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This template is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats The only reason why I am not buying it is because I need the phone to be in Landscape (my app only works in landscape).

If there’s a way to fix this, do please let me know and I will definitely buy it.


oor Purchased

When javascript is disabled site does not seem to load. Any change you can implement a fix for this?

Hey man,

Thanx for the nice template! When uplaoding on my server and try to use the “newsletter form” i got this message :

Thanks, we will be in touch! ”; } } else { die(‘no post data to process’); } ?>

And nothing is writing inside the “email.txt” Do you have a solution?


Hi Shegy,

Any tip to increase the page speed? http://sonhodejoia.com.br Help me, please.

Thank you

Hello! quick question, is it possible to re-order the sections?

Regards Andy

oh, I can’t find how!?

did you purchase the template? please contact me using my themeforest profile

Hello Shegy, Yes I did, I’ll send you a link, thanks!


I’m trying to take a look on the mobile version but is not possible:



is it not loading? what is happening when you open it?

Hello Shegy, sometimes is working sometimes not. Yesterday I could enter to the websit, but now the problem is back. The site is not loading and I only can see the 3 green dots at the screen. Thanks Shegy.

Maybe it is something with your internet connection, I have checked the site on several mobile devices, including iPhone 6 and it was working fine. Until now nobody has reported that problem.

Great theme! My question is why does it show smashed together images in Firefox when you scroll down. And the up and down arrows do not show properly in Safari. You assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

please send me a link to your site, just checked the live preview on safari and firefox and everything looks fine

Hello, will you update for iPhone 6?

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme through the company I work for, I’d like to add a sidebar menu (toggle burger icon menu and once you click you have all the pages) Any suggestion? Thanks ;)

Support? What support? I reached out to this guy twice now and no response. Nowhere to be found when I needed him, just false promises. Be warned, depending on your implementation your site can take over 5 seconds to load. Overall, my first experience at themeforest and a pretty bad one. I do not recommend this theme.

Is it possible to run as a local application in android?

Is it possible to remove all animations?