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I have about 60 items that I want in the portfolio so I don’t want them all showing at first – I want to show 8 – 10 and then have visitors click on the other buttons to show the items. Thanks

can you email me this information too?


Thank you!


We emailed you back with the solution to this problem. If you have any other problems or need further assistance you can email us via our profiles page contact form.

Hey Rascals, nice work, but it´s possible to make an gallery page? a lots of thumbs with a lightbox or something?

and beside i have the same problem of Akuma1x

can you emailme the solution too?

thanks a lot!

Hello sorry for delay, please send your question again through our contact form on our profile page. We will send you ready-made solution for multiple images in a single portfolio.

exits light version? thank you!

Unfortunately, but not, at this moment we are working on Wordpress version. Production light version, depends on the sale on.

Is it possible to add a video (youtube,vimeo) instead of jpg in Slider section?

Hello, You can add a video only through lightbox.

All of my comment have been deleted? Is the portfolio updated so that the lightbox link plays the youtube videos?!

Hello, I do not know whether your comments were deleted. Only the moderator can delete comments. Upgrade is already available on ThemeForest. 1.0.1

Rascals, love this theme

BUT I am unable to install the zip folder and there is no other zipped folder inside to select and upload for a theme.

Please help



A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix. Please follow the steps below to rectify this issue or watch the screencast.

Pease, watch this screencast: http://wiki.envato.com/buying/support-buying/solving-broken-theme-issues/

Hi and thanks for the great theme. I encountered some issues with resizing thumbnails and other portfolio display gimmicks..I’ve sent you an email through your form, hope to her from you soon.. Best Spexis

The portfolio part is weird..how can you separate each item? I don’t want pictures from other boxes showing when I’m in another box…frustrating!

I think I kinda figured that part out, but now the last images are repeating in each item..sigh

Okay, this theme is very buggy! I tried to edit the slide timer etc and it just goes crazy! I’ve spent the whole day working on this theme…it has so much potential and I want to use it but its just too buggy. From images repeating in the portfolio, slider going insane…

Ok, slider seems to be stable now for some reason, my current problem is the images repeating in portfolio..sorry for the posts.

Hello Would you send me the exact codes that are shortcode on the homepage so I can just replace it with my writing?

Thank you.

Hi, I tried to include the the search widget to the template. No worries, it works. But…

it searches only on “blog” posts, not pages nor portfolio elements and so on.

I found that query.php searches everywhere, with $q[‘post_type’]=”any” and not “post”.


For some reason the purchased badge isn’t showing up on your comment. If you could contact us through our profile page here so we can verify the purchase we’d be happy to help.

Sure, I was wrong on commenting. I bought the premium template, not this one. I’ll try to reply comment on the other template. Thanks and sorry

Great theme and by far the best suport received on themeforest!

First of all REALLY GREAT WORK , Before buying the theme I want to ask you how can I change the timer of the home slider so it is in Automatic and how can i use another font?

Thanks in advance and congratulation for your work Cheers mate

Hello and thank you,

It is very easy. Of course, to answer your questions if you buy our template. We will send you response with a solution.

Lovely theme. Have a client it would be perfecto for. Any news on the Wordpress Theme-ability for this theme? Thanks!

Please disregard that last comment. I see that’s already done. My mistake; apologies. Most excellent work!

Is it possible to have two carousel’s on the same page? I tried it but the next and previous buttons controlled both carousel’s at the same time. Do I need to know java to make this work or is there a simple solution? Fantastic theme by the way!!!


You must define a new slider in js/custom.js

Thank you!