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Hi Humblespace, Love the theme! On the product page, is it possible to change ‘Hard to decide, ask your friends :)’ and the button to purchase not add to cart? Thanks :)

Hi, did u use ftp or wordpress backend?

Hi, I used the editor in the Wordpress back end!

if then, search for simple.php, variable.php, & grouped.php and search for (‘Add to cart’, ‘woocommerce’) and replace add to cart with your own text.


Hi Humblespace, the theme looks great and I purchased it a couple days ago; however, I have two issues. First The login/register link at the top of the page does not redirect to a page to login in to. And, second in my contact page I have a “leave a reply” section that I cannot remove. Any help on these would be appreciated. Thnaks.

Hello again. I am having the same issue with the ‘Welcome’ section displaying my account name and not the registered users name. Can you also send me the fix for this problem? Thanks.

email us. we send you the step. currently we still polishing v1.2


Will do, thanks!

Hello again, What plugin did you use for google maps? Thank you.

Hmm it appears that the map is just a grey box, I have put all the address details in on the theme settings page but the map is not coming up/pulling in?

Uh really. Can u email us your url. thanks

Never mind its working now but thanks for the support!

Really nice Theme Buttt…

please fix the silder buttons (hover) they are visible when the silder option is not turned on. How can i remove the whole slider?

Also how can i change the hover color (creme) “Product Select “

will check on that, get back to u later. thanks

also check out the “single product” page 4th widget doesn’t appear

replied to email. thanks

We have one more problem when someone registers on the site it says Welcome undeadrunway, <<< our username not there name, does anyone know how we can fix this?

email us, will send you the script to fix it


When creating a product, then uploading a couple images for the product. Lets say I upload IMG01 and IMG02 and set IMG01 to featured, IMG02 is the one that comes up when you go to the product itself, the featured product appears correctly on the homepage and cat pages, but not on the single product view. Please help.

One last thing. On osx, chrome, when you mouse over products, there is a pixel shift of the image to the right. Kinda distracting.


Thanks for purchase. :)

To stop the flickering issue, you can check on this

For product images issue, mind to email us you URL for us to check.


Hi, on a product page how do you add images into the gallery on the left? Thanks

Love the theme, HumbleSpace.

Before purchasing, I was wondering if there was an easy way to customize the link color, button color and other design aspects of the theme in the backend of WordPress?


yup very easy :)

we got theme option at the back for you to customize


Hi, Me again…. When i add products, the view and buy black buttons disappear when you hover over the product

Love the theme but I’m frustrated with WooCommerce plugin.

On the theme side, I’m having an issue with the subnav not displaying correctly. The subnav(s) are not displaying correclty. Products>Body>

On the WooCommerce side I’m having a problem with images displaying correctly on the home page and more…I’m going to email you at

I’m STILL having problems with this theme. I’ve reinstalled fresh and that solved my image problem BUT when WooCommerce plugin was updated it caused new problems. 1) Now the “add to cart” button doesn’t show-up on the variable product pages. 2) In the theme options I’ve set the shop sidebar to “none” but there is still a sidebar present. 3) On the “sales” products the “sale” tag show-up behind the image on the single product page. 4) The alignment on the product page is messed up

Is this all theme compatibility issues with the new WooCommerce??!!

I’d leave a comment on the WooCommerce forum but they don’t seem very responsive with others having similar problems so I’m hoping yu can help.

we just updated to humbleshop 2.0 yesterday. pls download latest version from Themeforest :)

Dont forget to disable woocomerce CSS

Anything else just email us.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! I have a newbie question. This theme is beautiful and I tested it out on firebug by changing the background pattern and colours of the text and buttons, the product title h3 font family, etc. as well as the colour of that hover-zoom of the images. It looks great in the firebug render. My question is if I could change all that in firebug and it looks great, is it a true render, as in when I actually make those changes in the CSS and html file of the theme will it render properly without affecting or having to overwrite anything else? I just want to confirm before buying because this perfectly fits my requirements after I edit.


Thanks for your interest. Humbleshop got ThemeOption at the back for major customization as in background, font, colors, link etc. Then for additional/minor styling can be done via Additional CSS field. So its a totally new styling sheet, not gonna overwrite anything from core CSS :)


okay thanks. Can I change that hover-zoom colour to white?

Hello, A quick pre-sale question if I may; I plan on developing a new client site that will include integrated ecommerce at a later stage. Is it possible to use this theme as a standard WP site (without any commerce ability) for the time being, adding the woo commerce functionality down the road a bit?

Thanks, Chris

yes you can :) but you need extension from wootheme too disable the catalog. Its not in a package by default


I’m trying to add products in woocommerce, and when I try to set the feature image there isn’t an option to save it?!? so It never saves. The only way I have been able to get it to save the image is by choosing the upload image option then it will save the image as the feature even though it still does not give me the option to save it myself. Even when this saves it, it will not show up on the “All Products” page only on the individual product page itself! anyone thoughts?!

I wish it was that easy! that’s what I’m saying! somehow that blue button in step 3 that says “Set Featured Image” in the Lower right hand corner has disappeared and I have no idea how or why

maybe some of your plugins causing the error. Try uninstall them and see how

Hello! just bought the theme. Instead of the slider i can see only the code. Please, help!


Thanks for the purchase. Btw we explained in details how to setup a homepage in our documentation. Go thru the documentation first and let me know if there’s still a problem


Hi just bought the theme and installed it.

However, I could not find an option to change the wordings “Hard to decide? Ask you friends :)” in the product page.

Please advise!

Replied in email. Thanks

I have the question like MediaThrust. Please replied in email too.

did u email us?

send you my email

Hello there, following Woo commerce 2.0.0/1 release there is an error message :

(Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :))

So I would like to know if there will be some upgrades of HS or shall I just follow what is suggested by WC.

Many thanks.


Yup currently our team still working on compatibility. Will release updated version very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience

BTW I have another question, when you talk about documentation in Elwira’s post, I may have missed its location…

ok lets chat in email

Hi there—

Does this theme allow product variations (size, color, etc)?

Yup can. Check out woocommerce documentations for more details about product variation.


Hi since I already bought the HTML Template, do I get a discount if I wanted to get the wordpress?

Hi sorry all sales control by Themeforest, we have no right to give a discount. :(

Btw did u bought using this username? If im not mistaken, if anyone purchased any theme, there will be a remark shows purchased status.

Anyway thanks