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ok, thank you .. But I still don’t understand:
  1. - How to put slider with new images on other pages ..
  2. - How to temporarily remove the cart…
  3. – How to showing all product in homepage

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pass: guestidsauna2014

sorry david, lets talk via email and dont share an access for your shop to public again.



There seems to be an issue with the update on related products section. Under where it says “You may also like…” the products are not in a row as they should be.

Take look at to see what I mean.

Can you tell how to fix it?

sorry my bad. open content-product-small.php and go to end of line

< / div>

and replace with



tried to insert theme into wordpress and got this message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

hi there

you need to extract the main zip. then reupload from files you extracted.

thanks :)

Hey there, I’m trying my best to build out the humbleshop with all the same features and functionality that you show in the demo – but I’m have several large difficulties. I tried contacting you directly, but you did not respond, thus my commenting here:

1. Your demo shows Featured Items on the home page. This functionality includes an image, as well as a mouse over product information. I have searched high and low for this functionality and have not found it. Please recommend how to do this same thing.

2. On the products page there are two tabs – “Reviews” and “Description”. I do not see any guidance or option for turning that functionality on.

3. On the products page – at the bottom of the page – there is a plugin of some sort that details out recommended similar items. How do I turn this feature on as well?

I do like this theme very much and it couples well with EDD. But your explanation for installation has left a lot to be desired. But thank you for getting back to me on these three questions.


Hey there, A little disappointed in this response as all these answers are for the Woocoomerce and not for EDD. You even refer to the fact that you have pointed most of your effort at woo in your response.

1. There is no featured product star anywhere within EDD. I have looked high and low. I’ve looked on the summary downloads page and individually within each product. I even tried creating a featured category and a few other things, nothing worked.

2. There is no Advanced panel for EDD on the product page. So turning on reviews for EDD is not possible I take it?

3. And finally there are no options called up-sells inside the downloads (product) page for EDD.

If I had understood that the demo you were showing for Humbleshop EDD was actually Humbleshop for Woo I would have found another solution that was more friendly to digital downloads. I have spent a ton of time hunting and searching for options that don’t even exist.

Am I missing something maybe? Possibly there is something else somewhere deeper that will make these screenscrapes you are sending relevant? Would really like to make this theme work. In your demo you showed it working.

I think I posted these questions in the wrong spot. I’m sorry. I need support for EDD instead of woocommerce. My apologies.

Ok ill check from EDD comment section. :)


Hi, I recently updated to the new version. I’ve just noticed that the “add to cart” button does not appear for variable products on certain mobile devices. Is there a fix for this?

Hi there

I’ll check on it. before that, can you test this demo product from you mobile? see whether the same problem occur or not.


Same issue with the demo. Issue appears on android jellybean and some iPhone models.

It’s working fine. except for out of stock products, where the button is hidden. here from my end image

Btw mind to email me screenshot I’ll double check on it


Hey there, i’m kind a newbie in wordpress and so i have to ke some questions. Im mostly use joomle for sites. |So in joomla when i buy a templte-theme i get a zip file that includes the joomla as well as the settings for the tamplate i buy. What i mean is tha i buy what i see and the only thing i have to do is to change items prices e.t.c and everything is done. I that the same with wordpress and your theme? And i also want to ask what about your documantation becaus there are so many updates in joomla nad is not the same as it was when you made it. Thank you very much.

Hi spiridon

For wordpress theme, we dont include wordpress in the package. You need to install wordpress and woocommerce plugin separately. Then you just need to extract the theme into your shop. You will have a full control of the theme, and there’s demo.xml for you to import into your shop. I believe the configuration is quite simple, you going to get use with it in a day :)

The documentation is ready and the wordpress community is huge. You can simply find the answer anywhere


There’s huge different of sizes for your product images. You can adjust the height 210px to something greather until all images align. (tested with 310px)

My advise is to reupload a new image with a standard size for all product images. It will help you beautify the shop look as well :)


Perfect! Just one more question, there is any solution to don’t have a product alone in other line?

Go to Settings > Reading and change ‘Blog pages show at most’ to number*3 (ie 9,12,15)


Hi how do you center logo?

hi there it’s depends on logo size, try this in Additional CSS
.top .logo {text-align: right}


Hi, in your live preview “humble shop” has a black line upper the main menu. Instead in my website it is invisible, how I can reinsert this line?

..pardon, I have found myself the line color in the settings.

Related Products doesn’t show on my page?

Hi there

You need to assign it from Product Data > Up-sells. Screenshot


where are the PSDs for this file. how am I supposed to make changes to the layout without PSD files?

hi there

sorry for late reply. just back from long holiday. sorry we dont provide psd for our theme/templates since we developed it straight via css/html. Maybe you can inspect element and take a screen shot of the theme.

and you dont need psd to change the layout, everything can be done via css and theme option from backend :)



How can I add featured items at main page ?

Please could you tell me step by step ?

hi there

sorry for late reply. just back from long holiday. to add featured items at main page, just go to Products from backend and check on the star icon for items you want to add as featured. :)


I have a problem with a site I cam building. The site is The add to cart button is not appearing for variable products, but it works for simple products. It is also not disaplying the product gallery images. I have disabled the humbleshop theme and installed 2014 theme it works, but when I reinstall humbleshop it doesn’t appear again.

Hi there,

Just checked your shop and there’s an error with rangy script which caused the variation function not working properly. IMAGE. Just email me your access to and let me go in and check for you.


The products on the buy page of my site are stretched, as is the individual products. How do i resolve this?


Sorry, may I know which version of humbleshop you bought? Was it Woocommerce or EDD version?

The EDD version

If EDD, then deactivate all woocommerce plugin. Just activate EDD plugins.

Then to display the listing, just place this shortcode in editor
You can read more here


Hey HumbleShop,

Inside my product-categories, only one product appears on each page. This means a customer would have to click “next or “prev” everytime they want to see a different product in that same category.

Can I easily change that so it shows more?

Thanks in advance.


First of all, thanks for the purchase. Sorry dont really get your issue, does it mean you only have 1 product per categories?

So I assume this is the fixes 1. You can set number of product per page for listing. 2. Maybe you get overlapping issue, make sure all products got price

Or you can email me in details via


Hi guys – I hope haven’t missed the answer to this anywhere. I’m using HumpleShop 3.0 and I’d like to know how I can make product categories appear on the website so a shopper can navigate using categories to help get to their products faster.


Hi there,

replied in email


Did I just say I LOVE THIS THEME! :) :)

thank you :D

Hello When you open the website from a smartphone, the logos “brand logo” are displayed in a very large size. Is there a simple way to reduce the size? Thanks in advance and best regards.


You can use css to set the width for smaller screen. Email us your shop and we will assist you with the css


Hi, I can replace the default menu with a megamenu? Thanks in advance.


We hvnt test megamenu plugin but it shouldnt be a problem as long as you configure it correctly. You just need to remove built in menu and replace with megamenu shortcode/script


Thanks for the answer. Good job.

Hi I’ve updated Woocommerce and now my view and buy buttons have been replaced by a “SELECT” button on hover.

Another issue is that the price is blank on product pages.


Hi, when I add a banner sized 1025px the mobile layout breaks. I have tried to use max-width but it is not working – please can you help! I basically just need the desktop view to be 1025px but don’t want to lose my perfect mobile layout :(

Just to let you know – thank you for your advise! The problem was that I had max-width AND width defined in my css so that is why it was not working. Rookie mistake :)

:) glad to hear it fixed