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Incredible as always B Good luck with sales :)


Brandon, c`mon, you should stop posting awesome files! Give a chance to other authors too ;)

P.S. just kidding, awesome file!

Haha – I’ll take that as a compliment ;) Thanks mixey!


PS: DO we see a preview of the email template? ;)

Sure do!! Clever eye :) I have two email templates in the initial launch of the category (no idea when Jeffrey will give the green light) – some of my marketing templates are included in this template as a sneak peek, but you’ll have to wait to see the full versions.

Thanks for the comment!

I saw your wrote a pos on your blog about ‘Atlantica Mail’ a while back. That’s gonna be a bestseller.

I'm a big fan of your work, gonna buy one of your templates, but I'm having trouble deciding which. Which one do you suggest I buy first?

Wow thanks!

My favorite at the moment is my Atlantica Wordpress template… but I have a few others coming out soon (Pacifica for Wordpress should be out later on today) that I like even more.


I’ve been waiting to see this one for a while now! Saw it first on your twitter account, glad to see you’ve begun to release these. When will it be out as an HTML template? Are you doing Wordpress for this one?

Anyways, incredible work as always – thanks for the consistently top notch products Brandon!

:) Thanks for the kind comments as always Alaire! (and thanks for following me on Twitter !)

Wow! This looks really great – $10 is a steal for this kind of quality work. Are you releasing an HTML or Wordpress version in the future? If so, you can definitely add me to the list of buyers. Can’t wait to check out more of your products.

Wow thanks! Glad you like it, check out my Portfolio Page for more of my products.


wow another amazing template design Brandon.

Thanks Kevin – it’s much appreciated! It’s nice to have a few people that always check out my products and drop a note :D


oh so nice, fresh, beautiful and EVERYTHING ! good luck dude!!!

Glad you like it, thanks a lot!

awesome, awesome, awesome your the best

Thanks for the compliment Mabuc :)

Thanks for all of the positive comments everyone! It’s seriously appreciated – The HTML version is coming out this next week (give or take a few days). The Wordpress version should be right behind it – depending on the level of positive feedback and the time of production, it should be ready in about a month :)


Love it! Where did you find so beautiful photos?

They are a combination of the Flickr Creative Commons library and my own personal portfolio (I’ve been a photographer and illustrator for over 5 years now, lots of images to pick from).

very nice epicera!!

Wow, very cool and stylish.

I’m waiting impatiently for your html or – better – Wordpress version :-D This would be mine ;-)


Waiting for the Wordpress version.

Nice and clean design! I’m waiting for WP version ;)

Great job.

Still waiting for the wordpress version.


Do you really plan to release a xhtml/wordpress version?

Regards, Ruy Rocha.

Yep – got a little held up with the latest Email Category launch that required some last minute changes in scheduling, but this is coming in the next week or two :)

Just I cant wait for the wordpress release!

Nice! Thanks a lot for the link :) Keep an eye out for the Wordpress version later this month!

No problem, I’m subscribed to the rss feed so I’ll definitely see it ;)