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Very nice Brandon, and a good way to promote MT ;)

Thanks! The ad there is just a placeholder of course, I’m not getting a referral out of it :) I’m just stoked on MT’s service so far, so it’s fun to promote a good host like this.

I know, i am a MT guy to ;) Great company

this is very nice…

Thanks mabuc!

The hover effect on the navbar doesnt seem to e working correctly. This is on FF3 .

Not sure what you are referring to – the hover effect is working just fine on all of my test computers/browsers. Care to send me an email with more details so I can check it out?

This dkjkfdg

Nice one Brandon. Professional as always:)

Thanks :)

Another great Template from you Brandon. Great Job!! :)

Thanks Kevin – Wordpress version is coming very soon on this one too, granted that the HTML performs well :)

Beautiful work – the standard is so high here now!!

Well done. Bookmarked.

Thanks :) And yes, the standard for a successful design has really gone through the roof over the past several months, which I think is great!

Thanks for all of the early comments everyone! Glad to see everyone like this one :)

I gotta say , the typo look stunning. I really like the quick link too.

And thanks for not using the cu3er on the homepage :)

Hah! Funny comment – I have a cu3er template coming out soon though, but I think it takes a dramatically different take on it :)

Thanks for the comment Dany!

Oh no don’t do that :)

BTW I would like to see a new “portfolio page” design from you , more complex maybe. Just like that :)

Thanks for the idea… I’ve been debating about it for a while now – the conflict being that lots of buyers are actually looking for a simple, straight forward thumbnail gallery like this. That said, I’m always open to new ideas, so maybe I’ll start offering alternate advanced galleries in future templates. Thanks DD! :)

Nice job once again!

Hi, I’m on a 1900×1200 laptop, latest firefox.

On top left strip, maybe 100 pixels in or so, i see a black vertical slice like somethings shifted.

edit: i only see this on the dark blue default theme ( live preview button). Every page except the home.

Fixed :) It just just a 3px slicing issue that made it past my quality testing. Thanks for the notice!

Hi, I don’t find the main layout PSD file in .zip file.

I actually just re-uploaded the download file which includes the full PSD (I foolishly left it out the first time around). Check it out again in a few minutes – as soon as the reviewer approves the new .zip, the full PSD will be there along with all of the other sliced PSDs :)


This is great nice work.


Great to finally see it online Brandon! :)

As usual, great template! Good luck with your sales! :)

Thanks Philo! I always enjoy working with you on projects like this :)

amazing job!

Hello, I’m very impatient to see the Wordpress version … Very nice job !

It’s coming soon! Thanks for asking :)

HI, Great template but i have probleme with IE6 . The jquery slider on index.html not funzione. You can see it here

Thanks for the note – I’ve actually just uploaded a patch that will fix this – hang tight for the reviewers to approve it, and you’ll be good to go :)

Hello, very nice design! What is the font you used for the logo? I have seen it before but I cannot recognize it. Thanks so much!

Yes, great template! But where is the patch to fix the slider? Is it somewhere within a file and if so, which file?