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Excellent Job !! Good Luck with sales ;)

Hi – I am strongly considering your template for its look and versatility. I understand the cart, etc. are static. I would like to use PayPal Pro as the payment service. Do you think there would be a lot of difficulty (ie. time in programming/customizing on my part) getting your template and PayPal hooked up?

Thanks in advance!

hi there, HTML ecommerce made easy with this go check it out.

Hi Guys, Great template, might be very useful for me! I was wondering if/when you will add product specifications (size / color etc..) to the wordpress version (sorry for commenting here, by mistake…) Thanks.

hi, gr8 theme, but i have the same question as tinytimbers can u send me the instructions or some help to setup this theme on prestashop


sorry, actually this is just static html template. not gonna works with any ecommerce engine. currently we only have for wordpress and opencart.


I’m excited about using this template for our website update. Having great success with the site development, so, far using this template.

Dig the grid feature, which is great feature once understood. (I only do approx. 2-5 sites/year and always learning) Will be using this html template for the static informational pages and then, since Miva Merchant is currently in use on the current site, the Miva system allow us to input the header, CSS sidebar and footer code from the template code to have the e-commerce pages matching the look and feel of the static pages.

Not sure if this approach is used on most other cart systems, but works nice for us on this website. Will post finished URL when complete and rolled out. if interested.

Also, thanks for the turn on to in the template for generating images. This site is nice and easy for creating fast simple color and/or text block images for backgrounds and buttons. Thanks!

Have had some issues with parts of template displaying properly in Design view on DreamWeaver CS6 but have been able to work around and may not be issue with template but rather DW CS6.

Responsiveness is pretty decent, however, am having to make some allowance and CSS mods for videos added to site, slider videos and captions used on home page sliders.

Added CSS video responsive code based on info here with couple tweaks:

Might be nice to incorporate as base feature into site, since video is becoming King!

Am attempting incorporate mod that will be using Featured product effects from products on homepage into reduced version on subpages’ sidebar. Would be nice added feature to have built in. Find that having product purchase CTA of couple items showing to be beneficial, even if displaying on subpages like a Shipping information, Privacy policy page etc. GOTTA have a CTA easily and readily available! :)

*Note any and all feedback here is meant to be positive recommendations for a template I am pleased to have purchased…..Best money spent in long time!

Thanks for your kind of words :D

Please Help,

I am using this theme however i am trying to use a jquery Datetime picker.

But sadly none of the jquery datetime picker which are available are working with this theme.

can you please advise.

hi thanks for purchase.

So whats the conflict? can u email us your website link. Let me see


Hi…. I´m thinking about buy this theme, but I can see there is a more expensive version of this template ( what is the difference?? Thanks!!

Hi there,

The different is humbleshop template is just a static HTML template and humbleshop theme is a wordpress theme which specially designed for woocommerce plugin :)


Hi, i am about to purchase this theme but was wondering if the PSD came with it?

hi there, sorry psd not included. everything is done straightaway via css


Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this template.

I have a question. I would like to change the size of the big image in the homepage. I would like to increase the height of the image to make it bigger. It is possible with some customization?


yes you can customize the height for the images. it’s doable

Great theme, and already implemented. Wondering if you can guide me through turning off the responsiveness to make the site a minimum of 1024px wide? ( in know defies logic, but…). Thanks for any help pointing me to the right file to edit.

hi there,

btw its not that simple to change core bootstrap structure but its doable. if u understand how bootstrap works, maybe you can tweak it from bootstrap.css



Nice theme, I’m having an issue with the Twitter loader though. It actually looks like you are as well in your demo. If you go to your live demo you’ll see what I mean. Basically the twitter feed just says “Searching Twitter…” and doesn’t return any tweets. This was working a month or two ago last I checked so maybe twitter updated something on you? Not really sure but any help would be awesome. Thanks!


Hi d9cody.

Sorry forgot to update theme info. Actually twitter already deprecated this script.

Other alternative is using their own script and paste it in widgetbox.


hi i have very limited experience with website building other than using wordpress and even that is several years ago, i just bought this theme. what program would be ideal to build the website? Just imagine i’m someone who knows nothing about web building.

I would highly appreciate your help.


Hi there,

We can only assist you with theme installation for this time being because our team are busy working on new theme. Btw you can email any enquiries to We will try to help you


Hi, Thanks for the nice job!

I cann´t find the file where to add my email to submit the contact form. Can you tell me where should I look for it?


Hi there,

Thanks for the purchase. Actually you just purchased static html template, means that the form is not working. It just a placeholder. Maybe you can grab the form script from anywhere and replace the placeholder.



it dose not work properly on IE 6 To IE 8 . what should we do ?

maybe you can find additional plugin to advise them to upgrade their browser. read this for more details even microsoft itself shutting down the ie6

sorry we have to stop supporting this old browsers and move forward.


another question is we have some problems with this theme .example google can not detect SEO Tags of theme correctly and read title and description tags . example search my site that used this theme . search the following world “epaycard .ir ” . we tested all things from our side but i think there is something wrong with theme .

if your domain is new then it’s gonna take sometimes for crawlers to access your site. or you can ping for faster result.

else you can use for checking or install this top rated plugin where you can control your SEO



I have just purchased HumbleShop – Minimal Wordpress eCommerce Theme few days ago and it`s the first theme I purchased. I am having difficulties with home page slider, I ve uploaded the images and saved but images don`t appear.

I am a beginner, and not familiar with changing stylesheet and the rest. I wonder if there is a tutorial or videos to show how to use it, I have looked everywhere for tutorials and videos but cant find any, surly there must be some?

I would really appreciate your help as I am not doing to well with this, also need to know to manipulate the theme like if I want to change it from a box to full width page, that was one of the reasons I got the theme expecting there would be full tutorials and example videos.

Kind Regards Ahme

Hi ahme, replied to your email. THanks

I just updated to WooCommerce 2.1 and the ecommerce CSS built into HumbleShop no longer functions, even after disabling WooCommerce CSS in the backend. The calculate shipping and variable products functions all also had issues. When will there be updated theme files for these major issues?

Read this to learn more:


I bought the Humbleshop theme and I like it. But (there always seems to be a but) – my shop thumbnails look weird. I have added a shortcode for rows and number of downloads [downloads number= “21” row= “7” size= “one_third” height= “one_seventh” orderby= “title” order= “ASC”] but for some reason my thumbnails act weird. There are gaps (missing thumbnails) in the rows. Could this be a thumbnail size issue?? Any ideas? It’s driving me crazy.

Hi there

Sorry for late reply. It looks fine here. Am i missing something? mind to email me the screenshot of the problem :)


;-) if you wait long enough, the problem solves itself. I forgot that I had two types of images inserted: 200×200px and 400×400px. Made them all 400×400…. thanks!