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Hi, beautiful theme. I have finish the site but i have very big problem. Widget. In Shop Page, the Sidebar not function. I have try all, the widget are reading in all section homepage only. What i do for fix it? Thank you!

Hi there,

Can i see your website? or send us email :)


Hi!! ;) I send you Mail ;)

Hi. THanks for the beautiful theme. I’m having a problem, though. Only one product appears on the shop page. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

you can change it from up-sells.php :)


Thanks, it worked perfectly.

Dear Humbleshop-Team,

decent theme, love to use it so far. But I have one really big issue: Instead of a price for a shop-item I need just the information “Call for Price”.

I tried it with the following code: add_filter(‘woocommerce_empty_price_html’, ‘custom_call_for_price’); function custom_call_for_price() { return ‘Call for price’; }

But it totally messes up the theme. Products display within other products. Nothing works. Since you always need a price and a short description. This is really essential and I’d love to get help.

Best regards Dan

That is corrcect!

Any help..?

can u email to us @ afraid codes we going to send hard to read here. thanks

Hi, really like this theme – can I just check it’s compatible with WP 3.6 before I purchase?

hi there,

yes its working fine on 3.6 :)

Thanks, purchased! ;)

thank you :D if there’s anything please email us

Hi there, Your theme is simply amazing. great works! everything just perfect, but i have little problem

1. in product data, i want to add some attributes with “Variable Product” but the “Add to cart” button is missing. when i use “Simple Product” the button is showing up and my attributes is missing. what should i do? i want to add some attributes (Shirt Size)

2. My Description and Reviews tab doesn’t works well. i dont get the “four-orange box icon” like in demo.

Thanks & Great Themes!

hi there

1. Follow the steps from support page under ‘How to add variations’ and if its help

2. Pls turn off default Woocommerce CSS from Woocommerce > Settings > General under Woocommerce CSS


im following the steps from this link

and the result is still zero. my “add to cart” button still disappear. not showing. im already uncheck woocommerce css.

any help?

can i see your site? email it to us


Hi, I am having a problem with the products. When I am creating a product (variable product) the featured image become with a sale tag and the product is free. Can you tell me how can I get rid of this and show the actual size?

can u email us your website to let me see


I had fixed it. it was a problem with woocommerce. But I have another question. Is there a way that I can remove the banner under the menu? These are appearing on each page :/

u mean the main slider?

Hi I have emailed you, just want to get rid of that zoom in /out effect on mobile phone devices on the product images and instead have the “buy”, “view”, price and description etc under the image.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi, I haven’t recived any email :( could you please send again. Thanks

eh? no? can you resend to me at if im not mistaken already replied to all. sorry

After changing the name of /wp-content for security reasons, I can’t get the custom css to work. everything else is fine just the additional css. any suggestions to solve this? btw. I used better WP security for changing the folder name, if that makes a difference.

Hi there

Yes i think so because the path is absolute. So if you rename the folder name then script no longer can read it. Anyway you can paste the custom style in style.css instead if you got no option


Dear Humbleshop Team,

Nice theme so far! Really want to add an image file as the “main panel” instead of a color. In the “body” background that option is available. Would like to know how that can be done.

Thanks in advance.

Add this in Additional CSS
.view {background : none} 

Thanks, works just fine! Is there any way the image can remain clickable though(when i click on image, it just adds it to cart), now I need to click on text to view individual product page. Also had asked you in previous email, how I can get the product page to have 3 products per page.

Hi there,

I guess that already into customization. That require major change for structure. and require you to recode for everytime you update the theme. but seems like v2.5 is quite stable, maybe you can stay with the version. for customization maybe you can find developer from odesk or elance to help you.

to change no of products per page, go to Settings >Reading and change no of post per page



I’m trying to add a color to the navigation bar, but it doesn’t seem to work. I changed the background color of .horizontal-nav ul, with no results.

Do you know if this is possible?



Try .horizontal-nav ul li a. :)


Many of the design elements in the shop portion of the theme don’t seem to be displaying quite right. For example, check out—note that the quantity box is not displaying correctly. Then when you add something to the cart and go the cart/check out many similar problems exist. I haven’t edited any of the source code. What can I do to fix this?

sorry i cant see your site. can u email us the access @

Hi, before I buy I would like to know if there’s any way to translate all interface (front & back) into another language.

Your work is pretty awesome. Keep working like that.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the interest. Btw there’s only few section you need to change from template for translation. The rest is editable. And for backend you can find your woocommerce for your own language if im not mistaken.

Thanks again

That’s great news. Thanks for your rapid response! Buying the theme right now! _

Is there a way to make video responsive with WP 3.6 new video embed? I see in the TWENTYTHIRTEEN theme (native WP theme) video is responsive, but it is not in this theme. Is there some CSS or code I can add that will make that happen? Thanks!

New problem… Since upgrading to HUMBLESHOP 2.4, my catalog images are no longer showing on product detail pages. THEY DO SHOW UP on the STORE and SHOP pages. Any ideas what is going on? It worked fine before the upgrade. Thanks!

replied in email. Thanks

Hi Humblespace!

You theme looks great! Before I purchase I was wondering if your theme is also compatible also with Jigoshop?

Thank you, Christine :)

Hi Cazito,

Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with Jigoshop :( Sorry

Hi Humbelspace,

A couple of months ago I purchased your theme and I’m very happy with it! But I was wondering were I could download the latest updates as listed at the item details page.



Hi there,

it’s already on Themeforest. Just go to your account > Downloads and grab the latest file from there :)


Thanks! :)

Is there a child theme with this? Or can one be made?

hi there,

I think you need to create one but i never try it. but i found few buyer successfully did it :)


Hi, great theme!! Is there a way to add “Click Image for Larger View” under each product image or thumbnails?

I know it seems self explanatory, but the client would like this added.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

technically yes, just add the text anywhere either in product-image.php or product-thumbnails.php


Hi I’m not sure if this question has been asked, but is there some way to make the brands images on the front page linked to the brand’s website?

replied to ur email. thanks

Is there a way to have the product page with the sidebar on the left?

Sorry wrong instruction in theme option. but nvm, open homepage.php and go to this line

if ($brandlist)
and change $brandlist to $brand

If I dont want to have 4 footer sections – how can I reduce what is displayed? for only 3 sections.

Also – I want to use a sidebar – but I want to show more than 2 products per row – is that possible?