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I have a magazine in the apple newsstand and though I have iphone friendly versions created, is there anyway to get the theme adapted to use an ipad throughout? Cheers, I look forward to buying it either way.

Hi, you can replace the images with ipad mockups, for example you can get free mockups here:

Awesome thanks!

Can you make this available in black?

I`ll take it into cosideration when I`ll be doing next update.

Hello, I am new to envato, just writing in to check whether we can change the video on the landing page to another one of our choice?

Hi, yes you can change it :)

@GratitudeLove I`m trying to contact you, via e-mail, respond to your e-mails but I`m getting error message: <>: host[] said: 521- blocked by 521 DNSRBL: Blocked for abuse. See (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

I hope you will read this, I dont have any other way to contact you.

Hi, Thanks for this theme, i am currently using it for my upcoming iOS app

The app is called 1ine messenger by the way if you want to check it out :) , awesome theme!!!

Thanks mate and congrats for your customisation:) be sure to rate Hype if you haven`t already.

Congrats it looks amazing.

Are you planning to pop in a contact form?

Interested :)

Yes, I`ll include a contact section in the next update :) Thanks for suggestion.

Yep a contact form and possibly adding 2 links at the top of page – Blog and Contact ;) Also interested.

Contact form – yes in the next update, links on the top of the page – maybe, I need to check if they fit there.

Hi, I have purchased the theme but SVG icons are not showing. please help

Please check out the documentation.

Hi Shegy,

very nice theme!

I was wondering if I am able to add an additional field in addition to the email? I would like to add a name field as well. Is that something I can do myself fairly easily?

Thanks! S.

Hi, newsletter form is set to save emails in txt file, and if you would like it to stay that way it will be problematic, but if you would like to connect your form to, for example, mailchimp it should not be a problem to add another field to the form.

Thanks Shegy much appreciated

no problem :)

Hi Shegy, I just bought the template, is really amazing. Im customizing, my only problem are the icons, I have 15 personalized icons and need put it in the template, I am reading about it but is too difficult to me (im graphic designer, zero code!), Dou you have any tutorial about this?

Thanks you very much, and congrats again! The page is fabulous!

If you have your own icons, not in svg format you need to replace the existing svg icons with yours in example jpg format. Just delete the <svg>...</svg> in the places where icons are and put with your icons there, then you will need to do some css work. When customising html/css template you need to have basic coding knowledge. :) If you want you can hire me to do the customisation, contact me contact form on my profile page.

Shegy, i am above to purchase the template, is it a wp-template? or pure html?


Hi, it is pure html/css :)

Hi, I kept on having this message when I publish my the page :”an error occurred while processing this directive” ... can you help me fix it please!

Hi, it is cosed by your server configuration but you can address this issue by deleting all comments from html files. Comments that look like this one:

<!-ABOUT #########################->

Is there a way i can add another section?

Like section 1 and 2, i want to duplicate it

Yes you can duplicate them but it will also require some work with html, css and js files. You need to change id`s of the copied sections and animations in js file and also work with css file to add the styling to the duplicated sections. It will require some basic html/css/js skills.

Hi Shegy!! when you think that this new update of this theme? the truth I want to buy but want to know if the issue after updates are due or are free for those who already bought it.

:) Thank you for you time and answers!!

Hi, I do not have a release date for next update, it will propably be in next 2 weeks. It will add contact section. It will be free for everyone who bought Hype already. Customers will recive an e-mail with update notification an then can redownload the template. The new package will be updated one.

For now I do not plan to add any other stuff and I`ll do the update this way that it will be fairly easy to just copy and paste some code in several files to add contact section to your existing site.

Thank you very much!!! :)

Hi Shegy, great theme, going to spend the day on it today. This may sound odd but is there a way of stripping out the SVG icons ? seems a lot a lot of code for a few images ?, unless I’m looking at it wrong but i have +2000 lines of code for about 12 icons !! [if I’m being stupid let me know, its the only way ill learn :)]

Hi, the 2000 lines of code is for more than 130 icons, if you want to strip them just delete all unused svg codes – you will recognise them by id`s

Thanks, Done. One more query tho – while using it on a mobile phone [iphone in this instance] i felt it was a little laggy waiting on the animations to kick in – i.e. they start once you scroll to it – is there a way of speeding this up or preloading the entire page. I fear some users may bounce away due to this !

There is no way to speed things up :( Mobile safari is set to freeze all animations until all touch based scroll is done. For now the only thing I can think of is to disable the animations for mobile devices.

If you want I can come up with a solution to do that but I`m very busy at the moment and will have time for that next week.

Hi Shegy,

I am mainly using this template to link from my apps and use in order to get subscribers to sign up to my email list. However, the site does NOT scale properly on a Windows Phone. I am having problems with half of the content on the right hand side not showing up at all. There are several comments in the template that cause an error message when I upload the template. However, with these comments in, the template appears to scale perfectly on my Windows 8 Phone. When I delete the comments, the template only loads the right side of the content on my phone. Any ideas what the issue is?

Hi can you send me a link to you onlineversion? comments should not cose any problems all. You can send the lnk here in the comments or contact me via e-mail:

Hey Shegy, The problem is only on Windows Phone as far as I know. It works great on other devices and on my PC. I will email you shortly. Thanks

email sent

Hi how are you doing chief? Is there a way to make the page load a bit faster? It takes a good amount of time to load and that’s not good to generate leads. Let me know what you can do to help this matter! Thanks Mate!

There are some things to do to make your page load faster. All of them should be done after customisation. It will be best if you send me a link to your website on I`ll check it and propose some simple solutions to speed it up.

I really liked this theme.

I wish to create website for my mobile application (available for iOS and Android both).

Is there any way, I can showcase both app together.

Hi, It is not a problem. With this template I`ve included psd files for all mockups you can see on live preview and you can mix them to your liking. So you can make that for example on the “home page” there is one iPhone and 2 android phone. The same is true for rest of the mockups.


@Shegy Awesome template, really love it! Clean code, nice documentation and perfectly prepared layered PSDs. Great job – definitely 5+ stars.

If anybody is having hard time changing some chunks of code, just look into the provided documentation (Help files within your download package) and you can pretty much customize everything your way, just play around with it a little bit.

Little help for anybody struggling with the fade-in-delay of the section-elements

I wanted to change the delay for the #about, #features_1, #features_2, etc. sections, to have them blend in little faster on scroll_down, expecting to find a (webkit)-animation-delay argument – which seems only to be set for the .spinner class – which was confusing.

After realising what the offset-argument for animations actually does (offset is calculated with relation to the whole viewport) – I’ve discovered this can be done by altering the offset-values in main.js / Animations. By the author-setting, all animation-offsets are set to 50%, reducing or increasing this values will slow it down or speed it up, as it’s changing what part of viewport is necessary to start the animation.

Cheers from Vienna!

Wow, Thanks for such a kind words mate! and thank you for input about the animation offset – it works exacly like you described.

One thing to mention here is that the animation-offset (set by default on 50%) will delay the start of animation. The duration of the animation can be also manipulated but this is little trickier – can be achived by css manipulation. More info abut this can be find here: