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In Safari 6.0.5 on the Mac, under the extras, none of the sub tabs work (i.e.; typography, columns, etc). It shows the sub tabs but nothing is under them. Works fine though with Chrome Version 29.0.1547.62 though.

Contact Form doesn’t load right either.

I’m sorry for this. There is an issue with Safari you just experienced and I’m trying to solve. When you open a page from your local disk, most of the JavaScript doesn’t work (to be precise, it’s partially because the lack of support of local ajax requests in Safari, but this is not important right now). However, when you run it in a hosted environment (your web server) it works as expected.

Since this bug only appears when opening files from your local disk, I suggest you to choose from 2 available options:
1. Ignore Safari for a while and test your website on Chrome or Firefox – it will work on Safari after uploading to a web server anyway
2. Use a local web server (MAMP, for example).

Generally, your file path (in the browser’s address bar) should begin with “http://” and not “file://”. It fixes the problem.

I’m aware that it’s not a real solution, but I’m working on the real one.

Nice template !

Thanks, tudor_sv!

I just love this Theme! Realy great work! Hope to see more work from you soon.

In an comment earlyer you said: ,,style switcher – it’s for demonstration only.” And here I was looking forward to it :winktongue:

Thank you so much for this Theme!

Thank you, Shivaria!

You can easily add the style switcher to your website – just e-mail me through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll reply you with the details. :)


After downloading the content how am i supposed to edit the content? Also, I will be using my own website to host the content, so for that I will just have to FTP the files downloaded(after editing)? Or this theme will only work on wordpress?

Hi vrock1210,

You need basic HTML editor to edit you content. Just change what you want (you can also remove those parts you don’t need, of course) and upload files to your server through your FTP client.

Awesome and very flexible theme, but most importantly, great support from the developer!

Hi! First off, what a great theme! Its lovely and great documented. But i have a problem. I changed the profile.jpg to a new one but i cant get it to work. Its 500×500 as the previous and .jpg and i just overwrited it but it wont load. Its just a dead img :S

Any ideas of why? Tried in both Chrome and Safari

No, sorry did not work :/

I’ve written another script for the contact form that can be used instead existing one. The new script uses simple mail() function while the old one utilizes the PHPMailer library. If you having troubles with the contact form, you can switch to the new script – it’s very possible that it will work for you.

You can find the new script here: http://snippi.com/s/mf7rlaf

Just copy it and past in the mail/send.php (you have to overwrite the current content of the file).

Let me know if it works for you. :)

This is a pre-sales question. I want to make sure I can edit the menu items (words on the menu buttons) before I purchase. For example, can I change “Resume” to “CV”?


Of course. You can change both the text and the icon (you can choose from 250+ Entypo icons). :)

I want to buy the template, I have one question on JavaScript files that come with template, are they all in minified or source format? This is important because anything can be put in minified files and not safe.

The main JavaScript file is in source format and all the other files are minified. What is your concern?

My Concern is if I need to change something , It is hard. If I am paying for it I should get a clean code.

Yeah, you’re right. As I said, the main JavaScript file is non-minified so you can modify it easily. Also, the code is commented to help you with that.

www.brionh.com Twitter feed works fine locally, but when serving from IIS 7.5 (as above address) the feed doesn’t work. Do I need to open any ports or something? I really need this functionality :(. Thank you for the awesome template and any help to resolve this.

PS – I can zip up the site and send to you (only 3mb)

Hi BriOnH,

Honestly, I have no idea how to help you with the Twitter feed. There is clearly a JavaScript error on your website for twitter-fetcheher.min.js (which says “u is not a function”). I’d try to temporarily remove twitter fetcher from your “About Me” page (it may cause the problem) and see if something’s changed on your homepage. Or maybe you can try to update Twitter Fetcher to v10.0? (http://jasonmayes.com/projects/twitterApi/). I’m wondering if it helps.

I just purchased your theme. Can you tell me where lato fonts are being used? http://themes.googleusercontent.com/static/fonts/lato/v6/ I think I know what it is but before I say something I would like to get your response. Thanks

This is Lato on Google Fonts: http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Lato Did I answer to your question? I don’t understand what you mean exactly. :)

never mind its OK. I see we are using this font , I figured it out. I am using the No-Script add-on on Firefox and It is protecting me from the threat of XSS attack from google, even with the entire site allowed. :D

Just an update I figured out . In your code “type” is missing, once I added (type=’text/css’) it works fine. please update your code for the others, just in case some has the same issue, <link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato:400,400italic,700,700italic' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

I have selected skin-Blue css every thing works fine but on home page at the bottom there are ICONS like twitter Facebook etc. when you mouse over the tool-tip message displays in skin-gold instead of blue. What did I miss? Thanks

Yeah, tooltip messages should be orange like this: http://cl.ly/RnDz . Orange is a complementary color (it would be boring to have everything in blue) and you can see it in few other places. But, if you don’t like it, you can restyle it in CSS. Let me know if you need some help with that.

Thanks for the reply, Can you please help me with the CSS location I can modify the files.

You should edit the main CSS file for your skin, which is skin-blue.css. You can find it in the /css folder. If you want to adjust the tooltip styles, please look for “Tooltips” in the CSS.

Hi how to create additional pages which are not included in main navigation. ( tag ) and get displayed?

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve just sent you and e-mail.


Ran into a small bug. When you maximize the inner page to make it full screen, look at the About Me page. iPad in portrait mode, right column gets cut off.

I can send a screen shot if you like.


Thank you. I saw on Dribble you had posted a screenshot of a comment form. I can’t find that in the demo. Is a formatted comment form included with the template?

It from never released version of the template – I’ve designed Humanum as 2 templates: cVard and Blog/Portfolio template (they are in the PSD category on my ThemeForest portfolio).

I haven’t found the bug fix yet. I’ll try to work on it on the occasion of the next template update.

Great theme!

I would like to enable the contact form textarea to be resizable (vertical only) and can’t seem to find it in the css files. In particular, I’m only interested in that functionality in chrome. I don’t really know how other browsers behave.

Hmm…I have not yet uploaded mine to a server. I’m just running it on a local IIS server in chrome while I update it with my information. Could that be the issue?

I think that shouldn’t affect the result.

Ok. Well obviously I’m missing something. I’m sure it will pan out eventually. Might just be something with my setup.

Very nice theme!

Can you tell me when the Wordpress version will become available?

Can’t tell for sure, but probably this winter.

Hi there, this is a beautiful theme. I purchased it and spent the weekend modifying it with my information. Upon upload, this site looks good in Chrome but breaks in current Safari, Firefox and IE browsers (the icons do not all show in Safari and the portfolio is completely hosed on all browsers – except Chrome.) I would like a refund as I do not have time to wait for this to be fixed. It is also incredibly slow to load on ALL browsers. I feel like I wasted my time, please refund I will not be using this.

Hi gudinne,

This template is well-tested and it’s supposed to display correctly in all modern browsers. It’s also supposed to load and work pretty fast (at least as fast as the live preview). If you are experiencing issues with the performance, they probably come from unexpected modifications and I’m pretty sure they can be fixed, as well as all the other issues. I’m here to help you with that.

Anyway, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact the Envato staff since they are the party you purchased the template from, however I can’t guarantee you that they will refund your money.

Hello and thanks for getting back to me! My main concern is the portfolio page. Do all the images need to be the same size as the ones you use in the template for it to work properly? Have you come across icons not showing in safari? They just show a blank box for a few of them.

I really think your design is beautiful and well thought out. I apologize for the tone of my earlier comment. On re-reading it I realize it must have come across rude from my frustration. Sorry, that was not my intention. I will not be asking for a refund. Thanks

It’s ok. I’d like you to be satisfied as a customer and I’ll do my best to help you with that.

All the portfolio images don’t have be the same size as these in preview, but they should keep their proportions.

I’m not sure what do you men regarding the icons in Safari. Do you have an URL of your website you can share with me so I can check it out? You can e-mail me at hello@lebensform.me.


This is really an awesome template, I have purchased but I would like to modify a bit.

- Is there any option like to keep full screen -trigger always on? I do not want to show background image and full screen toggle option.

Please help me to get this output. I really appreciate & input on this.

Thanks, J

Hi webmatrics,

Sure – I’ll write how to do that in next 24 hours.

Thanks, will wait for your reply.

All you have to do is to modify a bit of code in js/scripts.js:

Find this block of code: http://snippi.com/s/68j3wdn
And replace it with: http://snippi.com/s/1zxg61p

It should do the trick. :)

Hi Lebensform,

Very nice template, I just started to play around and I noticed in documentation that your email .php will require me to write my email password into code. I have to say this is a kicker for me. I have seen/use php emailing scripts that does not require storing passwords so I rather not doing it if I don’t have too. Is there any chance for update in near future with more “safe” email php script?

Best regards, Arkadiusz

Hi Arkadiusz,

First, thank you for the purchase. I’m glad you like Humanum.

I use PHPMailer library for sending e-mails, but you can use simple PHP mail() function instead. Here is source of the complete and working script for you:


All you have to do is to open mail/send.php and replace it with this new content (and change your name and e-mail of course).

You don’t have to provide any password in this case.

Hi again,

Thanks for quick feedback.

Good news: it works Bad news: it ends every time in spam (gmail),

On the domain I’m hosting I have two diffrent php mail scripts from diffrent themes that works fine, so I’m sure it is not domain issue, any tips?

Well, that’s weird. Maybe you could try with different subjects or email to avoid having it marked as spam? Or just mark unmark it and tell Gmail that it’s not spam? :)

Yay, 200 purchases! Thank you all, guys!

I bought the theme. But “stylesheet missing” error is giving. What should I do?

Heyy.. I am waiting you..

I’m still working on the WP theme. :)

3 month :(