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What are the parameters for the uploaded images? Everything I upload is saved but is just a blank image. It is saving so I know the permissions are correct but the thumbnail and large image just save as blank. Thoughts?

Hi myoung1620,

you can try these steps to fix the problem

step one: follow the URL and make sure all settings is right.

step two: make sure that this folder and all subfolders are read+ write able. ”/sites/default/files”

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Any question please post it to

thank you once again.

Dear Tabvn,

It is the second time I am writing a message related to this topic. I would like o know how does the Portfolio page functions. Also, is it possible to link to each thumbnail shown in Portfolio page, a subpage which contains several photos.

Hi rollerbyte ,

Portfolio created use views render all node content from portfolio content type.

i ‘m not sure about link to each thumbnail, could you post your issue details to

i will look into your problem.

thank you.

Thanks… I’ve already solved the problem..

Can a custom image be added as the background for this template?

HI There

in theme options you can change the background image. or background color.

thank you.

Hi tabvn,

I would like to ask you two questions related to the Polaroid. - when I click on each thumbnail a ”/”appears. How can I replace it with a different tile for each thumbnail, or simply remove the ”/”? - Every big picture that appears in Polaroid acts an imagelink. How can I remove this link?... I simply want the pictures to appear but not to have a link behind…

Thanks a lot

Hi sir

Could you add a ticket at and I wi get back to you tomorrow , I’m sending you via mobile on my bed.

Thank you very much

The search box does not appear to work in newer versions of Firefox. Any suggestions?

Dear Weccuser,

it works fine for me, see screenshot

if you have any question please post on


Best regards.

Is there any way to make the search box appear within the header directly under the Humble logo?

Theme is great but the slider take a long time to load if the page isn’t cached. Any recommendations on how to fix this? Sometimes takes 5-10 seconds to load. It’s not the images, I made sure they’re all real small and that’s not the problem. Any ideas?


Dear Zrodimel,

i have low internet connection and i check it from my demo server it ’s works for me. Slider load so fast. i think that ’s fine.

If you have any question please post it on

Best regards,


Hi tabvn,

I have updated to drupal 7.22 and all the modules to the latest available versions except Tagadelic (I had to apply two patches, but the demo now seems to work ok). I have not updated Tagadelic because there is this warning in the update tab: “This update is a major version update which means that it may not be backwards compatible with your currently running version”. Is it safe to update to version 7.x-2.x-dev? Can I ignore this warning?

Dear customer ,

You can upgrade it, but make sure backup your site + database .

I’m not at computer now, so if you have any question please submit ticket to

I will get back into your problem

Best regards,


Where do I find the included classes? Div, list, wrapper, etc.

Dear Customer,

in case you would modify the theme, check in /sites/all/themes/humble/*

if you have more question please submit it to

Best regards,


Dear tabvn,

A short question related to the twitter custom block… Unfortunately from some time now (like a month) it is not working any more (it worked fine for months and I haven’t brought any modification to it, also the twitter account connected to it is still active and online). Could you be so kind to help me with this problem?

Dear customer,

Please submit your ticket at

We will get back into your problem.

Best regards,


this theme is fantastic, what I wanted. But I have a problem with the visualization in Internet Explorer. In some versions, instead of 3 columns (left side, content and right side) I see 2, with overlapping content and rightside. In other versions instead the text is all caps. Did I miss an update?

Dear Customer,

could you submit a ticket at

also show me screenshot of this issue. We will get back to your problem.

Best regards,


how do you upload the theme? please don’t answer “follow the drupal guide” they sound like jibarish and I don’t have an “install new themes” on my appearance page of my dashboard

Hi there – I’ve done (what I thought at least) what you’ve said to move the logo to the left side of the header, but it stays at the right hand side. Can you offer any advice? I absolutely love this theme!

Right now I’m just messing around with it, learning the basics around it, but I’d like this resolved soon….



Dear Matthew,

if you would move logo to left of header. Please download this file

then save override to /sites/all/themes/humble/tempaltes/page.tpl.php

i hope it helps, Best regards,


I moved my logo to the left of navigation by adding this line to the STYLES.CSS file:

nav.grid_8 { float: right; }

I had another quick question, mainly because I’d trying to configure it in a way I have in other themes. Is there a way to create a “Preheader” region? Like a place to put a login button as well as a place to put the buttons for my “Text Resize” module buttons. Or is this not possible in this theme? Thanks! Matthew

Dear Customer,

if you need create new region in the theme. I recommend follow this article

i hope it helps,

Best regards,


URL: As you see I currently have 5 slides on the main page. How can I add more slides?

Dar Customer,

please check in the theme settings

then you could upload new image on slider settings

make sure folder /sites/default/files readable and writeable Best regards,


Are you planning a Responsive version of this beautiful theme some time soon? Thanks! Liam

I made some changes to my site they were saved and published and was fine for a few weeks and now that content has disappeared like it never happened? Any thoughts on what can cause this? Site is

Hi Dipan00,

I just checked your site, it works fine , here is screenshot

Best regards,


I have purchased this theme and I want to know the safest way to install it into an existing site. I’ve seen others here run into issues when importing data.sql and overwriting the settings PHP file.

I’ve imported the theme into the Drupal site and it does not work properly (it’s very basic).

Hi Jason,

so you can just install humble as single theme by copy Humble/sites/all/themes/humble to your existing site /sites/all/themes/

then active the theme via

I hope it helps,

Best regards,


Do you have a screenshot of how it should look when using that method and no importing of SQL, etc?