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Great work my friend!!!!!!! Very clean theme!!!! ;)

Great theme! Good luck :)

Many thanks.

nice theme, good job!

I tip my hat to you, sire :)

How does it look on a desktop? Is it possible to see a demo of that as well? Thanks.

Sure. Just head to the theme demo site and click the big ol’ “CLICK/TAP HERE FOR THE LIVE URL” button :)

Ah, of course. Click everywhere before asking …

Hi there guys,

Could a developer let me know how I can do a couple of things please:

• Add logo or just text to the header • Stop the first embedded image from showing, as it’s a duplicate of my featured image • Reduce the width of my Disqus comment box, currently it goes edge to edge, 95% of its size would look better • Use post excerpts on archive and home pages instead of the full post • And lastly, how to add my nav bar to the navigation, a manual choice would be great

Many thanks,



Hey there, please contact me through my TF profile. A support forum this is not. Cheers :) And explain the last point in more detail when you do.

While much like Touch, i like the menu icon format, nice theme. A couple of questions.

Can I have the header image show on more pages than just the front page?

Am i limited in the number of submenu items I can have (for example, you have just three in the demo)?


And that’s the main reason I bought from this author… incredible support, already responded and is now fixed with a quick and easy mod. I’m sure he will likely push out an update right away too. Great support, buy with confidence.

Yup, just submitted the update. Should be up in a few hours.

And the update is now live.

So far so good. Only significant bump in the road is that there is a plugin conflict between photoswipe and one of my most important plugins, calendarize-it. When both are active, the main calendar never finishes loading. Just a fyi. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll update if I get a resolution from RightHere or figure out a workaround. Hate to dump photoswipe, but will if I can’t resolve.

Really like the theme so far. Thanks.

Hi,couple of pre sales question if thats ok?

Loving all these bonfire mobile based themes, but which one? They do all seem pretty similar but I was wondering!

1. I do like hunters menu and whilst I am aware its a limited 2 “level” menu is it limited to 3 sub items, or would any more menu items simply wrap?

Hope that makes sense?

2. As I will be changing whichever one to a dark style same as “brave” would it be easier to just go with “brave” basically I’m asking if I would be sacrificing any features added on the later releases; hunter & touch?

Many Thanks in advance

Hey there, glad you like our creations :)

To answer your questions, the themes are fairly similar features wise. It’s the design that sets them all apart from each other. We’ve intentionally updated past themes with the newer one’s features so each theme would be equal on that front.

HUNTER’s menu can have as many sub-items as you’d like. It is NOT limited to just three.

And if we add a new feature to a theme, in all likelyhood we’ll add them to others as well like we have in the past as I mentioned above.


That is absolutely no help whatsoever! :D Only joking I’ll have a closer look at styles in the morning thanks for coming back so quick – Cheers


Is there a way to have the footer widgets show on more than just the ‘Front’ page?


Yeah, it’ll just be a quick edit. Shoot me an email through my TF profile and I’ll send you precise instructions; you’ll be done in under a minute :)

hi there :) i’ve a prob with a event-plugin on this theme: http://www.lehramt-koblenz.de/campuniko -> if i click on an event, the browser will open a new site and shows the 404. the plugin is EventON: http://codecanyon.net/item/eventon-wordpress-event-plugin/1211017 i asked the plugin-author too. it should toggle out by clicking on the event. how can i fix that?

thanks :)

problem in my last comment solved ;)

Ah, glad to hear :) It normally takes me much less than 9 hours to respond, but I JUST woke up :)

Hello! Can you add a function to return to the full version of the site?


Yeah, the AMTS plugin we recommend actually has a built-in feature for that.

So for example, to call the desktop site, you just need to create a link that leads to: http://www.yoursite.com/?am_force_theme_layout=desktop

Simple as that.

An excellent theme. I found it easy to implement and customize (using it as our mobile-specific theme) and have received numerous compliments on the look of the site from readers. Well done, indeed.

Glad to hear :)

I know the body of the template is responsive, but the menu isn’t…this is a capture from my Samsung… <url>http://www.bluwavmedia.net/misc-images/Screenshot_2013-09-04-15-02-00.png</url> and <url>http://www.bluwavmedia.net/misc-images/Screenshot_2013-09-04-14-59-05.png</url> can this be fixed? I love the template but need to be centered and fixed.

Hey there, glad you like it :)

If you want the menu to be centered then that’s something we can do for you as a quick customization for sure. Just shoot me an email through my profile after you’ve made the purchase and you’ll have it shortly.



I just purchased this theme but would like to change the font on the very top to a google font. I thought this would’ve been an option because it was already using a special font but I don’t see where I can make this change.

Can you please tell me where or how I can change this font?

Thank you very much!

Hey there, thanks for the purchase.

This is a quick and easy change; just shoot me an email through my profile, say which Google Font you’d like to have it changed to, and I’ll be glad to make this little customization for you.


Hello! This theme is amazing. But before to purchase it, I need to know if it’s possible to convert into native app with PhoneGap. I don’t know if it’s possible with WordPress.

Thank you!

Hey mate, thanks for the kind words :) But I’m afraid I haven’t tested Hunter with PhoneGap though.

so far I’m loving this theme but I have to questions regarding the gallery…

1) Why are my thumbnails low-quality on the desktop? Is there a setting I need to adjust?

2) Is there something special I need to do so I can zoom in/out on the actual photo itself? And is there a way I can tap on the screen to get rid of the navigation bar on the bottom so you could see the whole photo without a opaque nav bar?


Hey there, glad you like it :)

1) Try setting a larger thumbnail size in your WordPress media options (Settings > Media) and then use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate your thumbnails.

2) You can double-click or double-tap to zoom (pinch-to-zoom should work once the PhotoSwipe developers release an update). And yeah, hiding the toolbar with a single tap is possible. Shoot me an email for that.

Also, future questions to email please (through the contact form on my profile). We offer support via email.

Cheers mate.

hi, contact-send.php doesn’t work if i put it in the child theme, is needed to edit the original file located under hunter directory

Hey mate. That is correct, you don’t need to move over the contact form to the child theme. Just change the e-mail address as instructed in the documentation and you’re all good to go.

And cheers for the purchase :)

Can the body text font be changed?

It’s not built in, but that’s the kind of a quick post-purchase customization I’d be happy to do. After purchasing, just shoot me an email and let me know which GFont you’d like and I’ll get it done.