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Sickest theme I’ve seen yet! As soon as the WordPress version comes out, I am buying it! Can’t wait.

Thank you and stay tuned!

When i click on the view case study … it goes to the home page (first screen)

so is there where the case study for the project would be ?

Hello, Of course this is possible, you just replace the links.

Thank you AiA!

Great theme – awesome layout and colors….I have one question regarding the portfolio section. Is there a way to remove the “all” section and make the next button active so that only the items in the 2nd section are active in the portfolio at first?

I have about 60 items that I want in the portfolio so I don’t want them all showing at first – I want to show 8 – 10 and then have visitors click on the other buttons to show the items.


Thank you, We emailed you back with some details. If you have any other problems or need further assistance you can email us via our profiles page contact form.

Awesome build!

Thank you!

Greetings, I am loving this design. My one question pertains to the fonts used. I do see the fonts used in the design for the demo images nor the cufon. How would I go about getting those fonts?

A font about which you are asking is Calibri. (Default Windows font)


There I am trying to install this theme, but keep getting the error message that the is broke when trying install it via wordpress admin. I looked on the documentation, but no install help there.

Please can you advise ASAP !

Thanks Hugo

Hello Hugo, Hypax template will not work on WordPress, because it is a Site Template. You bought HTML theme, Hypax is only in html version.

Sorry I did not know about this. Can you please sort out a refund?

I am looking for something to work with word press. Is there a theme like this for word press?


Unfortunately, but probably will not be possible, because you’ve downloaded the file. You could always try to write to Envato and ask for help.

Awesome work!

Get in touch with me if you need help with versions for Wordpress or any other CMS ;)

Thank you, ok good to know thanks.

Good Job !

Just a problem for me !

If i click print in portfolio, i think it’good idea to have just tumbails of print !

Not all. Can you say me how can i do ?


Hello, thank you!

Please ask questions via our contact form. If you have any issues please drop us a mail with the following data via our profiles page contact form http://themeforest.net/user/rascals (bottom of the right column), we will respond as fast as possible:

- Your problem/request
- Please also add our conversation here (especially your request) for easier reference

Does this slider have no automatic sliding? Meaning you HAVE to click to advance the slides? Surely this can be set to automatic!

Edit.. nevermind I see the js file that controls that.

Can flash be used in your r-slider?

Hello, i like to purchase this beautiful template. But i do need additional characters like ÄäÖöÜüß etc.

Is this possible with the template? If so i´m going to buy it right now


Hello, of course it is possible, as you purchase a template, please contact us through our contact form.

On the Showcase page what does the prev/next do? on your sample it does nothing!

Its hard to make a purchase when not getting any answers for days..

As said Blixnet – you can add your own links to your projects.

Please check your email because we send you the answer to your questions.


“On the Showcase page what does the prev/next do? on your sample it does nothing!”

There you can add additional pagelinks

Ok, I contacted Racals about exactly what gmdpickett asked about above, not showing “everything” at first view. Rascals said it can be done and emailed to gmdpickett about it. I too have the same question, emailed and asked about it and the response is: This template does not include option which you asked. If you have no knowledge of HTML / JavaScripts you will have difficulties with the implementation of this.

I do have some knowledge of js/html, can it be done or no without practically rewriting the whole js for it?

Is there someone else who managed to do it or can atleast point me to where the js call is made to render the “everything” view?

Hi, thank you!

On the news item, there should really be either a scroll capability or when you click next/prev it should definitely not go 1 item at a time! The prev/next button should advance the items in the bar the number shown.. as it is right now, one at a time through say 70 news items is NOT GOOD .

Any plans to make this iPad/Touch compatible? It functions poorly currently.


Of course we want to solve this problem at next upgrade. We think that next week will be a new version containing the fix.

If you want to have the latest news you can follow us on Twitter. Stay tuned.

is there a .js file for the twitter feed? If not any suggestions on adding this functionality?

There is no additional plug-ins in the template is just a styled list. Possible that the next update we’ll add a plug.