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Hey do you guys have a projected date when the updated theme will be available? I’m having the same issue as Newmediaranger. As for my previous issue… it was my own dumb ass fault lol I changed some css and it made the links that said insert featured image white so I couldn’t see that they were still there

humbleshop 2.0 awaiting TF approval. stay tune


Gotta say that Humble Support has been great! Great theme, Great Dev!

Thanks! We will try our best to help you.

Hi Thanks for the theme, I’m having trouble getting the contact form to show on the contact page? Do I need to add Contact Form 7 as a plugin? Also saw that in order for my map to work I had to add the city to the Address 2 field and the state to the zipcode. Weird, but it works…

Thanks for the reply. I installed the Plugin and it works fine. I am however having problems with the sorting in Woocommerce with this theme. I have it set so that the Default Category Display shows all products, but on the page it only shows one thumbnail. Also the title of the next product is in the hover state, and as far as I can tell the isn’t being closed before the loop continues. It’s putting the next product in the . I don’t want to go hacking too much, can you help me?. (I have deactivated all plugins, but the problem still persists). Thanks

Did u fill up the price and short description for each product? Missing this can cause problem with product list display. Anything pls email us your URL. Will check it later. Thanks

Argh, (hits head on table) I was missing a price… Never mind… Thank You for the quick response!!!!

HI, I’m having trouble with the default product sorting when showing the products…the sorting use to be below the products now is on top, all happens after the woocommerce update; is there anyway to move it back down. Thanks

hv you email us. woocommerce 2.0 got major changes in structure as well. email us, then we will help you with customization.


Hey I was just wondering where I can get the background image you use in the theme demo? It didn’t come as default for me.


hi, im using for background :)


OK, found it.


How do I add content to the main home page? I attempted to add the content to the home page but none of the content is showing.

Also, if I’m primarily selling one product, how do I go by centering the featured product(s) on the main page?


Before purchase, in the preview when you click to buy an item it takes the customer back to the shop instead of taking the customer to the cart/checkout.

Can I be the other way around?

yup thats standard woocommerce structure. we just redesign based on that flow. maybe you can check with wootheme regarding this.


Hi, how do you change the font in the slider boxes for the main page? Thanks

Hi, sorry to bother, but what about if we wanted a button? thanks, :)

also that line of code didn’t work with google fonts, which font did you use because thats what we want! Thanks

Im using Lato

hi, thank for this great theme all thing work well,the images in home page are ok but the product image in product link don`t show this is my link :

sorry , its ok now and images work well… my second question : I want to have 12 product image in home page , where is that code to change 6 product to 12 ? :)

You can change it from Theme Option > General Configuration > Number of Featured Products.


thank , its ok :)

I want to throw in some copy on the homepage say below “featured products” and “brands”. I tried adding the content to the Page that is marked with the Homepage template but it doesn’t show and I can’t figure out another spot to put it. Can you help?

hi thanks for purchase,

Btw can you email us. will send you instruction how to add content in homepage.php, everything else can be done via Theme Option.


Has anyone else had display issues on the product page with Internet Explorer? The main product image is not showing.

can i see the page?

I can’t send it as it’s not a publicly viewable page yet.

How come I can’t figure out how to add slider images.. it should be the most self explanatory thing to do ..


Thanks for purchase. Everything is in Theme Options :) its under Slider, Banner and Brands panel

can you tell me why the slider isnt working?

Site: Screenshot:

Please email me at and I can give you log in details if you would like to go into the backend and take a look at things.


Create a new page and set ‘Homepage’ as a template. Then assign the new page as a Front Page from Settings > Reading. Read instruction carefully.


Hi Dear I have a problem with checkout ! when I Buy a product and go to checkout page I see 2 Quantity of that product ,I test this action with Google Chorme , Safari , IE ,and just IE didn`t have any problem !! I show this problem in one image :

This is woocommerce error count issue. Here is the fix. replace the red color with green one.


oh, thanksss , I change this code and all things work goood :)

Hello, I’d like to buy this item, but I have a question: Is there any good chat/helpdesk plugin compatible with it?

Thank in advance :)


we never tried any chat plugin. but you can email us the plugin so that we can test locally


Any quick fix to get product titles to take up 2 lines without screwing up the lay-out? I realise keeping the titles shorter or making the font-size smaller are options, but I’d rather not. See

Try add this in Additional CSS

p.product-title { min-height: 60px }


Humble, If a user is not logged in, and adds an item to cart, it goes into the widget but not into the top right utlitiy nav you have that has a running total. If you click the view cart in the widget it then changes the total on the top.

If I am logged in as admin, this does not happen.

Hi Kompani,

We have tested our theme and its working fine. There must be a conflict with some of your plugins installed. And there’s no comments so far regarding this issue among purchasers. Kindly please check your plugin compatibility


Humble, If a user is not logged in, and adds an item to cart, it goes into the widget but not into the top right utlitiy nav you have that has a running total. If you click the view cart in the widget it then changes the total on the top.

If I am logged in as admin, this does not happen.

Can I use this theme like a “gallery” to show products but deactivating the shop and cart module?, I just want a “place” to sort my products but not with a cart just a contact page for people who could be interested on buying something…


Yes you can but it doesnt come in standard package. You need extension from Wootheme.

Thanks :)

Damn it :(, ok, there’s no other options then?

You can hide via CSS all the buttons, forms but not recommended. :)