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Hi, I would like to know how to change the color of the grey patern. I found where I can change the big background but not the light grey patern. Where is it please ? Do you have a css code ? I would like to turn it to white.

Thanks a lot

You need to post with the purchase account. Sorry.

Hi I’ve just purchased the WP version of this theme, having already purchased the html version some time ago – I’m currently re-developing the site and needed the fully responsive element and additional WP functionality. Like others, I’m having issues with the menu, although it does seem to respond, the colour used for the nav need to be updated. However, my issue is the Polaroid slider – I can not get it to work. I have the standard settings selected, but all I’m getting is a small part of the thumbnails at the top of where the slider should be, but no slider actually being displayed. Please advise ASAP. Thanks Anthony.

Hi, thanks for the purchase. Have you tried to change the permission on files listed in the documentation? About the menu I’ll try to fix this, sorry.

Hi, I was wondering why the menu on a mobile (like iPhone) does not work on my site… I have updated to the latest version of the theme and it is still the same. I have a little custom CSS to make the logo bigger at the top, but even without this the menu does not work on mobile devices. Thanks Cris.

I’ll fix it, sorry about that!


I have a client who is running v1.4 of your Humble theme – I want to update the site to make it compliant with Google’s mobile friendly requirement. Please provide details of how to update from v1.4 to the latest version (if it is possible!).




the theme options was changed, so you’ll need to configure it. Then way we use the slider too, so the slides will need to be configured again.


Thanks for getting back to me – configuration aside, does that mean that the shortcodes used in the older version will still work following the theme update?

Please confirm so that I know what I’m letting myself in for!



I think most of them will still work the same. Maybe a few to change quickly and you’re done!

Hey, anytime i try to update a page i get this for the page. do you know what happened?:

Warning: file_get_contents(/home/tariqd/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/tariqd/ on line 952

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/tariqd/ in /home/tariqd/ on line 236

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/tariqd/ in /home/tariqd/ on line 1196

That’s weird, there sould not have cacheable php file in that folder if i recall. Which version are you using?

Hello! Just bought this theme today and there is an update to VC. There are 2 VC elements that are no longer supported in ver 4.5.3 (Call to action and Go buttons) which I would like to utilize. Will you have the updated VC in your theme available shortly?

Also, the links to your shortcodes in your documentation is no longer valid (

Thanks in advance!

Hey, thanks for reporting this. I’ll update everything this week end.

hello, its right that not all awesome fonts working on the top of the theme? ive changed the rocket to other and nothing happen? and how can i turn off the sidebar on each page?

and why are here 4 pics in the lightbox?ive uploaded one picture and not 4:-(

got nect problrm, why are all pictures on impressum so big? why are they enlarged?:-(

hello? no support here?

Hi! Love your theme! Need some help on the menus. 1. In your theme preview, you have font awesome icons next to a menu item. i manage to create the same look by adding the shortcode next to the menu item. Unfortunately, when I hover over the menu item it shows the shortcode. How can I hide this or is there another way to achieve the menu look in your preview?

2. I’ve looked through the support forum and couldn’t find an answer. How do you show the main menu item page when it has a a child submenu? The child submenu page shows but not the main menu item.

These are remaining open items before we go LIVE. So, any help you can provide would be great.

Thank you!

Thanks for your reply! Here’s the site:

Sorry about the late! Do you mean that you have a a third level page in your menu? If so I think the theme is limited to 2 level.

No, my menu has only 2 levels on one menu item. When a submenu exist, (example About – Board), the parent menu (About) does not display.

Just checked my site on an iphone and the menu is overlapping with the tagline (don’t have a slider for this site yet) and menu text cannot be seen clearly. Looking at the preview site, your menu items are clearly shown with a background color. I saw a similar issue in the support forum 4 months ago but no solution was shared except that it will be fixed. Can you please assist? Thank you!

Thanks for your reply! Here’s the site:

Sorry about the late! I didn’t have much free time lately. I think I remember that bug. You header menu need to be named exactly “Menu”. And it should be transparent on mobile then. I’ll fix it again to get it to work with every name. Sorry about that!

I took the default menu naming convention from your theme. I will try renaming the Menu. While waiting for your reply, we temporarily changed the mobile navigation menu. So will remove the customization and test. Thanks for looking into this and working on a fix soon.

My client has used this theme since 2011 and is very happy with it but we have not updated since version 1.3 because of some extensive customizations I tried to make using a Child theme (though I’m not sure the Child theme really ever worked). Therefore I knew that updating would erase those changes and I’ve been avoiding it. Now with a hosting provider switch though, I thought it would be a good time to update while we could do it “behind the scenes.” Problem is we’re down to only a few days to get it done before the first hosting ends. I noticed that you use Visual Composer now and I know that she will prefer to stick with updating the site the way that she already knows how to. (It’s a fairly static informational site anyway.) Is there a way to disable VC immediately? Will updating the theme mess up any of the code in the pages that is there now? (I’ve had some bad experiences trying to use VC on other sites in the past.)

Sorry about the late. If you update the theme to version 2+ it will need visual composer to work with. Shorcodes are no longuer included in latest version. Child theme will work with the new template. And it recomended to update as the theme used to used timthumb.php which is now not recommended.

Ok, so I guess my next question then is how much of what I already have working can I expect to “break” when I update and VC is implemented? Will it mess up all of the pages that currently use shortcode? Should I take screen grabs of the whole site before I update so that I can remember what it looked like before the update and then manually fix each issue? The domain is but it’s currently blocked with the splash page up.

Hey, yes it should break on page or post that use old shortcode. But it’s easily manageable with VC. But I think the best way to go is to make a total duplicate of the website in localhost or in another folder/db online to work with it, and you’ll still have the working website as a model. And then when everything looks good, move the duplicate to live. That’s a recommended way. Cheers!

So I am updating Humble from 1.3 to 2.0.13 which is a major jump (and I’m nervous about what will break on my site!)

I tried to upload via WP Appearance > Themes > Upload Theme and upload the first. I thought that I could choose the Wordpress option to “Update theme? Yes”, but that gave me the following error:

“Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… Destination folder already exists. /home/asherwin/public_html/wp-content/themes/humble/ Theme install failed.”

So then I decided that I should upload the via File Manager on my cPanel. But there is already a humble folder there. Do I just upload the zip file into that same directory, or upzip it first to overwrite the contents of the original humble folder? I see instructions about how to install the theme, but not details on updating it. I don’t want to overwrite my settings. I have never done a major theme update like this before on a live site. (And though it’s currently kind of hidden by a splash page on the front, apparently users are still accessing the actual site through Google search results).

My client is very impatient on getting this overhaul of the site updated very soon, so a quick response on this is appreciated! Thank you!

About to try applying the (Feb 2014?) update to move up to Humble v2, but I’m confused on how to apply the update. If I delete the old theme’s folder in File Manager, won’t that also erase all of the settings that I’ve created in the Theme Options? I’d rather not have to start ALL over again there. Is there a better way to update?

Has “Cabin” font been removed from the options of Google Fonts on purpose?

Also, if we DON’T want the bottom footer menu, is there a way to remove it? I don’t see a drop down option for “None”, yet “Add a Menu” is showing up on my page.

You can use a plugin for the font if it’s not included anymore. About the footer menu, there is no option for this. But your should be able to hide it using CSS, or copying/editing the footer.php file in the child theme (removing the menu code)


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I need to resize the widget in the footer to insert a static image.

Visual composer isn’t working and is requesting a license key. Is this something you can provide, or do I need to buy the plugin separately?

Can you explain me how to fix this problem

Humble Template error messages

The cache folder (/srv/www/sites/ is not writeable.

The skin style file (/srv/www/sites/ is not writeable.


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I’ve updated to Wordpress 4.5 and the minitabs have stopped working on my sites. Is this because visual composer is out of date? When will you update the plugin as it is an integral part of your theme? I need you to tell me if you will update it if I pay your exorbitant support fee, whether I should buy it directly as your theme is no longer being supported.


russs95 Purchased

Hi there, I bought and have been using and loving the Humble theme for three years now. It totally rocks and serves my site and style awesomely. :-)

However... a problem seems to have crept in!  I've searched your support and the documentation and can't find anything to help me with it.  I am hoping you can take a look and let me know what's up (or refer me to a support reply that answers the question).

Here’s my site:

Check out the featured images on the main page.

They stay too long on mobile and when you shrink a desktop browser window. :-( When I switch the theme to Responsive Images, this problem goes away, however, the images in my post that are embedded in the text at fixed widths go responsive too! They stretch out across the whole page and look terrible.

What’s going on? What can I do to get both the featured images responsive and the embedded images non-responsive-and-nice?

Thank you!


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I just purchased your theme, but the visual composer is not working. When I choose to edit with frontend editor, it keeps loading for hours, how can I solve this problem?

Kind regards,


Hi, Thank you for your purchase! Do you have this issue with the backend editor? Cheers