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Hi. I want to change the brand size to accodate a different size image but the changes I make are not updating. I’m using the blue template and modifying the huraga-blue.css on line 8234 (body > header .brand).

Am I modifying the correct file?

My files are here: http://www.eastmidlandsmentoring.co.uk/2012/web-admin/dashboard.php

Many thatnks. Tony

Hi tonymead,

your implementation is using LESS version. You are editing the right part of the code but in CSS which is overwritten with LESS style (and you are not even loading any CSS styles). Load your CSS files or edit LESS .

Great. Thanks for your help, this has fixed the problem. Just getting to grips with bootstrap & less and wasn’t sure how it all linked together.

No problem Tony.

Hi. Just two quick questions.

Is there classes for styling upload file input? How style it? In forms example, checkbox is not in proper position with text. Maybe wrong vertical align? Can be this fixed?


Hi punjabik,

there is no specific styling for file input at the moment, but we plan to add it. Currently searching for reliable and lightweight plugin. If you have your favorite feel free to suggest.

About your second question, which browser and OS? But in general, Bootstrap has still few issues with form elements alignment. You can modify it as needed with CSS /LESS.

Getting some weirdness with IE9 and your demo – I’m having to reload the page a couple of times to get the functions to work. Do you notice that at all?

Hi quaffapint,

yes, working on it. It’s because data visualization script did not load on time.

I noticed one thing in Chrome: When I scroll down to the end the whole left sidebar starts to “flicker” and disappear/appear.


Hi taenzerme,

which Chrome and OS version? Thanks for reporting.


First, thanks for the excellent template. It’s really making my project look great. This is how Admin templates should be – very clean and easy to navigate.

I built my project around version 1.0. Since moving to 1.1 I get major issues with the navigation using the same HTML . The dropdown doesn’t work (thus, links don’t either). If I copy the css/img/js/less folders back from 1.0, it starts working again with no issues apart from the occasional flicker as reported by the person above too (I can live with this)*.

Can you think of any changes between 1.0 and 1.1 that might cause this? I believe the HTML is good (it’s quite basic) and it’s likely an issue between the versions due to the overwriting of folders solving the issue. If I don’t figure it out I’ll fire across an example over email, but I just wanted to check if it could be anything obvious?

In regards to the flicker, it usually happens for me when the window is resized to a small area. It’s not a hugely realistic situation for my application, but it seems to be an easy trigger. Chrome has just updated on me so version won’t be much use I’m afraid. I’ll keep an eye out and try and provide better debug details if it happens.

Best Regards

Hi GurneyMan,

first of all thanks a lot! Bootstrap 2.1.0 comes with a lot of major changes which required LESS and JS modifications. Don’t know which version are you using (CSS/LESS), so I am not able to tell exactly what has changed, but if you feel you getting lost feel free to contact our support.

About flickering, we’re investigating the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

Hi, nice work.

Same bug as reported by taenzerme. On Ubuntu, browsers: Chrome 21.0 and Firefox 15.0. When scrolling down, sidebar flickers and disappears.

Hi hectorh30,

yes yes, we are working on it. So far looks like Affix plugin issue.

Really liked the preview. Just waiting for the sidebar flickering/disappearing problem fix to buy this. Awesome work, awesome.

Hi helvalentini,

have to update Affix plugin, should be fixed today/tomorrow.

Any news on the Bootstrap issue ?

Hi helvalentini,

Bootstrap issue was closed, but we fixed it. Will be included in next update – support for Bootstrap 2.1.1 and several new features coming too.

We temporarily disable navigation scrolling because of bugged Bootstrap Affix plugin. Working on solution. Bootstrap Issue #4647


When I preview this template, the Calendar and the graphs don’t appear to be responsive. I would like to purchase it, but I need a fully responsive design. Can you please clarify?


Hi redzoe,

FullCalendar and graphs size is based on DOM rendering on page load. If you take closer look at javascript will see that is width is taken from element’s parent. In real life you don’t resize browser, but if it is problem in your case use jQuery resize event to handle width on fly.

I noticed on your demo in IE8 the css loads and then ‘disappears’ leaving a non-css rendered page.

Hi quaffapint,

I’m not sure I understand, can you please send us a screenshot. Thanks.

The theme is pretty good. I have question before I buy this theme. what kind of support you have for top level horizontal menus and side bar menus. I did not see any example in the live preview.

Could you please elaborate on this?

Hi atishay,

not sure I understand. Top navigation (the black one) is just an alternative. Simple CSS nav, no dropdowns but easy to add, you can add icons…

Great theme/templates!

Found a small bug though..

Closing a notification doesn’t work. For instance in the demo: go to the ‘Forms’ page, tab ‘advance’. There are notifications in a form. Pressing the ‘x’ in those notifications doesn’t close them. Tested in Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu.

Hi markvanherpen,

thanks for spoting. Missing bootstrap-alert.js script, will fix it.

Hi WalkingPixels,

I have yet to purchase this awesome looking Theme, however i do have one question. Do you extend on Twitter Bootstrap or have you edited the core Bootstrap files, i have had a look at the source and you only seem to include one CSS file, it looks to be a minified version, but i cant really tell if you have or not. Basically if Twitter is to release a new version, is it easy(-ish) to drop in the new Bootstrap files, fix a couple of bugs and move on?

Thanks in advance.

- Kyle

Hi kylescottmcgill,

all our Bootstrap templates are fully built on LESS . You have separated Bootstrap LESS files for easy core framework updates and separated templates LESS files. You can easily compile CSS with only components you need or full Bootstrap. Bootstrap updates may require additional modifications based on Bootstrap changes, but templates are regulary updated with lastest Bootstrap version. CSS is minified for live preview only.

Thank you for clarification :)

Does you theme display properly in IE 8 yet?


I have issue with viewing this theme on Opera.

1) After using special symbols (UTF-8) in input field, the text font changes to different one (Tahoma probably, not exactly sure). The special symbols are special letters from my language – ? , ? e.c.

2) The sidebar menu (left menu), is scrolled up on all pages. Is there any fix for this?

Hope to hear soon,


Hi patisss,

thanks for purchasing our template. Support for all our templates is handled with the WalkingPixels support forums. Feel free to create a new ticket. support.walkingpixels.com

Hey There, Great theme btw! but ive got a error with it.. add an “awe-icon” to a section like accordion it deletes me all “o/O” letters… may u can help me with it?

Like in this Sample: ill add “awe-barcode” to the classes…

<a class="accordion-toggle awe-barcode" href="#collapseFour" data-parent="#accordion1" data-toggle="collapse"> Produkte bearbeiten </a>

and the result is, i get my textline with icons but the O is missing:

“Pr dukte bearbeiten”

Hi englace,

thanks for purchasing our template. Support for all our templates is handled with the WalkingPixels support forums. Feel free to create a new ticket. support.walkingpixels.com

Bit of a newbie question but does anyone know where i can find a tutorial or information regards to implementing admin templates? I really wan to start purchasing them to use but i have no clue how i would implement it.

Thanks Gary

Hi gaznev2000,

admin templates are the same as all other HTML5 templates. It means you need your own CMS or server side code to make it work. You can not just upload it as theme. There are several articles online about implementing Bootstrap into different frameworks (php, asp.net, ruby etc).

when you click the date on the calendar, and it puts the date in the input box how do you make the calendar popup go away?

Hi number34,

you mean Date picker plugin? Plugins don’t have real functionality for demo. You can assign functions, update with ajax, close or other based on your actual use. If you click outside of the popup it will close. See docs for more info about Bootstrap Datepicker.

First off all… great and beautiful. :)

Is there any chance to add new plug-ins eg. jquery.chosen, two-column multiselect or extend layout to be properly fluid without left navigation pane?

Second… I found a bug with row-fluid and read-only fields based on span. There is .row-fluid [class*="span"] { min-height: 28px; } but should be .row-fluid [class*="span"] { min-height: 18px; }

Hi dariog,

thanks for report! Passing to devs.