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you theme looks really great, I have just two questions about the image gallery section:

1) It is possible to make smaller widths of columns, so there will be more images in the same space?

2) What will happen if there will be, say, 200 thumbnails in the gallery? Will it still work reasonably fast or will there be some pagination or “Load next” button or something like that?

Thank you in advance, Vit

Hello Vit and thank you!

1) Yes it is posible. Take a look on website made using our theme: http://www.trizticphotography.com/

2) It will load more thumbnails when scrolling (Lazy load)

With Regards Daniel

Hi! First of all. Congratulations for your theme. I already use it for over a year and I’m happy with it.

This been said, I would like to know if there is a way to put some kind of verification code for sending messages. This would help to prevent a lot of spam.

Thanks again for the great work!

Hello Gevan and thank you! :)

You can install the contact form 7 (https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/) and create your own custom contact form with the CAPTCHA.

With Regards Daniel


I would like to check if I can make a page to display all the albums with names? And I can put password for some of the albums? Example of what I want is found at the below link: http://gallery.helloforever.com.sg/


Hello Alijans

1. Sorry it is not possible without custom modifications.
2. Yes you can use password: http://hypershot.apollo13.kinsta.com/album/mixed/

With Regards Daniel

Hi, I bought this theme and it looks great. However I have a question about it: When I click on the Facebook share button and post it on Facebook it keeps using the same image all the time and not the relevant image to the post/image.

Is that an error or did I forget to adjust some settings?

Hello Richard and thank you!

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Remember to send us link to your webiste.

With Regards Daniel

Dear apollo13,

With every update I have to translate the field tags (Name, Subject, Message and so on) in the \advance\utilities.php

I already copied \advance\utilities.php to the child theme folder, but it still looks at the file in the parent theme.

How can I set my personal settings for utilities.php in the child theme and never look at it again?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, mijnals

Hello Mijnals

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

With Regards Daniel

Just wondering where / what file do you modify to have thumbnails square similar to the example here ?


Its ok I found the section to change these settings

Hi, is it WPML compatible? tx

Hello Papyjam

Sorry it is not but you can follow our profile hereon the themeforest because right now we’re working on the new photography theme with tons of new options (including woocommerce).

With Regards Daniel

hi ,id like to know ,when i buy the theme if you send the photos in the demo ,to use them for study purposes,,,,,no comercial thnks

Hello Carvilweb

Yes of course, it is included in the demo data.

With Regards Daniel

Hi! I have a problem. If you look my site “www.giuseppemorales.com” i have a problem in the page “editorial”. If I try to add new images with “add media” nothing happened in the page. I never had this problem before. Can be a trouble cause new wordpress version? thank you very much for support

Hello Peppemorales

You must visit our support forum and make a new thread because we dont have reports from other users about your issue.

With Regards Daniel

thank you! I will do :)

Hi. I downloaded what was supposed to be upgrade to version 1.9.2. However it is the same version I already had. Where can I get that last version?


Hello Lalouetto

Which files you’ve downloaded: “All files & documentation” or “Installable WordPress file only” ?

Because im sure we sent the right files and i tested few minutes ago “All files & documentation” and it contains the right version.

Please download the “All files & documentation” and upack this file & try to install the theme from this package.

With Regards Daniel

Hi apollo.

Yes, now the installable is 1.9.2.. However, when I try to install it, it says “Destination folder already exists….” and “Theme install failed.”. I am using the child theme. Should I upgrade in another way?


Hello again Lalouetto

You must install the “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades” plugin. More about it in our documentation: http://apollo13.eu/docs/hypershot/#!/installation_update_update_theme

With Regards Daniel

Hello , how do you hide the numbers of the lower photo pages with sliders? I can not do it in my home page Thanks a lot , this theme is beautiful !!! Andrea .

Hello Andrea and thank you so much!

Here you have more info about your request: http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/638/hide-number-in-album-/p1

With Regards Daniel

is it wpml compatible? (I need to build my website in 3 languages.)


Album you mentioned has numbers, just hidden under thumbnails. In each album you have option to enable thumbnails and to show them on load, or after clicking in “squares” in footer. To disable numbers -> http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/638/hide-number-in-album-/p1

Search > there is option in Hypershot theme> Appearance -> Customize header -> Switch on/off header search form

With kind regards.

ok. thanks. and a last question : my home page is a album list Bricks. Is it possible to interchange the Bricks. For instance with this website http://www.lezardiere.net/ if I want place the brick “indoor” at the left and the “outdoor” at the right”? thanks

Hello Papyjam

You can do this by changing the date of creation or using one of the sort plugin like this one: “Simple Custom Post Order”.

With Regards Daniel

Question: Is there a way to remove the grey pattern overlay on albums? I can’t get it to work. Question 2) The albums are really really slow, especially on mobile. Is there a way to have them load faster, I made sure the files were small. Here’s a link to one of the galleries http://jamiegladdenphotography.com/genre/boho-beauty/

Or can I just have the albums auto play without having to click on a title page?

nm. Figured it out!

Hello Jamie

1) Please visit this thread and you will find the answer: http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/1006/mouseover-darker-thumbs-in-slider-album-and-brick-theme-to-normal-thumbs/p1
This is the most important part:
.albums .cover{
    background-image: none;

2) I tested your site on my android phone and it works very good. It works also very good on my desktop. Have you tried to test on multiple devices?

With Regards Daniel

Since I have 2 licences for this theme, may I ask what are the latest updates for? you haven’t updated your log so I need to know if it is worth to update the theme. thanks!

Hello Webalizeit

Yes, you’re right we forgot about this description. Thank you for pointing this!
Hypershot 1.9.7(24.03.2016)

-Better working of Zooming transition in Album slider by adding TweenMax library(+100KB of code when using it) 

With Regards Daniel


What is the most compatible ecommerce plugin with Hypershot?

Thanks; Xosé

Hello Xosé

Sorry but i have to disappoint you because this theme was never designed to work with the ecommerce. Of course you can try to install woocomerce but we cant give you warranty it will look good.

With Regards Daniel

Hi, I just bought this theme and I think that it is such a wonderful product, I only have one question tho, is it possible to make the layout of the categories page be similar like the homepage? Where you have all the thumbs in multiple columns rather than the single column in the category page? Looking forward to your quick response. Thanks

Do you have any email where I can send the screenshot?

Use the PM on the profile page (https://themeforest.net/user/apollo13)

I would like the category page layout which currently looked like this https://snag.gy/pica6Y.jpg to be similar to the homepage layout like this https://snag.gy/sP8QDY.jpg

Hello, just a quick question. It the theme compatible with WP 4.7. We would like to update our installation to the new WP. Since there are no updates of this theme for a while I’m asking this obvious question ;-) Please let us know asap so we can proceed….

Hello Rborsato

Yes, you can update your wordpress :)

With Regards Daniel

Something weird is happening, on protected galleries (only on mobile media). When entering the password we get a 404 error. Please can someone help me out on this one?

Hello :-)

If you have account on our support forum then please come there and I can take a look.

If not, I would suggest disabling all plugins and test if issue still happens. Also try changing permalinks to default and check again.

With kind regards.