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Hi pixelentity

This theme looks lovely, great work.

I’m thinking of buying this today but have a quick query for you prior to doing so. Is changing the depth of the banner area to accommodate a larger logo a simple task and would it upset the menu system if I did?

I know its a simple question but I’d like to know before committing to the product.



That would require you to make a few CSS tweaks if the logo is taller. Keep in mind that the larger the logo, the larger the header and the more wasted space there will be (where there is no grid content) this will be especially true on mobile/tablets, so you should try to make your logo as small as possible.

If you decide to buy and are having problems making the tweaks, you can ask in our support forums for pointers. Providing its minor custom tweaks our support staff should be able to point you in the right direction.


Wow – now thats a fast response!

Thanks, I’m happy to make the CSS changes as I just know the client is going to want it larger, as long as it doesn’t upset the other elements.

Thanks also for the offer of support.

I’m confident a 5 star rating is coming your way ;)

Dear pixelentity, Is it posible galery by xml driven? I mean we are not web disegner.I know if I want to self coding my all portfolio I will be lost in ocean code :) xml make easy. my doubt If I purchased How can I modify my portfolio.I have 20 couple of wedding and 10 couple of love story and children and studio etc….. here on template each photo from one project as like I have one wedding and I put one photo of this wedding.than you don’t need modify all your portfolio just change photo but like I have situation photos of many people is it not difficult.?do I need many copy of portfolio html or just in one html and adding code? do you help when we ask about code and modify.thanks and very very nice template and it deserve 5 stars.:)


no XML, this is a template so you would need to edit the html code in order to change texts and images. It’s pretty simple but you’ll need at least a very basic knowledge of html/css (same applies to any other html template on themeforest)

Is there a way to give this template a max-width, boxed-centered, appearance? I would still like the site to scale down if the viewport is less than 900px but never exceed 900px.


it’s possible but not out of the box as you would have to customize media queries section of the template css.

Hi, are some more slider transitions possible? e.g. fading?


no, the slider is optimized for mobile and supports touch drag/swipe so slide left/right transition is the only one available.

One question. What is the hosting profile to mount the template? I want buy it!

I’m sorry for my english When i buy a web space, i have to choose hosting windows or hosting linux, mysql server, etc… What i must buy to mount your template. thanks

oh, ok, got it. This is an html template so it doesn’t need anything special (mysql not required). The only php part is for the contact form so you may want to choose linux based hosting.

is it possible adding like facebook or other social on image?


that’s not an officially supported feature so you would need to customize template js/css to add it

thanks for answer…I understand

Hi, can you please make one example in “gallery” with videolink?

Hello! My compliementi! Beautiful theme! The theme is multilingual? What interests me is that the issue can be translated into various languages. Thank you!


this is the html version, the WordPress theme can be found here:


the theme is translation ready and includes pot. If by multilingual you mean having multiple different languages at the same time, you would need to use a plugin for this feature (wpml).

In addition, you can do conaltri WPML plugin for languages??? E ‘can also enter the music!

Amazing template!!!

On mobile devices the text in the drop down “MENU…” is very dark. We’d like it brighter so it is a bit more noticeable. Can you tell us what file/line to edit to increase that to a brighter color? (we’re having a hard time trying to isolate it)

Thank you!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!!

Hi, Please head to our support forums, open a thread about your issue there. Our support team will get to it as soon as possible. http://support.pixelentity.com/

Sorry… basic question. Comming from a Flash world I’d like to start out with this template. Is the actual “data’ (different projects/images/...) comming from a MySql database, an external XML file or is it “hardcoded” in the HTML.

So does this template is selfcontainded or does it need to be set up alongside a database?

And does the licence allow for complete adapation or does it need to be used “as is”? Thanks…

Hey @rafschoen,

the data is hardcoded in the HTML files. You would have to use an editor (Notepad++, Dreamveawer…) to edit the content, so no, database is not required.

Lincence allowes you to modify the item any way you want, as long as it’s used for one website only.

P.S If you need easier content management, you can buy a WordPress version that has an admin panel: http://themeforest.net/item/hydra-fullscreen-portfolio-grid-wordpress-theme/4352507

Hi there,

Love the look and layout of this template.

I’m trying to decide which version to get, this one or the Wordpress.

I’m not that computer savvy and have no coding experience or know how. If I did get the template, is photoshop sufficient to edit the template? And how do I upload the images, etc… Is it also possible to pull images from a Smug Mug account?




If you don’t want to get your hand dirty with code, then go for the WP version. Its more for the normal user who is not code savvy. However WordPress itself has a learning curve so you will need to be familiar with it before you buy this theme. For the theme installation and use itself we have included a comprehensive user guide, which you can read.

Photoshop is only good for image editing and will be no use for editing the template. Images must be uploaded to your server manually for the template version, using the WP admin interface for the WP theme version. Pulling images from another service is not supported.


Hi, is it possible to bring back the scroll bar in the browser? Some users may not realize they need to use the arrows at the bottom to navigate or use the scroll wheel on the mouse.


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

I have purchased this HTML template and have it working. What do I need to get the blog active? It has the HTML blog page but I assume will need a blog engine. Will I need to get the Wordpress version to get the blog active?

yes, the blog will require a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine and so on. If you plan to use WordPress, it would be much easier to just purchase the wp version of Hydra.

I develop pretty much everything using the Twitter API and Bootstrap, and you guys did a good job utilizing the same.

This is my first image portfolio and it’s going to be data driven. Very easy to incorporate your template right into it.

Thank you

Thanks for your nice words, appreciated.

Hi Support I bought Hydra some time ago – it’s really super cool :-) However, I have a problem I would like to have help. the filter function – will be possible to give an image more than 1 value In the example there is, I will like to be able to Filter so you have fashion, landscape, interior and beauty – AND the opportunity to view the fashion and beauty at the same time – I can not figure out how it should be changed to suit my needs, hope you can help


you can give each (or some) portfolio item/gallery image multiple classes (like filter-fashion, filter-beauty) so they will be visible when active filter = fashion or beauty. If you need further support, please head to our support forum


Hi! Where can I change de color! I change it in style.css but it doesn’t works! Can you help me please!


please check this thread in our support forum


if you need further support, please register to our forum and continue the discussion there.

Verynice Template I give 5 stars.. And Good support team.thanks to All Team Pixelentity :)

Thanks, very much appreciated


Beautiful template! It’s absolutely amazing.

I did however, have one question… In the Item Details section above, under Intelligent Grid, it lists SAME HEIGHT GRID as one of the portfolio thumbnail display options. How do I get this to work? If I simply make all the thumbnails the same dimensions, they still display in the MIXED SIZE LAYOUT.

I appreciate your help.


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Sorry, probably should have specified, I purchased the HTML version and I was referring to the thumbnails on the portfolio.html page. Thank you!