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Can I use this theme like a “gallery” to show products but deactivating the shop and cart module?, I just want a “place” to sort my products but not with a cart just a contact page for people who could be interested on buying something…


yes you can :) but you need an extension from wootheme called catalog visibility option


Awesome theme.

Once I am on a product page can a zoom function be added, so when you hover over the main image of the product you are viewing you can see the detail up close?

I have tried a few plug ins but none seem to work, any suggestions?

My site is:

Hi there,

Zoom in effect might need further tweaking since there’s already few script applied to product images. You may need an expert developer to tweak on it. There’s tons of freelancer on odesk/elance that accept this kind of fixing.

Btw please turn off woocommerce css so that no conflict on styling.


The View and Buy buttons don’t show on the product hover, are these in the options some where?


nope. just make sure you dont leave price and short description blank.


There is a price and short description but it still doesn’t show.

can i see you website. email to


Is there anyway to install the site with dummy content as you’ve shown in the live preview?



thanks for the purchase. btw demo content included in the package. you just need to import it :)


Hi, how can I display all the products of a category in one page, without the pagination?

You can check out from Woocommerce website for the shortcode.


Thanks humblespace. Hopefully last question:

Where is the code hidden to edit the font and color and style for this:

Thanks again!

Sorry we dont have option for that but you can just simple add this on Additional CSS

.view, .view { background: YOURBGCOLOR } .view-thumb h2 { color: YOURFONTCOLOR } .view-thumb p { color :YOURFONTCOLOR }


When a customer logs in, where is the logout button for them?


From woocommerce standard structure, it will automatically added to your menu.


hi, “FEATURED PRODUCTS” section on the home page does not open. Not reflect the product home page. Help.


I have a couple of Pre buying questions…

¿If i add some attributes to the product, like size (S,M,L,XL), dropdown menus have a css class? I can´t see this feature in the live preview.

¿Do you know if i can get the theme trasnlated and workinkg for 2 languages? ¿WPML is a solution for this theme?

Thanks a lot!!



Thanks for your interest.

For first question, did you mean displaying attribute on Menu? There’s only Product Categories available on Menu, but you can add Layered Nav on your sidebar widget

For translation Im not really sure but I saw few buyers successfully translate theirs site. I can give you their contact if you want.


first question: i´m talking about dropdowns on product page:

if you template design suppors the dropdowns for color and size.

Second question: if you can give me some examples wold be great.



First question, yes. You just need to create menu and use tag, or categories as menu.

Here is few sample


Hi I sent you an email concerning the use of shortcodes to display products in a page, and how they are not displayed correctly, please respond.

replied. thanks

I’m almost done with my site but have 2 questions: 1. I can’t figure out why there is a space to the left of all images after the first row of product images. This is pushing them over just enought that they are two across on all rows after the first.

2. On that same page but on the SIDEBAR, is there any way to fix the problem of my product titles breaking (I know they are long but…) in this way and running under the image?

For your case

1) Add this in additional CSS .woocommerce .products article { margin-left: 8px} .woocommerce .products .view-thumb p {height: 39px}

2) Doable but its too long for me to paste it here. Pls email us


1) That solved the alignment but when I entered this CSS it caused the text on the products on this page to run off the page. See link:

2) I’m emailing you about the other matter now.

Thank you!!

I have setup a frontpage, and set theme options with slideshow, promo and brands. But as Kool & the gang used to sing….”No Show”


What am I doing wrong? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi I cannot see your website :(

Email me details at


Good support here. Humblespace informed me that I have forgot to assign the frontpage to the homepage template. My mistake :-)

Hi, is it possible to have multi-lingual promobanners, so when someone switches to let’s say Dutch that 3 different banners are loaded. I use wpml by the way.

Thanks in advance.

Im sorry, dont think so because currently promo banners is in jpg format. There’s no way image will reflex on language selection


I understand :)) but what I actually mean is that three different jpegs, are loaded, in which php file can I find the code triggering the banners? so I can do manually. Tnx, love the theme by the way. Neat.

How do I remove the comments from the pages I create? I see the product pages have no comments but the standard pages using the default template have a comment section. I check the funtions.php, single.php, and index.php files and all have a comment line, which file should I edit to remove the comments?


Thanks for the purchase. Actually you can hide it from page edit. Just uncheck comments section. but if you want to completely remove comments template from pages, remove it from page.php


Thanks for the help.


When I create a variable product en I set a different image per variation the image does not change when I choose that variation. I can only see the featured image.

And when I create some gallery pictures they do not appear on the website, only the featured image?

Could you help me please?


Thanks for the purchase. Btw can you email us your website link. So that we can check



I just purchase the theme, and I have a “problem”, when i create a variable product with a diferent photo for each variation, the photo of the variation doesn´t load when I select it… Do you know how resolve it? THX!! Great theme by the way!!

OK, i´ll try to find any theme that works and I inform you. Thanks a lot!!

No problem :)

I find one theme that change the photo in variable products with woocommerce:

Hi There, Just purchased your Theme and Installed it on my Site but my Variable Products dont appear to be working. Under Size / Color its displaying ‘Choose an Option’ but no options are appearing in the box. Do you have an email i can reach you on so i can send over login details for my site if you need to take a look at it?

Will reply to your email.



I dont like boxed style on site, how can i change it?


Hi, You mean you want a full width design?

Exactly, can i configure full width?

currently its designed for boxed style. but if you know twitter bootstrap, you can make it full width :)

how about a photogallery? i need one for my next project..

Hi there,

sorry we dont have build in photo gallery feature in humbleshop, but i guess there’s few best gallery plugin outside to integrate with this theme :)


Hello, how can I remove the white background of the feature product image showing up in the home page? The images I use are .png with transparent background but on the homepage they are coming up with a white background I can’t seem to find how to remove it.

The same feature image on the product page is showing correctly with its transparent background. Please check my site


Thanks for the purchase.

To remove the white background, add this in Additional CSS

.view {background: none !important }


That did it. Thanks for the prompt reply.