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Lightning-fast support! I had a couple questions and these guys answered within a couple minutes, as well as answering my total noob questions! :D

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Awesome! :D

Can I do unit based shipping involving multiple products?


1 x box-3 product = 3 units 2 x box-5 product = 5 units

Price = 8 units x tiered unit price.

Did you mean product bundle? Then the answer is yes. You just need to use this plugin for it.


Hi Guys, Great template, might be very useful for me! I was wondering if/when you will add product specifications (size / color etc..)


sorry i dont get u. what do u mean by add product spec?

Found it. I suggest you add it to all of the products in the demo…

ic, actually just want to show all types of product format because some shop dont have attributes. btw thanks for suggestion

I think this theme is really beautiful. Just a couple of questions before I purchase it. 1. Can the attributes be filtered in a sidebar or widget to help the customer narrow the product selection?

The information on the right says that the theme is not widget ready, but in the demo site I see some widgets…

Thanks for your time :)

Hi thanks for the interest. Btw whatever you see in demo is included in the package :) Im quite confuse with widget ready term, so I just put not widget ready.


Hi there..

I would like to purchase your theme – it is great, but before i do i was wondering if you could please answer the following: the client i want wants all the functionality of an online shop but without the shopping cart. is this possible with your theme?? so instead of being able to purchase online you can only view the products and their prices.

thank you for your help..


You might need this to enable catalog mode for woocommerce :)



Firstly… brilliant theme… very nice design! Liking the seemingly fast support too. Just before i purchase though i have a few questions.

When viewed in Chrome, there seems to be slight movement in the products as the slider moves. Do you think this could be solved?

Also, is it easy to take the ‘zoom’ effect off when you rollover a product?

And lastly, will this theme be compatible with WooCommerce 2.0 when it released in a week or so?

Many Thanks in advance,


Hi Lee,

Thanks for your compliment :)

1) Yup it can be disable via CSS by adding specific styling to disable flickering for webkit browser

2) Zoom can be disabled. Already done this with previous buyer

3) Yes it is. v1.1 tested on woocommerce 2.0 beta 2


Brilliant…. many thanks. I will wait for the WooCommerce 2.0 update and will then purchase your theme :)

cool. glad to hear that :D


I am looking at purchasing this theme, but noticed an issue. When on mobile the rollover effects for the products doesn’t work… since its just touch, you can’t really see the description / view/buy buttons… Is there a way to fix this? I’d love to buy this theme, but that seems to be a problem to me.

Ok got your email. Lets chat there

Hi, for some reason even when i change the shop template to full page i still have the shop side bar on the left hand side. Any ideas how to resolve this?

So far very impressive theme!!!!!! thanks Will


Thanks for the purchase. For shop template, you need to configure it from Theme Option > General Configuration > Shop Sidebar

Hi, firstly congratulations, this is a gorgeous and simple theme. I’ve a problem uploading images in the Option Tree panel. When I upload a photo it never load and the window stuck. The image goes to media library but I can’t put it as a slider, or logo, or other options. Any idea what this can be?

Hi thanks for purchase.

After upload, you need to click ‘Send to Option Tree’ button :)


“After upload, you need to click ‘Send to Option Tree’ button” I do it. When I click “Send to Option Tree” button the window is blank and nothing happens…

can u email us your website to thanks


When I login as a user, woocommerce does not show the right username?

You can see it says ‘welcome 10ett’ (which is the username of an admin) where as my username is ‘thebookfreak’?

Any ideas?


Can u email us at Will send explanation details over there. Thanks

I have a big problem… when I try to proceed the checkout, the payment disapear… If I try with another theme like “Twenty Twelve”, it works and we see the payment! I have the last version of Humbleshop and WooCommerce. Thank you

can u email us the link to give us sometimes to check. thanks

So I am getting gaps in my products page.

add this in Additional CSS in ThemeOption

.woocommerce-page .product-title { min-height: 40px }

wow this was fast thanks

no prob :)

Thanks for the great theme!

I was wondering how to include a video slide in the homepage slider. I understand that the theme is using FlexSlider 2 for the slider, thus it should support video (YouTube/Vimeo) as well.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the purchase. Btw we dont include video feature in this theme. But you can add it done by

1) Adding 2 more js which is fitvids and Froogaloop

2) In script.js, add video player function from flexsider documentation

3) To add video slider, open slider.php and add video iframe either at start or at the end of the loop.

If there’s anything else pls email us


Hello! I really love the work you have done on this theme. I am having a problem figuring out how to add the featured products on the homepage. Is this a short code or something in the theme options? I tried the WooCommerce recent products shortcode and nothing happened. Any guidance would be most appreciated!!


Thanks for the purchase. Since so many people asked for how-to add featured products, we added it in FAQ. here is the link

Thanks :)

THank you. I knew it had to be something pretty simple. And great job again on the theme.

No problem :)

Hello, I’m planing buy this theme, good work. But I don’t need the cart and shop details yet. Can I remove shop elements and use this theme only for catalogue? Thanks in advance

Hi, in order to use catalog mode, you need this extension from wootheme :)

Hello Humblespace, we have just brought this amazing looking theme and was wondering if there is any way to upload dummy content to the website? Thanks.

And is there anyway to get rid of the double product image? if i set a display picture for a product theres two images on the product page.

hi, we are using contact form 7 plugin for it.

for product images, if you dont want to duplicate the images, just upload once from Media and for Featured, just pick one from attached.


Thanks so much! You have a wonderful theme by the way one of the best looking ones in a while, very polished and easy to use!

A client of mine just noticed, that the navigation bar disappears completely with Internet Explorer. I can confirm this. With Firefox or Chrome, it converts to a dropdown nicely.

Can you advice how to make the dropdown appear with IE as well? Thanks.

hmm this theme only support till ie8, if lower than that menu wont appear. Can u email us the link. thanks

Sorry, I forgot to say, that it disappears when you resize the browser window narrower. I’m using IE 10.

You can try with your example site

we checking on that. anything email us at thanks

Hi! I love the theme. Is there anyway to add a blog feed to the homepage?

can u email us the layout. we can give u instruction how to add it

thanks :)

Hey humblespace, great job on the theme! Some help would be appreciated, how does one change the excerpt length revealed by hovering over? I assumed it was the $excerpt_length call in Functions.php, but that doesn’t seem to change much.


hi thanks for the purchase.

Actually you need to change the height for .view-thumb p, currently its 60px. just add it in Additional CSS via ThemeOption. Then dotdotdotjs will handle the excerpt.


Thanks for the swift reply, works like a charm!

Hi There, theme looks great. Hoping to make a purchase but have a question… I’m not yet familiar with Woo Themes – so this maybe something that is a part of that – but is it easy to add categories – such as tshirts, sweaters, pants.. etc. ? Thanks, look forward to hearing.

Yeah, it’s so easy. No worries :)