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A few things (like charts) don’t seem to be working in Firefox.

Try this screen-shot: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7145041/Data%20visualization%20%20Huraga%20Bootstrap%20Admin%20Template%20-%20Mozilla%20Firefox_2012-08-17_09-03-25.png

I’m on Windows 7. Firefox 14.0.1

If I check it using Chrome, I see the charts correctly.

Yeah, wrong image paths in CSS , already fixed. Can you check it please?

I had to shift-refresh, but yes, it’s fixed…

This is an awesome theme! But i just bought wuxia a day ago! why o why didn’t u release this one first..

Hi jho406,

thanks a lot and don’t worry, keep it in mind for your next project.

What is the “huraga” logo font?



it is Logoblogo 2 font.

Thanks for the great template. Would be great to see a styled File input element. (not just the jquery uploader).

Hi Alex,

putting on the list, there will be update after Bootstrap 2.1.0 release.

Any possible future support for IE7 ?

Hi scomeau,

this was discussed before, do people need it? IE7 market share is about 3-6% (July, 2012) according to NetApp and fixing IE7 for a new stuff usually means huge performance lose. But on the other hand, Boostrap supports IE7 , so it is no problem to make it compatible too. If there will be enough demand we’ll make it IE7 compatible.

Has anyone tested this template with Bootstrap 2.1.0?

Hi mmunnis,

update for Bootstrap 2.1.0 is on the way. Currently working on it.

Really like the cleanliness – Would like to have a jquery searchable select and multi-select. Also, maybe a top bar on the logon screen for things registration links etc, along with a password reset form. Nice work.

Hi quaffapint,

standard multi-select is supported, searchable select added on the list.

I love this template and I’d like to use it in my current project. I ended the prototipe project stage and I’m searching for a template like this.

My customer doesn’t like color in this preview. As I read, this template is “available in 6 default colors” as indicated in theme details, it’s possible to see other colors? Maybe just dashboard as screenshots or other way? Would be important in decision making. I really love this, please help :)

Hi krynn30,

there are 4 colors at the moment, six is by mistake, sorry. If you are familiar with LESS than color customization is really easy. Look for @templateColor variable in /less/huraga/pixel-huraga-settings.less file. Changing @templateColor value will recolor template. Than just compille your new CSS . Color affects buttons, links, typography etc. Check out live preview, each page is in different color.

Hi – the theme looks awesome, I have downloaded it and looking for the PSD files but it is not in the folder?

Hi chillisauce,

you can find PSD files in Huraga 1.0/PSD folder. If you are looking for full PSD template – there is not. But we are working on PSD template for wireframing which is almost done – should be in next update.

I am looking to purchase, but see you are in the process of making updates for Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0, if I purchase now, am I able to get the newest update, or should I want until you release?

Hi anthonyshaw,

updates are free, you can redownload your files from ThemeForest with a newest version.

thanks WalkingPixels… I did figure that out and made a purchase last night. Great template guys! Looking forward to the updates for Bootstrap 2.1.0

Thanks a lot! Working on it

I would like to see a jQueryUI Modal Window. If it hasa sample with that I would love to purchase this template.

Hi sanusl,

sorry, no jQuery UI lib yet. But we definitly plan to implement it later, because we need it too. Since jQuery UI is really huge, this is going to take some time.

If you can guarantee that, you will be adding jQueryUI i would love to buy this template. I was looking for jQueryUI modal form.

I would like to see a jQueryUI Modal Window. If it has a sample with that I would love to purchase this template.

Any rough time frame on the update?

I assume moving to the new bootstrap and adding the other features will change a lot of code, so want to wait and not have to do a lot over again :).

Hi quaffapint,

about next week. We already have Huraga with Bootstrap 2.1.0 but there are few more new features and updates.

Hi, great theme. Is there an easy way to reference the icons; to tell what an icon is called for css?

Hi mattvot,

of course yes, directly in live preview – Goodies, at the very bottom, huge accordion.

Awesome theme, so clean & simple, yet powerful.
I found a bug with Opera & charts

Opera 12.02 Build 1578

Hi Deltac0,

thanks! Will take a look at it.

Any updates on when the Bootstrap 2.1 update will be final?

Hi taenzerme,

very soon, almost finished.

Thanks for the 1.1. update – was waiting for this to start a new project and it came in just in time. Appreciate your work! Good stuff! :)

Dude – wow! Congrats, this template is fantastic! Is there any possibility to fix the navigation on the left side (so it doesn’t scroll)?

Hi MrPepper,

yes, it is Bootstrap Affix plugin, modify js/navigation.js script. You can remove it at all or change its behavior – make it transparent for example.

I don’t know why, but in Template folder without less are not visible icons on jWYSIWYG (forms.html file – advanced tab).

In less template version it’s ok. How can I fix this?

Hi punjabik,

I’m just testing it and works fine even as local file (FireFox 15.0). Can you please inspect image sprite path? Can not imagine other reason why it is not working.

I think I find it. In huraga-green.css is hardcoded localhost http path on line 10788. There is more of this localhost paths to other images. Colorpicker, etc..

One path to jquery.wysiwyg.gif is in jquery.jwysiwyg.css too, but again wrongly pointed to Template/css/plugins/jquery.wysiwyg.gif

You have probably webserver on this http://localhost url, so you see this icons and other hardcoded images.

Thanks, will fix it.

Super uber nooob here…

Can anyone point me to a tutorial that will teach me how to tie this in with php/mysql? I bought the admin template and kinda wanna teach myself how to set it up.

Thanks in advance, guys.

Hi reynaldocolumna,

Huraga is just HTML5 template. You can modify it for CMS of your choice or build your own one. Any CRUD PHP /MySQL tutorial will work fine for you.

Never mind, already started and am learning a lot… This template is EXTREMELY WELL ORGANIZED and DOCUMENTED !! Totally RECOMMEND !

Thanks a lot reynaldocolumna!