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I am having an issue where in some browsers my products are showing up with broken spacing on the home page. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this and whether or not there is a solution?


sorry dont see any issue from default theme. maybe customization broke some align. can u email me the screenshot of the broken spacing. easier to debug



I am having issues that pictures will only show up on products if its uploaded fresh. If it is already in the gallery, and I assign it to a product, it doesnt show up on the front end.

replied to your email. :)



Before purchasing I would like to know if i can change the background with one of my customized photoshop designs

hi there,

yes definitely you can :)


I purchased the Humbleshop theme for my website/-shop. I want to use a slider but I can’t get it working. After I selected the foto’s and click send to option tree, I only see a white screen.

have you create the homepage?

Hi. I have purchased this theme and working on it locally. I am having a few problems:

(a) On your demo, the featured images are not always shown on the carousel. How do you do this? At the moment I have a smaller version of the featured image and then my gallery images appear bigger.

(b) When I click the thumbnail images, instead of the carousel sliding into the next image, it opens up in a lightbox.

Also, I think there is an error in line 17 of product-image.php ? Could you take a look and let me know?

Your help would be appreciated.


replied to your email. thanks

Sent you another email with screenshots

How do I download updates to this theme?

I keep getting emails from Theme Forest saying there is an update available but the link in the email takes me to Theme Forest’s home page. I also don’t see any updates available here. And in WordPress there is no update available for download.

Please let us know. Thanks.

Hi there

Updated theme is located at your ‘Download’ section. You just need to redownload again.


Hi there Humblespace,

Awesome work on this theme! I’ve only got one question: How do I remove this zoom-effect from the product hover state on product pages?

I couldn’t find an option for it in the theme’s options.

Thanks in advance!

If possible I’d also like to have a .pot file for translation of the theme like omuribe wants.

replied to your email


Hi, i need generate the Pot file for translate the theme, can you generate this?

replied to your email


would this theme work with a plugin like this for booking/selling tours?


hi there,

never try this plugin before, but testing with some wootheme plugins and working fine. but definitely you need customize the styling to make it blend with the theme :)


Hi! What contact form plugin did you use on the demo? I tried Contact Form 7, but it doesn’t look as good as the demo.


hi there, can u email me. ill send the styling for the form :)


You’ve got mail! :)

replied! cheers

Thnanks I sent you another one concerning the contact form and now I have some questions about the links.

Hey guys, I need help with the script that makes the flexi slider, slide down when the site opens. I want to remove it but can’t really figure out how. Also it would be great if you can also send me that syling for the contact form which is on the demo.

Thank you in advance.

replied to your email. thanks


Am using Humbleshop with woocommerce

I’m struggling with a couple of things..

Firstly I would like to change the colour of the dropdown menu as it currently is the same colour (white) as the background and is difficult to see. Where are the CSS files so we can edit them? The hover colour can be edited no problem in the theme options > theme customiser but can’t find the editor for the default bg colour for the dropdown or other CSS.. see

Also sometimes the menu randomly won’t load/appear on the category or product page.

Hope you can advise.

Nick Webulosity

replied to your email. thanks :)

I want to use this theme for a used furniture store that does not sell products online can you remove the my cart and add to cart features from products listed for sale?

hey guys, i’m REALLY wanting to get your theme, but i have a few questions before i do. i’m starting a wine tour business: how hard would this be to make this theme customized for that?

also, would this tour plugin work with this theme for booking tours?

thanks a ton!

Hi there

Thanks for your interest. Humbleshop got theme options from backend for customization. comes with child theme for template tweaking and additional css in backend for further css tweaking. i can say it’s quite easy compared to others

for the plugin, never tried. but as long as it’s compatible with woocommerce version you currently running then should be no problem. but for sure you need to edit the css to make it blend with the theme :)


Can users update to wordpress 3.8?

good to update. demo is on 3.8 without any issue :)

I’m getting some issues with the newest version of the theme.

1) The page navi at the bottom of the blog/posts page displays incorrectly. See here:

2)The first thumbnail on my products does not display correctly. See here:

You mean v2.7? Can i see your shop. Anything just email us

emailed you!

checking for you. reply the solution later


I have some problems with the theme in my site:

1.- Sometimes, not allways, the buttons of the menu haven´t the white block behind the letters

2.- On mouse-over in the products product list page, don´t show the text of description or short description


Hi thanks for the purchase

1. Good from my end. Maybe it doesnt fully load due to slow connection

2. Weird it’s not there at all. mind to email me access. Let me check for u

btw there’s newer humbleshop version on themeforest which is 2.7.



A pre-buy question on your very beautiful theme, is it possible to disable the view and buy option, and instead be able click on the image and come to the single product page?

Hm ok, is it something you could possibly help me out with?

We can, but our first priority is to help buyer with configuration, not customization. We can help you once all configuration supports sorted.

Ok, your support seems really good. Will have to think about it. Thanks!

Hi humblespace,

Pre-Sales Question: How difficult would it be to change the width of the theme? Actually, the width of the page content is fine, but I’d like the nav bars and the slider to stretch across the screen (obviously I’d remove the background image so it wouldn’t look ridiculous!). Thanks!


hi taliwat,

Simple, just rename container class to something else then the whole inner content will go full width. You can test via inspect element :)

if you require further assistant drop us an email at