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Nice themes, I really like the Event list style. GLWS :):)

I’d be interested in seeing a site running this. If you but this, post your url!


Thanks for your interest but no URLs are permitted in the comments section.


JUST WOW !!!! amazing one would soon be gettin it purchased!!

simply elegant, congrats!

Great template :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Wow dudes, this is something fierce. Awesome work as always.




it seems the build script failed to include the contact.php file, the update is ready but will need to be approved by a reviewer so, in the meanwhile, the file can be downloaded from:


just unpack the archive in the template folder.


Update was just approved, the above file is now included in themeforest package.


Fantastic work ! Wish you the best with sales :)

Great work – do you have a WP version planned


yes, we’ll start working on it next week

Excellent work! Something fresh, finally

This theme is absolutely gorgeous! I am very excited to start using it. I only have one question: how can I switch color themes? The live example has a color picker that lets me change the theme of the site, but I haven’t found any way to do this in the downloaded template.

Hi and thanks for your nice words

just add the following code


in a style block after the main style has been loaded and customize the color value to suit your needs.

don’t forget to rate the item, it can be done from your download page on themeforest ;)

Rating posted, and thanks for your help!

hi, how can I add a menu item without dropdown menue an withouth the dropdown icon. removing “” doesn’t work, the item isn’t aligned any more


add the following style block right before the closing head tag
.nav .icon-down-open-mini.disabled::before {
     content: ''; 

then, for dropdown items where you want to hide the icon, use this

<b class="icon-down-open-mini disabled" />

if you need further help, please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Hi, Really nice template. However, some icons/images aren’t visible in Safari/Mac. Is that something that can be solved?




hydra was tested in latest safari on mountain lion as well, no issues with icons or images here

PE Team,

Really amazing again! Compliments on creating something revolutionary again. At first i didn’t see the difference, but at a closer look, this is really powerful and innovative. I already was a big fan of the Mentor template, for me the most flexible template available so far, but this beats it definitively.

I am a fan of the clean and structured pixelentity code build upon bootstrap. This actually could be a seperate framework that could be used on top of Bootstrap…. Idea?

Thx for being creative!

Hey activecontent,

Thanks for your kind words, we’re happy you are enjoying your purchases. Yes I think the real power of this item’s grid component is not immediately apparent, but we’ll be using it in future releases so over time it will hopefully catch people’s eyes.

Unfortunately there wouldn’t be a big enough market for releasing a bootstrap supra framework. We feel its better to continue to create themes/templates based on bootstrap so that those people familiar with bootstrap can more easily play around with them, to achieve the look they are after.

Thanks for your continued support. Best regards,


5 stars for this great template :-) the only thing I miss is a simple option to change the language. “choose language” icons or whatever – far right to the menu. now I have them in the footer – not very intuitive – but it has to work since I’m not a programmer ;-)

Thanks for your kind words and the rating, very much appreciated

Hello! Where can i get uncompressed template.min.css?


the js and css sources are all included in the main package, if you want to use uncompressed css, overwrite the html files with the ones in the alternate/uncompressed folder.

if you need further help, please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

I am not a fan of responsive themes at all but this one works beautifully.


Great job….original, very creative and a real stand out theme!!

Thanks, appreciated