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I’m also waiting for the WP-version of this template. Can you put me on your e-mail list as well? My address is info@quantmania.nl.

Thanks in advance.

Absolutely. You’re added.

Would love to get a WordPress version of this theme, please let me know when it’s available.

I’ll let you now, soulflyer!

Is there a way to disable the AJAX loading? its a real bummer for me to have all pages loading even if they dont visit it

so can i remove / disable the ajax background loading ?

Thx in advance

Sure, I’ll back to you in 48 h with quick guide how to disable ajax.

By the way, I’m sure that CodeIgniter generates static HTML readable for browsers, so it’s not relevant whether you use a server-side solution or not. You can use this template on any back-end environment.

You can disable preloading and ajax navigation by implementing the following changes in file js/scripts.js: http://snippi.com/s/q54mr5e

Thx allot ;) Ive noticed that errors (Like validation errors) will remain on the site they only go away when you refresh the page, so ye thats why i wanted to preloading gone ;)

For some strange reason I cannot install your theme. I am using WordPress 3.8.1 and I have uploaded the tehme in the right folder.

After I go into themes, in WordPress admin area, to see the available theme to activate, Humanum is missing. Some help please? Alex

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately, as I can see, you are trying to install a HTML template as a WordPress theme. Humanum was not build as a WordPress theme so that’s not gonna happen.

However, when a WordPress version of Humanum will be released, I’ll let you know and you will be able to install it as a WP theme.

Hi Lebensform,

Indeed, I just realized I didn’t check if this template is for WordPress or not. Please consider my problem closed.

Kind regards, Alex

Thanks for a great theme!

I use this script you provided: http://snippi.com/s/76xms2x It works, but sends 2 identical mails for some reason. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks, Jenstar!

That’s weird. Could you please do a simple test by creating a new .php file with following content? http://snippi.com/s/1k8kodk
Please change the e-mail address, upload the file to your server and run it in your browser. Does the e-mail come with 2 copies?

Yes very weird indeed!

Ok I tested and got only 1 e-mail with that script.

Hi Lebensform,

Is there already any news about the Wordpress-version of this theme?

Kind regards, Hans

No news my friend, I’m sorry.

Looking nice;

Thanks, GrafAS!


Still no news about a WP-version?

Kind regards, Hans

Unfortunately, no.

There is a bug when viewing in safari for the portfolio.html page. Please advise. Thanks.

Could you please share the details of the issue? You can e-mail me: hello@lebensform.me.

Thank you for your nice site. I had to create my personnal web site (I am consultant coach in communication & personal developpement). But I habe not knowledge in informatic and less more as a webmaster. I am able to create with Izispot, it’s easy for me because it s need only “customize” because all the site is done. No need to be a webmaster. Would you please tell me if I buy your site, is it easy to install or i need to have a level in informatic ? a level and knowledge in Html or something like this ??? ;) Thank you. Best regards Sylvie

Hi Sylvie,

Yes, HTML knowledge is required to use this template. :)


I’m trying to customize the template but I’m running in some problems when I try to access directly the URL of a tab/page. I have it running temporarily here: http://simona-diana.com/website/ where seems to run fine if I access the tabs by navigating from the main page by clicking on them. However, if I try to directly access one of the tabs by just pointing the browser to the URL of that tab/page, then the browser hangs as it’s trying to recursively download all the resources of that page (I followed the network requests in dev console). It seems that by accessing directly the URL of the page/tab (for example by simply going here: http://simona-diana.com/website/contact.html ), the page tries to reload itself whenever it’s loaded, ending up in a never-ending recursive loop. How can I avoid that?

Thanks and I’m looking forward in getting help from you.

Hi elisescu!

I’m familiar with the issue. It seems that your file index.html has some markup errors, at least this one: there div#container is not closed. It may cause the reloading loop. When you resolve the errors, the bug should be eliminated. If not, please send me an e-mail by my profile page. Thanks!

I’m honored that you use my template. And I’m really sorry for the late reply!

I’m having a very weird bug with the toggles. Firstly it appears that filter tabs only works if the file they’re in is called extras.html. I tried copying extras.html and renaming it. It broke the tabs. Then I named it back to extras and it fixed the problem.

Secondly the toggles doesn’t seem to work outside of the extras file as well. If I copy the toggles section it just shows 3 tabs and no content, regardless of the fact that this same code worked in the extras.html file.

I am very confused, and it would be great to figure out how to use tabs and/or toggles.

Seems I was slightly too hasty posting here. I have found the culprit. If the current filename and the active filename (and possibly any other file names?) are not the same, then it breaks stuff.

I’m also waiting for the WP-version of this template. Can you put me on your e-mail list as well? My address is romain.rissoan@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.


I’m going to purchase this template. I just want to know is there a way to make a floating menubar?


Hi, nice looking card! Can I add more pages to this theme or is it limited to 6 main pages (menu items) ? Thx

Hi! You can have as many pages as you want.


I’m getting every day a lot of spam through the contact form, is it possible to create some kind of Captcha inside the contact page?


I noticed there are new icons available from Entypo. Is there anyway to get the theme updated to include these new icons?

Hello can you please answer my question for me? Thank you!

Could recaptcha support be added to the contact form?


your template is beautiful, I love. Can you help me ? I want to use the ‘pop-up’, but I don’t find anywhere example in your page.. Can you tell, how I can use the pop-up for a image ? thanks MARC