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Thanks, Ugurkan!

It’s nice! And too good!

It’s nice! And too good!

how to maintain thenes

Very cool! Nice colors! :)

Thank you.

Wow. Truly classy! My only concern (and it is not meant to detract from this beautiful piece f work) is that there is no provision for no javascript. Just ablank black page. Can you not have a fallback, where the entire page is scrollable in the absence of javascript? Many thanks.

Thank you, Travis! Yes, I’m definitely going to add support for non-JavaScript users in the next update.

Great. Cannot wait!.

Support for no-JS mode is now included.

I’m really thinking of buying this template, just one question though, how do you change the Twitter username? I have no idea how you’ve done it.

It’s quite easy. Instead of providing your Twitter username you provide your Twitter widget ID that you generated on twitter.com in the template settings (at the top of the main JavaScript file). You can find more detailed instruction in the template’s documentation. It’s quite tricky, but actually trivial. :)

I have just found it on https://twitter.com/settings/widgets, thanks anyway! :)

I cannot seem to get the zipped theme file to upload to Wordpress. Help.

As I wrote to dagreers by e-mail, this is a static HTML template, not a WordPress theme so I can’t help with that. However I’m going to release a WordPress version of Humanum in the future.


I am not getting proper UI in ie 9 and ie10 while it is perfect on other browsers.

Hi sansin18,

Please e-mail me though my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Lebensform with detailed description of the issue (browser, OS, problem). I just checked it on IE9 and IE10 and seems that everything is fine. I’ll also look at it later to check it in detail.

This is incredible!

Nice feedback! Thanks. Motivation level += 500;

Hey ,

I really like this template and i am considering to buy it. Got a question about it.

-Is it easy to customize? -Does it work offline or do i need Xammp to make it work?

good job for making this.

Its a great template! Just bought it.

Only got one question. The most elements of the webpage is easily to customize. But i can’t change the menutab colors. I want them white but if i change them the overlay stays silver. (silver.css)

How can i turn them into white?

Thanks in advance

Thank you, bkrommendijk!

There are two ways of customizing styles: editing CSS directly or generating CSS from editing LESS sources which are included with the template (in the /less folder).

1. Using LESS

I highly recommend this method. It’s quite easy and it will save you tons of time. In this case (changing the menu tab colors) you only have to edit one single variable. How to do that? First, install and run any available LESS compiler (you can download one from e.g. http://wearekiss.com/simpless). Second, duplicate the /less/skin-silver.less and rename it to skin-white.less. Open it and edit line 12: change value of @menuBgColor to #fff (white). Save the file and you should get a generated new one: /css/skin-white.css with white menu tab color scheme. Enjoy.

2. Editing CSS directly

It’s bit complicated to modify menu tab colors directly. You have to provide new colors for the background, shadows, icons and text. I really didn’t expected anyone to do that because you have to change a lot of properties to achieve the proper effect. However, if you decide to take this step anyway, please contact me for further instructions.

Please enjoy your template and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have more questions!

Cheers, Lebensform

Thanks Lebensform!

I will try to do the first step and will let you know if i succeeded.

Hello, I can’t install it on Wordpress as a Template. I just put the “humanum-vcard” directory in the Template directory but it is not displayed in the admin template selection. I also tried to put the “HTML” directory int the template directory but i still not work. What shall i do to make it work please ? Thanks by advance.

Unfortunately it’s not a WordPress theme (it’s a static HTML template), but I’m going to create a WordPress version as well.

Ok, keep us informed as you can! :) Regards

I got another question, how should I do to put the image in the background that we can seen on the loading of your website ? I did not see this image in the folder.


I’m glad you like it, aitor72!

I have a Gmail account and would like to use the send.php file for the contact form. Unfortunately, it seems not working. I did change port number from 25 to 465 but still does not work. Any idea ? Thx by advance.

I just noticed that you have an alternative index page (index2.html). I suggest to change the link to homepage in the main menu from index.html to index2.html on all the subpages.

Hello Piotr, Here is the final website which is ready. http://www.romain-rissoan.com Could you tell me why it seems to be so slow sometimes ? Thank you by advance.

I solved the problem that’s ok. Regards

Hi! Thank you for the template! I really love it. I have one question: when I watch it on Iphone 4 the site refreshes every 5 sec, which is very annoying. Could you tell me please what it wrong? Or how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

I’ve just fixed it. The updated version should be ready to download from ThemeForest in several hours. I’ll let you know by e-mail when it’s ready.

Thank you for noticing this bug, I appreciate it! And of course, for purchasing Humanum. :)

It’s updated. (I just saw that I can’t send you messages from your profile page.)

thank you!!!

Cannot send email from contact form :(

Hi artsnick,

Please e-mail me, I’ll help you get the contact form to work.

Hi, I am having trouble adding extra pages. I want to have a vertical sidebar menu, but when I click on the links, they do not invoke the ajax, but instead, they initialize the whole site again. Is there a class or ID I can add to links that will call up new pages I had using the ajax, as with the default pages the site comes with? Many thanks.

At this moment, references to all subpages have to be included in the main menu – this is a way to invoke the ajax navigation mechanism between subpages. Currently there is no other way to do that, but I’ll work on that; your suggestion / request is very good.

In the meantime, you can use a quick workaround: just add a reference of the new subpage(s) to the main menu and hide it by CSS: { display: none }. It should work.

Hope that helps. I’ll let you know when the update is ready.

(Sorry for the late reply BTW!)

Excellent workaround. Thank you for that.

Hi, I had two quick questions I would like to ask before I purchased this template..

1) Can the style switcher be removed so that the design remained static?

2) Is it possible to remove the icons from the navigation bar and reduce the height of the navigation bar and keep the area above the navigation bar where the person’s name goes slightly larger?

Thanks Joe

Hi Joealto,

1) Yes, version of the template you download from ThemeForest comes without the style switcher – it’s for demonstration only.

2) Yes, but it requires some additional CSS work. I can help you with. :)

Hey thanks for getting back so fast, not only is your work great but customer service is as well. I think I will be purchasing and taking you up on your help with the nav.

Thanks Joe

Thanks, Jeealto. :)


I bought this template a week ago and I find it easy to adapt to my needs; however i have a problem with embedding a youtube movie. The icon-eye somehow disappears.

I am migrating my old page to this template and I never had a problem with this before.

Thanks Boza

Do you have a public version of your website so I can check it out? If yes, could you please share the link with me (you can e-mail me through the contact form on my profile page)?