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wow great work!

thanks louieji :)

One question and one issue:

Question: Where are the categories? Can the shop be broken down into categories instead of just one big link to all of the products?

Issue: Try tapping on an item on a touchscreen (iOS). To put it bluntly, it doesn’t work because of the cool default transition effect you have. You literally cannot click on an item picture on touchscreen.

hi dcburnquist,

For your question, you can simply add any categories in menu. In our demo, we just show how the layout gonna looks like for page with sidebar or without.

For your issue, our team currently looking for better solution for the hover effect.

Thanks for comments, looking for kind feedback to improvise our theme. :)

hi again,

It’s still an issue for developer to work on hover effect for touch devices but we manage to find alternative solution for humbleshop to work on ios devices.

Now tap once on product images and you’ll be able get same effect as hover from desktop.

We just uploaded the latest fixed asset, waiting for approval from themeforest.

Excellent work. I can confirm it does work now and very well. I don’t need an ecommerce theme just yet, but when I do, I will certainly consider this one. Good luck with sales!


Thanks omfrk!


Looks great.

1) Is there also a wide version or only boxed? 2) How many columns can you display on the show page? Only 3? Or more?


Hi yoshituk,

Currently we only provide 3 per row for product list and 4 for cross-sell and up-sell item. We found that 3,4 items per row is the best view for this design. more than that might effect readability experience.

and currently only boxed design, might consider for wide version for next release. :)

Have you tested this with anything other than WooCommerce? I’d love to use it with Easy Digital Downloads.

hi sotark,

Sorry our team only works on woocommerce for now since they provide customizable templates for developer to work with. Will consider Easy Digital Downloads on next project if there’s demand for it.


Hi…. I need a theme that serves as an online catalog for a jewelry designer, but does not need the eCommerce selling features. Would I be able to use this theme for my site?

Hi 972creative,

If im not mistaken, woocommerce doesn’t offer catalog mode by default. You need an extension called Catalog Visibility Options.

Then you just need to style the extension a bit to fit humbleshop styling. Just my opinion.

If you need further explanation, drop us an email :)


Nice job. Loved it! ;)

Turn that image effect on the products off and make a full witdh homepage instead of the boxed version and then you sold another theme ;)

Thanks ajla,

will consider adding an option for boxed and full width for next project :D

Really nice design! I love it! How can i contact you? I want to modify the theme a little bit. Contact me via mail: Thanks!

Hi :) you can contact us at


Please help I cant get the navigation menu and homepage slider to show?? Cheers, M

**Ignore, I reset the theme options and started again and it seems to have resolved the issue.??

all good now?

I am having the same problem , cant get the Navigation and the Slider to show in the home page , i did reset the theme options , but still not working.

It shows in the shop page , but not in the home. Strange.

Your help is appreciated.

sorry,still waiting for your email. already sent?

you have a super fast support , you earned 5 stars *

is there any way to turn off that image zoom effect and make the homepage slider full width?

hi suzie

you can turn it off by removing zoom effect from css. but for full width you need further amendment and testing to make sure the structure not distorted


Hi there,

There are few questions to ask you about.

1) The latest version of Woocommerce is v2.0. Do you think this would work with it..?

2) Also, after turn off zoom effect – can I just have the image fade into 50% transparency white as a hover effect?

3) Can I have a sale badge as an image rather than the word “SALE” in text?

If this is possible I would buy this in no time.

Many thanks,


I just can’t wait til the v2.0 is out so, I decided to buy it :D

Could you please help me to achieve on the No.2 + 3 request..?


definitely can for no 2, and 3. we currently still in middle of testing v2 far no issue :)

Great. Message was sent. Please check that out. :)

Hi there. Nice theme. Congratulations.

Just one question. Is this theme compatible with the plugin “Product Bundles”, developed for WooCommerce by SomewhereWarm? If it’s not, is it possible to create bundle products in any different way?


Yup we can test it for you. Just email the plugin to

Thanks :)

I’ve just sent you an email. Thanks a lot

Ok here is the sample product with Woocommerce Product Bundles plugin. Can consider its compatible :)

Let communicate via email. Thanks

Hi there I just downloaded the file but when uploading in zip format via the Wordpress interface, this error message appeared

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can you please indicate how to solve this problem. Tx!!!!

Err.. sorry you maybe uploaded the whole asset zip. Can extract the main file you downloaded from TF, then upload only theme zip from the file you just extract.


Mmmh…yes it’s easier like that :). Tx.


I have recently purchased the theme and wanted to know if you could supply the .xml file. I’m a newbie and this would help me a lot changing the site to how I’d like it.


hi zjahrah,

Thanks for the purchase. can give your email? we will send the xml to you :)


Hi, Quick questions, does this theme have an order management section on the backend to view new orders? If so, how detailed is it? Is there a customer area/account management? I didn’t see anything in the overview or screenshots. Thanks!


Yes humbleshop have a complete online management system since it was built for woocommerce plugin. You can check the full features here :)


Hello there! Just a few questions before i make my purchase :

1. Can the zoom in effects from the products be removed and can two product images ( front photo & back photo) be added instead? When the user hovers on the photo , it will display the 2nd pic. 2. Can headers / banners be added on top of the products for each category? ( image representing the product category) 3. Can the store be made wider? I am not a html pro , hope this layout works out for me!

Sorry for bothering you with so many questions . Would love to know the answers before i purchase the theme :)


Hi Violet

That sounds like needed major customization :) but all doable of course

1) Zoom can be removed from css

2) Just need to call category image script and minor css for styling

3) can be wider, just need to run overall test once width is changed


Great theme – loving working on this website.

Could you tell me how to centre the logo? I would like it in the centre of the site rather than the left as it is currently set.

Many thanks


thanks for the purchase. lets try this, add in additional css from theme option

.top .logo { text-align:right }

if you still facing a problem, just email us. Thanks

Great, that has worked.

Can I ask if there is a short code for the ‘promo banners’ for the home page?

Can’t see how to insert them?


Actually its built in for homepage only. You can check to enable it from theme option. if you need further explanation, pls email us. will send complete steps via email.

Thank you

Hi, I recently purchased your theme and it origionally said it was missing the stylesheet.. i unzipped all the folders and the design of the website looks nothing like your theme.. i was just wondering if you had any tips? the url at the moment is rjalderson (dot) com

you can get background images from

Thanks for your compliment :)

Sorry for the constant pestering, but the Menu bar says ‘Create Menu’ and i go to create a menu and then the menu bar just dissapears?! Thanks!

Sorry, i figured that out eventually! How do you get products into featured items?