a great unique theme! Can`t get the thumbnails to work, gallery. Any Idea? Thanks!

a bit more detailed: can`t see where to add the featured image.

Hi, thanks for your purchase! As for your issue, it seems to be a but, thanks for pointing it out!

I’ll release an update with a fix early next week, but in the meantime you can fix it yourself by editing the Krown Portfolio plugin.

Go to /wp-content/plugins/krown-portfolio/includes/portfolio.php and replace line 5 from:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails', array( 'portfolio' ) );


add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails', array( 'portfolio', 'gallery' ) );

Also, if you have other issues with the theme, i’ll kindly ask you to post on the dedicated support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Thanks again and i hope that you’ll find our theme useful in your projects! :)

Hi, that works like a charm! Thanks and yes, will post on your support(if something happens) :-) Have a nice day!

Wow! Awesome work man. Congrats ;)

Thanks! :)

Wow dude. I’ve been producing websites since 1997. A few times a year I fall in love with a theme. Today was one of those moments. I love this theme. It’s so good I’m considering replacing my current theme for my new company with it.


haha, thanks man! :)

question. I see such eloquent screenshots of web designs for desktops and mobile/tablets on Themeforest and in your theme. Is there a specific tool that does this? or is it done by hand?

done by hand by my great partner (the designer)

Just love it, you have done a brilliant job! I’d like to buy this theme but have few questions

1. Can we have related portfolio items on: http://demo.krownthemes.com/huge/portfolio/goodwork-2-2/ 2. Back button doesn’t work, when can we expect the next update?


Thanks for the feedback! On your questions:

1. I guess you could have related items with some PHP editing (i can help), though i don’t see a good place in the theme’s concept for this.

2. The update will be early next week (max Wednesday!)

You’re creative man! :D

Thanks! I’m not alone though :)


Nice theme, but I do not think that it is retina ready as your description reads. Just for a quick example, the images are cropped to just normal sizes. Can you please confirm this, I might be interested to buy.


I would be interested in debating this statement if you have real proof. See how it works: the theme uses a cookie to test if you’re on a high dpi screen. On the first load, all images will be served normal (no double size). But, on the first resize, if you have cookies enabled on your site, you should see x2 versions of all.

If you tested this thoroughly (as i did) and found a bug, please send me an email with more details.



A few questions about the theme.

1) I noticed this theme doesn’t utilize the ‘featured image’ option on blog posts. So what is the best option for including an image in the ‘standard’ post mode so that it’s visible in the single post and ‘blog page’ option? I noticed your demo has images at the top of the post excerpts but I can’t seem to figure that one out on my end. Here is a link to my blog page below. http://painthog.com/bacon-bits/

2) For some reason my navigation menu doesn’t collapse on my desktop or mobile device. Stays expanded. Any suggestions? Using Chrome and have a iPhone5 with current iOS.


Also, it seems now that the mobile menu on iPhone5 is collapsed but will not stay expanded to make a selection. It will open then immediately close without a chance to select anything? A little help please…

got some issues with contact form too. I’ve double checked my contact form set-up and tried three time to get it to work but I’m still revieving the ‘error message’ when I test it…

Hey there

1. Yes, you’re right. I don’t have featured images, because each post type is on it’s own. For example, the blog posts with an image at the top are image posts. The posts with a gallery are gallery posts. So if you want posts with images you could safely use the images posts only.

2. On the menu issues i’ll take a look into this Monday to see if i can find any bugs..

3. On the contact form issues, please make sure that your hosting supports the mail() function – see more info in the manual. Otherwise, please put a support ticket with more details and i’ll take care of it Monday morning.

Whenever you come up with ChargedPixels as a designer you always get a big hit otherwise your previous three themes with other designers was not so well always go with ChargedPixels and bring big hits..

Beautiful and creative Theme Ruben, Thank you :-)


I really like this theme!

I noticed for Portfolio and Galleries, the menu is hidden until the user hovers over it.

But for About Us, Services, Contact, and Blog, the menu is not hidden.

Is this a feature in theme? Can we make the menu not hidden on any page?

Yes, this is a feature of the theme – the menu stays hidden for creative content (where you need more space), but stays open for regular pages (where you don’t need that much space).

I will release an update to have the menu fixed all times early next week.

Good deal, looking forward to that update!

How are you loading photos in the gallery? I notice you only have 2 or 3. I have hundreds. Will the images pre load one at a time without alot of watching the load animation?

I am loading only the first image when the project loads! So if you have 100 images inside a gallery, the theme will take time to load the actual html code of the gallery, and the first image. When that is loaded, the project will open and the other images will load normal in the background.

However, i wouldn’t suggest to put more than 20-30 images in a gallery :)

Great theme Ruben, congratz :) I hope that it will sell more than Goodwork :)

haha, thanks! :)

exactly what i’m looking for, thank you!

Thanks for your purchase!

Really super nice theme. I did notice something on the demo – when one goes to the “about us” page, the menu collapses and does not reactivate on mouse-over. The only way to navigate from that point is to use the back button. This was in Chrome & Safari.

Yes, this is how it works. See my comment here.

Wow THIS is Frickin COOL!! Unique, Creative, Modern and just Awesome! #MUCHRespect indeed (curious, how all is built if I purchase for a new client… all shortcodes or… any way to see screenshots?) GRT Design!!

Thanks for your feedback! The theme is not built with shortcodes as it’s harder to build with shortcodes than with settings :)

Check out the theme screenshots to see some of the options available. There are shortcodes indeed (you can see them in the Elements page), and you can use shortcodes anywhere you want (in portfolio as well), but the galleries are WordPress galleries with custom options per project.

WOW what an awesome theme – exactly what we are looking for—EXCELLENT

Thanks for your great feedback!