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Really nice! Good luck :)

Wow nice theme! GLWS

Cheers. But it’s a template :)

Is the font easily customizable thru out the theme?

Hey there.

This isn’t a theme, it’s a template. And if you’d like a different font for something, then pick the Google Font you’ like to use and email me after making the purchase; we’ll get that changed for you.

Hello, is it single page or multipage?

Hi there. It’s a proper wide-ranging template with multiple pages.

Hi! OK it’s a template, but how it works? I’m not a Wordpress expert. Where do I have to copy it?

Hi there. This is a template, indeed, not a WordPress theme (mobile themes are $25 and upwards). If you work with WordPress, then you need to purchase themes, not templates, as templates are stand-alone and really for people who understand code.

All our themes also have documentation included which explains the installation process.


Got it. Thanks. I’ll buy the theme, because it’s really nice.

Thanks for the kind words, always nice to hear :)

I already bought it before…lol…exactly what I need thought.

Well have fun then :) Have a good one.

I need the menu to center…currently it’s off to the right…

Hi there.

What you need is below, just note that I can’t do free customizations like this going forward. If you need further custom work, you should find a freelancer.

Here are the css edits you need to make though, in style.css and media-queries.css respectively. For quick results, just paste the snippets at the bottom of the files.


style.css #menu { margin-right:-150px; right:50%; }

media-queries.css @media screen and (max-width: 320px) { #menu { margin-right:-150px; right:auto; }

The add to home screen popup in the demo does not work in the php-version. Any tips?

Hi. There’s no ‘add to home’ in the Hunter template, nor on the demo site.