templaza does not currently provide support for this item.

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Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thanks tagDiv :)

are you making any plans for a wordpress version? thanks

hi, it is possible to change the color from brown to green? (background )

Hi, HYEC Cafe has only one style. Best Regards,

Hello templaza,

nice template. We want now to purchase it. But why it isn´t responsive if i open it with my handy? All Smartphones show it like the Desktop Version. So how can it be fixed.

Nice Regards

Hi Cityhanau,

Please tell me your device name and browser name. I am going to check it.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi i wrote you some email details with the responsive bug. Is there a solution yet?

Best regards!


Please try with http://demo.templaza.com/j/restaurant/ and give me your opinion.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hello templaza,

i really don´t want to annoy you. But i don´t get any answere in Emails from you. I´m still waiting for an answere if there is a solution for the responsive bug.

I hope you can say if you can solve the problem or not!

Have a really nice day!!


I test on http://demo.templaza.com/j/restaurant/ and responsive working very well.

Please check it again and response me.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi, this is teplate compateble in joomla 3?

Hyec Cafe is compatible with Joomla 2.5 only right now.

Thanks, Sonny

When add article and publish in site then coordination at the site gets the overlap

Yes, Thanks you Sahafi73.

Please follow your inbox.

Best Regard,

i send cpanel plese solve problem

Thanks you Sahafi,

Please check again your email.

Best Regard,

Dear Friend! We got your admin account via email But we cannot access to it sothat we can check for you It happens 500 error You can contact with hosting manager This problem happens because of the user permission folder You can check admin account again Then, you can send it again We will check for you

Thanks and Best Regards!

Hello ,, this Template dose support RTL ?

Hello 99-sign! Thanks for your question Now, our template does not support RTL

Thanks and Best Regards!

Hello. I can’t get to see the preview for this template. Is it still out there?


starmai Author Team


Thanks for your interest in this template.

We’re so sorry that currently we have this template in the OFF SUPPORT list so we wont support it anymore. I have checked the demo and see that it was removed from the system.

However, if you want, you can still use it. I’m so sorry about this.

Thanks, Mai