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Hi! Great theme here. A friend of mines recently purchased it and I fell in love with the simplicity. I don’t have much code and web knowledge but I like to pay attention to little details. For example, in this demo, the sub-menu items / drop-down for ‘Collections’ in the navi has smooth rounded corners. In all the other demo’s, it is boxed and rather unattractive. I know it’s something so small, but it’s always the little things that mean the most for me. If I purchase this theme, will I have to do any additional coding to achieve this look for my menu / navigation bar? Thank you! :)

Hi so far we don’t hv any future updates yet in the roadmap. But if you have any suggestions/ideas are most welcome :) Thanks

I’ve narrowed my options down between this and one other theme. May I also ask one more question. Is it possible to have a horizontal menu? I’m going to have a lot of categories and the vertical drop-down isn’t going to cut it. Or would this be too difficult of a task to accomplish? Preferably without losing the style we talked about earlier, with the rounded corners. ...Apart from that, the only area I would suggest that could use small improvement is the text box on the slider. I feel as if it’s in a random area and could use a little better styling. Maybe relocate it to the bottom right corner and just use a nice bold font. It looks very basic. That’s it! Thank you for your time on answering my questions. :D

Hi there, Sorry for late reply, can you send a ticket at and changes that you want me to assist :) Easier for me to track and send an attachements


Can this theme allow me to sell digital custom made products? I like to sell custom made graphics to my customers, and would like a custom form for them to fill out detailing the design elements during check out. Is this something that this theme is suitable for? Thanks

Hi there

Basically, this theme got the basic flow of EDD, and compatible with any extension. For you case, you might need an extension for it. Here what I found that might suit


how do i change the text on shop pages button to read donation not purchase in easy digital downloads theme

Hi there

You mean replace ‘Add to Cart’ with ‘Read Donation’ ?

yes but only to say “Donation”

You can change the text by entering text into downloads -> settings -> misc option > button text.



Pre-sale questions: 1- Is it possible to set a simple texte page, for example for a biography ? 2- Do I have to install a htpps certificate ? 3- Can we deactivate the pictures zoom effect on mouse over ? 4- As I understand the theme has to work with “easy digital dowload” plugin ? 5- Is the theme working fine with last wordpress version? Why there’s no update since dec 2014 ? 6- Is there a possibility to set a full width (or big) research field, instead off the small one on the top right corner ?

Thank you so much :)

Hi there, this are the answers

1) Since we wanted to keep it simple, it’s a bit as-is for slider part. But you can plug other extensions for further customization

2) Yes there’s custom CSS field for you to put additional CSS without touching core files

3) You can config this from EDD section from the backend. You can choose to enable/disable guest checkout, hide the form etc

4) There’s the download link in the receipt. So the download link can be from your website or anywhere (dropbox etc)

5) Yes. Anything as long as it’s digital / downloadable

6) You might need an extension for this :)

Thanks. Anything just let me know

Thank you so much. I think I will buy it. Just one last thing to be sure, I haven’t been clear enough about 4) :

Is it possible to checkout like a guest and once paid, to download the product with a “download” button directly on a desktop ? I mean without the need to go on my email provider and find the receipt and click on the link inside…


Hi there

So basically buyers can get the download link from email or success payment page. The success page will display the receipt and the download link straight away after payment been made :)



I have just bought the plugin :) I have tried to create a support account and log in it, but I didn’t received any confirmation email (not in spams too) and I haven’t be asked to choose a password…so I contact you from here.

I want to know :

1- How to solve that sign it bug ? 2- Where can I found the dummy content of humbleshop, to start building my website with the demo features ?

Thanks !

Hi there

First of all, thanks for the purchase :) Here are the answers:

1) I’m not clear about this. You just bought a plugin for sign in function? Can I have the name of the plugin, link etc so that I can check

2) Inside the zip there’s xml file. Just go to Tools > Import > Wordpress and upload the xml file

To clarify question 1, please drop us a new ticket at

Thanks :)

Thanks for your reply, I used FB to connect, that worked :)

You have a virus on your Live Demo site that creates an unskippable popup that forces you to force quit the browser. Therefore I am not even going to consider buying your theme.

Really? I don’t get any complaints before. I’ve tested on mac and windows and there’s no such popup shows up. Most probably it from your computer, not my demo

Aplogies. Apparently it was another theme’s Live preview, not yours.

Quick heads-up: Humbleshop features in our Rock On: Tips to Enhance Your Easy Digital Downloads Store inspiration roundup :)

Wow! Thanks a lot :D

Please lets have examples of sites already using Humbleshop as an EDD theme


We got new link, pls visit



hello, Please I need support assistance.

1) importing demo data fails. 2) access to theme options isn’t available. 3) i get errors like “Fatal error: Call to undefined function ot_get_option() in /home/slidecol/public_html/wp-content/themes/humbleshop/slider.php on line 11”.

Please help on this.

NB. I have a paid for theme. I am helping a friend develop his platform


Please send a ticket at Will assist via ticket.


thanks, will do that now

I submitted a ticket with you over two days ago and still have not had a response, it is really important for me to get this resolved as a new business is waiting on it.



What payment gateway is available for my use when I buy theme?


Pre-sale question : Is it possible to set the theme in order to see the image of the products, in the page of the research field results ?

Have a look in your demo, we have just the title :

Thank you !

I am interested in this theme, if I buy it if I can change the currency to IDR / Rp?

Hi, the demo live preview / website is not working…

Demo doesn’t working

The theme looks great, but your demo doesn’t work, and the 2 weeks of not fixing the issue doesn’t work either. That’s an automatic red flag to your continued support and troubleshooting for purchasers. I would love to add this theme to my collection, but at this time I don’t want to gamble on another theme that will be pulled from the market place.