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Very nice all around

sweet and unique portfolio

Good job..and good luck

Thank you rock304!

Thanks revaxarts!

Really impressive, always like your work!

Would love to see this in WP form…

Thank you Cooca! Yes, WP version is in plans, but I guess it can take some time ;)

Wow. It’s absolutely perfect. The colors are beautiful and it’s so modern and elegant. Great work!

Thanks a lot WPExplorer!

Looks great. How does this work on the IPAD ?

Awesome slider and Latest work zoom effect! :shocked: Good luck

Thank you temash!

Nice! but where for IE6 ?

Thank you Eggy! Unfortunately only version IE7 .

hi I’m thinking of buying this but are you aware of an issue with IE – on the final menu item “Features” you cannot select anything from the menu that appears because the menu turns off before your mouse reaches any menu item

Hi, We fixed bugs, the template is queued in Themeforest. Demo page is already improved. If you buy a theme now, we can send you a revised version via email. Contact us via our contact form: http://themeforest.net/user/rascals

excellent, Ive bought it and will contact you for the updated version :)

Hi, check your mailbox, now you should have a new template. We thank that you waited.

Your design does not work on iPhone and Ipad, as your header navigation, disappears, when you scroll down. Happen on Safari and Atomic Web browser for iPhone and iPad. WHen/If you correct that error, I will buy your template :-) Have a nice day

Hi, We fixed bugs, the template is queued in Themeforest. Demo page is already improved. If you buy a theme now, we can send you a revised version via email. Contact us via our contact form: http://themeforest.net/user/rascals

Live preview (online) edition of the theme has the same problem as described before. No header menu when you scroll on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

We tested on iPhone 3gs and Header is moving with delay. It is an only solution now we have for Safari Web browser. A lot of mobile browsers deliberately do not support position:fixed; on the grounds that fixed elements could get in the way on a small screen.Try once again on iPhone.

Woww impressive work ! I dream of a white version…

Thank you nicodweb, if we can find some free time, then think about the white version. Stay tuned!

please pm me as soon as the ie fix is made want to purchase asap is demo content included so all the working parts are in place thanks

Pure jQuery, you can use it only in this template.

I meant the single image itself did you create it or is there a plugin for photoshop that allows you to take all those images and make that blue mosaic photo. thats cool

We didn’t create this image therefore we don’t have the reply to your question. We downloaded this picture from envato’s photostream.


We hope that link will help you.

Wow. Great Theme!

Thank you :)

Great template. Very nice work. A few questions please. First, I do not like the header to be fixed. Is it possible to change it so that the header will scroll down the page? Also, I see the first few featured photos zoom when hovering. Great effect. But the photos below get greyed out when hovering. However I like the clickable text coming into the photo frame. Would it be possible when hovering to have the photo zoom and have the text enter the frame instead of having the photo get greyed out? And can the text be repositioned within the photo frame so it is lower so the photo can be seen easier when it zooms? Thanks very much. p.s.- as said before a white version would look amazing.

I Like this template alot. Very nice work. I have a question though. I am unable to see the images I made for the Big Slider on the home (index.html) page which I created to replace the stock images that came with the template. Below is what I did:

Just as a test, I made a 960×480 JPEG and then named it lightbox_image_960×480.jpg and also slider01_960×480.jpg (as well as slider02_969×480.jpg and so forth for 03 and 04 that came with the template. I then replaced the 5 stock images in the assets folder for them.

I then brought up the index.html in IE 8 and the images I replaced in the assets folder do not appear. I cleared the cache as well.

I am probably missing a step here since I am no expert and a relative newbie at this stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks alot!!

Of course we will help you, but send to us your question again through our contact form http://themeforest.net/user/rascals (bottom of the right column), we will respond as fast as possible.
Send us following data:

- Your problem/request
- Url to your installation
- Please also add our conversation here (especially your request) for easier reference

So you are just going to answer the person before me and the person after me and completely ignore my questions? I simply want to know if the header has to be fixed or can I tweak it so that it moves like normal, and if I can use the zoom feature on the photos yet still have the text enter when hovering like the bottom pics and if that text can be moved around. Are those unreasonable questions to ask or something? Maybe I am being unreasonable, I dont know-

Hello Romantic,

Sorry, but we had to miss your comment. We do not want to ignore comments, we can sometimes overlook something.

1. Do you want the header does not float on the screen? Yes you can do this in a very simple way. Write to us when you purchase the template – we can help you.

2. If you know a little bit of javascript / html you will have no problem with that.

Are you planning on making a wordpress version of this? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Are you planning on making a wordpress version of this? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Hi, yes, we think about it, we want to the theme was released in May. Stay tuned!

How is the sent message in Contact made? Is it possible to distribute messages to futher emailboxes? And from where in the code does you set it up? I got your theme from a client who bought the theme, and who asked me to look further into the details, before we will work on it.

See in theme documentation, you will find contact form script name and his locations. We used the standard PHP mail() function, you can read more here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php

Need Urgent help with theme, The services section will not align properly. Rascals Please contact me asap @ dgionline10@gmail.com. Thanks

Best of the best themeforest design ! Please make wordpress version!

Hi, thanks, I’m glad that you like our template, in May we want to make Wordpress version. Stay tuned!