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Hi I bought your theme and it seems when importing demo data the slider data is not imported – I’d like to use the way you used it. How can I get this imported? – sorry found it

I’ve responded to your rating, please respond to it so we can work a dialogue here, you’ve not even given me chance to even try to help you.


Apologies, that was wrong from my end. I had an old email associated and updated to a more recent one now – can you tell me where I can find this response. I have also amended my rating due to your support now.


I merely hoped for the chance to help you with your needs here :)

Would you like to leave a ticket where you had previously, we’ll be happy to help with any questions.


?Hi there, we have problem with Icons on our website (for our site we used Hygge Theme) and we don’t know how to solve it.

As you can notice Social Icons: https://monosnap.com/file/Hoz2VWGVwJ7JWajETXTzspQAsNOmUb and Icons in contact form: https://monosnap.com/file/IGfO8O3IxKqaJbeuPY6tnPtQGuKaAV do not display..

Is there any way you can help us? Thanks!

You can use whatever plugins you wish, but note that if you’re installing plugins that alter URLs there’s always a chance you’re going to run into issues. Just enable your plugins one by one and test to find the offender.

Thanks for info. We have checked all plugins (one by one) Did not help. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks!

Ideas for what? As I’ve said your icons.css URL is being changed and breaking the stylesheet, either you’re modifying the URLs manually or a plugin is doing it. As you can see in the demo everything is working fine with correct URLs for all items including icons.css

You will need to investigate this on your side further.

I tried to import demo data but I recieved an error message (“failed to import pa Color Green”). Plugins are installed, but I skipped the setup of WooCommerce and JetPack. How can I import demo data?

Thank you very much for your help and kindness. I followed your method and I recieve a long list of errors (e.g. “media T_1 front already exists”); I suppose that’s because the non-fallback method imported something. However, the biggest problem is that no items are listed in the “pages” and “portfolio” sections, although “media” shows your image files inside. Is this ok?

Hmmm, let me take a look at this for you – ill be more than happy to set things up :)

Head over to our dedicated support area with some logins and ill be happy to help https://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com/

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Thanks, see the private ticket I sent you!

Hi there.

My site is almost ready, but can’t see where to install or configure WPML. It is saying that we can easily use multi languages with the theme but can’t see it anywhere here or on the support website. I am starting to realize that it is not an easy process.

Can someone help?


I am not sure what is the right term used, but, I need the website in 2 other languages. So my visitors can have a link to switch languages if necessary.


Yes indeed, that would be multi-language and you need a plugin for that functionality, we recommend WPML.


Ok, I will do my magic here. Great theme by the way. Thanks!

Hi, I purcharsed the theme few days ago and I’m still customize this theme for my page. I stuck with the social media icons – I mean – how to set the icons? In the Customization -> Header Settings -> Header Icon Settings I can set the different social media icons, but where they will be visible? When I set a facebook icon I didn’t see it on the page. I also seen that on the bottom of the page I can set the social media icons, but I also don’t know how to achieve this? Could you help me?

OK, I finally found that I have to set Overrride Header: Extend Header and it works :)

Is there a way to slow down the testimonial carousel?

Hey there,

You can edit /style/js/scripts.js in the theme files, see the following field:

autoplayTimeout: 3000,


​Hi there, I have one quick question. We are trying to change author details title. Exactly this one: https://monosnap.com/file/nX47Mae3M3TY7CyLTyOaeIG2KQYCXK

We have changed (and updated file) this title in WP Editor (content-post-author.php) Here: https://monosnap.com/file/azxcbfNBMsUTLJB9DWL2f10nmw1x33

As you can see it should display “Author” not “Autor wpisu” Do you have any other idea why we can not change it and maybe you can show us different place in editor where we should make some changes? Thank you.

Hey there,

See “appearance => customise => blog settings” to change all blog option text.


Hey, thank you but I don’t see this option out there. In blog setting I see: 1. Blog Read More Text 2. Blog Index Layout Nothing more. Best,

Hi there,

When I’m in the portfolio page and clicks on an image in the gallery, nothing happens but shows this message instead “ AJAX Error! Please refresh the page”


Hi there

Il be happy to take a look at this for you. Simply head to our dedicated support area and create a ticket https://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com/ (be sure to leave a URL when doing so) and ill take a look :)

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

So just bought the plugin and followed documentation to set up demo site on my installation. Everything went well with importing data, but when i’m trying to import the slider presets i’m getting:

importing slider setings and data… no custom animations found, if slider uses custom animations, the provided export may be broken… dynamic styles imported! Error: Wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled. Go Back

Reaaally annoying.

Hey there,

If you leave a private ticket with your URL & a login, we’ll be more than happy to take a look at that for you: https://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com


Hey, I purchased your theme from the envato market yesterday but it failed to download due to virus being detected. Can you fix this?

Hey there,

There are no virus’ in the theme or documents. All files are thoroughly scanned when uploaded to Envato’s servers, what you’re seeing here is a false positive.


Good morning,

Please, ¿could you tell me how to ad job title to single_team.php page?

Many Thanks!!

Hi there

You could either edit single-team.php or simply use Visual Composer to create your single team members, which would allow you to place anything you wish :)

If you wish to edit the file, here is the code you need to display the job title

<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, '_ebor_the_job_title', 1); ?>

For further theme support be sure head to our dedicated support area and create a ticket https://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com/

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Please help, navigation menu on my site is not working anymore at google chrome browser. please check http://www.traxvideo.net/​

Hi there

You need to update your theme :) Once done this will work well.

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Hello Danny & Tom, after some updates of the theme i can not find the option where to switch off the social media links that float on the right side of the site. I want to activate only the social media plugins that are really needed. I know that my support has already expired, perhaps you may give me a hint. Thank you very much in advance! Kind regards.

Hi there

Pop this into your custom css area in the theme options and your all set :)

#share-bar {
    display: none !important;

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Great! Thanks a lot!

Hi there, how can I change the colour of the category tags?

I have purchased Hygge, I have 4 months support remaining when I check my purchase.

Purchase Date: 2018-04-02 23:04:20 UTC

Hi there

No problem, presuming its our WP version of Hygge and not the HTML version you have purchased, in that case head to our support area and create a ticket using the account you purchased our theme with (not “ninetyxdays” as it has no purchase badge) and ill be happy to help https://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com/. You will also need your purchase code also.

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Hygge rules! I am so satisfied of hygge that I bought it again for a second website, but importing demo data created problems again. Specifically, after installing Hygge (i.e. I made a clean installation of Wordpresss+Hygge, I updated plugins and then I installed demo data with auto mode), these problems occur: 1) If I view the OnePage Layout or any of the Home Layouts Demo Pages, I see the loading circle only; 2) Data seems to be there, i.e. if I edit any of the Home Layouts pages the visual composer shows page elements. However, when I view the page nothing appears except from the loading circle (and nothing loads even after 10 minutes).

I tried the fallback method then, but the problems persist. I remember that I had a similar problem with the first website on which I installed your theme. Please, can you suggest me how to solve the problem?

Hi there

Ill need a URL to offer any insight here

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Sorry, I forgot to specify it: www.tracemaker.com

Hi there

I need to take a closer look so please email me some logins via distinctivethemes AT outlook DOT com and ill take a look under the hood

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

The standard appearance of “testimonials” is white text on white background. I want to change this, but the “featured image” of each testimonial is not displayed on the background. Is there a way to change the background (at least the color) of the testimonials element in an easy way (=FROM THE DASHBOARD)? Thank you and congrats for the wonderful theme!

Hi there

Sure but you would need to edit the following within hygge/style/js/scripts.js

        items: 1,
        nav: false,
        dots: false,
        autoHeight: true,
        autoplay: true,
        autoplayTimeout: 5000,
        loop: true,
        margin: 0

Just alter ” autoplayTimeout: 5000,” as you wish (5000 = seconds between each testimonial)

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Thanks! As a WP newbie, I ask: do I need a special software (FTP client or similar) to do it or somehow I can start from the dashboard?

Hi there

FTPs are best, but you can also do this via Appearance > Edit in your WP Dashboard or via a plugin such as https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-file-manager/

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

I have some issues related to the hygge theme and its responsitivity. Generally speaking, some images of www.tracemaker.com are shown on desktop PCs but not on mobile phones:

- the timeline blog does not display some featured images on mobile phones, e.g. the featured image of “green spheres underwater”. On the other hand, some other images are displayed: How can I display the missing ones? - the image at the left of “i am … welcome on my homepage” is not displayed on mobile phones. How can I display it on mobile phones, e.g. below the “I am…” text? Please note that this section is built upon the “about the company” section of the example data of the hygge theme.

Thank you in advance!

Hi there

You add the CSS to whatever is already present

For the other “issue” – thats by design, like the demo – but if you want to force the image to display you can place this CSS in addition to any other previous CSS in your custom css area and tweak to suit your tastes

@media all and (max-width: 991px) {
    .col-image .bg-wrapper {
        position: relative;
        height: 300px;

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

It worked, as usually the support for this theme is great: thanks!

Just to understand your advice and its impact on speed (=SEO rating), I ask you what was wrong with my images. In other words, before of adding your CSS, some pictures were visualized and others – similar in size to the visualized ones – not. For instance, I uploaded as a featured image a picture with 1500×1125 px and 99 kb (‘from the backshore to the shoreface’ post), and it was visualized. An image that was almost identical was not visualized on mobile devices (1500×1125 and 98 kb: post ‘trace of the day: Thalassinoides’). Now, with the custom CSS, both pictures are visualized, but what was wrong before? I am ansking this to know if there is some ‘image optimization strategy’ to prefer (in terms of speed) to the custom CSS you suggested me.

Hi there

The issue was the posts where essentially laying on top of one another – the CSS given stops this

This has zero impact on SEO or Speed ect as the source code (which is what such things are based on) is not changed, just the styling

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

The theme is great, but I am having three issues when adding a new portfolio post: 1) If I click on ‘Add or Upload files’ in the ‘Upload Gallery Images’, nothing happens (i.e. no dialog opens). 2) If I click on ‘Add Another Entry’ in the Item section, nothing happens. 3) If I click on ‘Remove Entry’ in the Item section, nothing happens.

This problem appeared only recently, i.e. one year ago everything worked fine. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Please, can anyone suggest me how to fix the problem?

Good morning,

Head to “plugins” and find the plugin called “CMB2”, install it, this will take over some of the work our framework plugin handles and should fix this.

Cheers – Tom


hygga Purchased

Thanks, but the problem persists…


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