Discussion on HyperX - Responsive Wordpress Portfolio Theme

Discussion on HyperX - Responsive Wordpress Portfolio Theme

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got a error at royal-core plugin since i updated my server to php 8 (i have to do):

Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /homepages/44/d232008776/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/royal-core/royal-core.php on line 2571

any solution?

Hi. I’ve been having this issue for quite some time already but I didn’t receive any response on email for almost two months. (Except for the first one that asked for screenshots) For some of my portfolio and blog page, they didn’t show the related posts below. Can you guys please look into this? Thank you.

Still love the product!


I also got issues after the recent plugin updates: WP Bakery doesn’t load anymore. It doesn’t recognize the previous site layout. So editing is not possible anymore.


zuzescu Purchased

Hi and thank you for this beautiful theme. Unfortunately, after the recent plugin updates, Wp Bakery doesn’t load anymore. I’ve cleared cache, disabled / enabled all plugins, selected another theme and set HyperX again, but nothing works. Any advice? Thank you.

Hello, I have a question regarding the mountain image that is in Hyper-X’s slick theme design. My customer has been warned by a German lawyer and fined 3700. Because in the bloq page and in the gallery slider this mountain image is callable by ULR. Although we have never used the bottom page. The lawyer and the assigned picture agency: https://www.imageprofessionals.com/en/images/71089778-Hiker-enjoying-the-last-sunshine-near-Falzarego-Mountain-Pass-in-the-background-on-the-left-Marmolada-and-on have only the copyright for Germany. We are of course very angry about this, because we never put the page live. Best regards from Germany, Markus

Hi, these image was removed from the latest theme version due to the copyright issues, please remove it from your site and use other image.

Yes exactly, we didn’t use the image, it was as a placeholder on the Gallery slider. Although the page was only accessible via the URL, we now have licensing problems with a German lawyer and they are very expensive. Meanwhile the image is already deleted, but still my customer has to pay over 3.700€. This would not have happened if you would have used royalty free images in the theme, like at Pixabay.com. Therefore I am very disappointed. Can I count on an accommodation from Royal-Flash?

The image has free license when we have implemented it in he theme few years ago, then they have changed the license.

Hi people, I’m thinking of buying this theme, one question, will I need elementor PRO to build the web? Or can I only work with the free elementor basic one?

Answered via email.

Guys, don’t buy this. You won’t get any reply if you need assistance.

Hi, did your support receive my mail ? It’s been a few days and i’m still stuck about the One Page future option. Doesn’t work for me despite the documentation clearly explained. Thanks dude

Hello, I have a bug on mobiles since changing my php 7.3 to php 8.0. Do you not support php 8.0 ? Anything you can do to help? Thanks

Hi, we will update the theme in a few days, you will receive an update notification email.

Kind Regards, Nick

Hello, its been 3 months and the error is still here on mobiles: Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /homepages/1/d413145934/htdocs/clickandbuilds/HouseofPac/wp-content/plugins/royal-core/royal-core.php on line 2569 Can you help?


ola_wc Purchased

We are using hyper x for a longer time now. We liked it till now. It stopped working on microsoft edge (does not load the web at all). And the pictures in the portfolio faded nicely while cursor was on it. Now it is not fading any more just resizing… We use WPBakery visual composer 6.0.2 (it is not updating any further).


ola_wc Purchased

What we see now is that web works on google chrome and safari, firefox and edge does not load. All plugins are up to date. our web is www.bosarchitekci.pl…

Hello, I have a strange problem with a double logo appearing only in a mobile view. How to fix it? I have tried to remove a low-res logo, and the 2nd logo is gone on a mobile view on iPhone. But at the same time on a PC with 1080p screen no logo at all, it’s gone. Not sure what is going on… Any advice how to fix it? My website: https://www.coatofarms.design

Hi, we have replied via email. Kind Regards, Nick

your theme doesn’t work with PHP v8.1 It only works with 7.4

I get the following error on screen

Warning: Undefined array key “api_key” in …/wp-content/themes/hyperx/functions.php on line 28

when will you support PHP 8.1?

Hi, I just bought the theme and I tried to setup a few categories and I see the theme organize the categories alphabetically, there’s a way to organize them with my own parameters? I really need a different organization. Also, I wonder if there’s a way to add more portfolios. Thank you for your help.


At first, thank you for choosing our theme and service.

Can you please describe the issue you have in more detail? Please share a direct link to the page where the issue appears and for more clarifications, please share screenshots of the issue.

For more flexoble support please contact us at this email address: contact.wproyalflush@gmail.com

Kind Regards

Hi, this is a pre-sales question. I want to know if I can create different portfolios with different items. Also, I want to know if I can decide the order of the items in the portfolio. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, yes you can control of portfolio items order.

Kind Regards, Nick

Hi Nick, thank you so much! I did another question: “I want to know if I can create different portfolios with different items” Again thank you so much for your time and help.

Hi, I’m using Kailee template. Please let me know how to enable filters in mobile. Thanks.

Hi Nick, I tried and it doesn’t work.

Just checking on filters issue, I’m using Kailee template, so filters are in left sidebar.

Hi! I have been using your theme as a Woocommerce catalog mode and now I am converting it to a regular e-commerce. Why can’t I see the account icon next to the cart or option to activate it? It’s no where to be found. How can I activate it? Buyers need to create accounts. The icon is not seen either after one logs in as a customer.


vako-sv Author Team

Hi @jonybigude

Can you please describe the issue you have in more detail? Please share a direct link to the page where the issue appears and for more clarifications, please share screenshots of the issue.

Kind Regards

Sure thing. See what the green arrow aims at? https://imgur.com/a/t6re4en That wasn’t showing anywhere. I had to get the account URL and create a button as a custom link and then install a plugin to replace the text button with an icon. That’s how I solve it. If you sell a WC-fitted theme, then the account icon should exist, or at least the possibility to have it, like you have the possibility to hide/show the cart button.

Hi! Great theme and I’m using it for a long time.

Just a small question. How can I put portfolio filter on top of the current menu? Right now the left sidebar is logo->tagline-> main menu -> portfolio filter. I would like to switch main menu with portfolio filter.

I’m using the left sidebar case Hephaestus. In my customize settings, I can not find this option.

Hope you you can answer soon. Thanks!


vako-sv Author Team


Sorry for the late reply we were off for a while.

Please read this related articles: http://wp-royal.com/hyper-x/support/knowledge-base/portfolio-setup-2/ http://wp-royal.com/hyper-x/support/knowledge-base/portfolio-category-sorting/

Pelase feel free to contact us via this email address for more assistance: contact.wproyalflush@gmail.com

Kind Regards

Hi, the supportThis is the third time I have bought this theme because I find it very suitable for video sites, and so far it has worked perfectly. But the attention I’m getting for the support of this topic is pretty bad. At first they answered me with evasive messages and now they don’t even answer. I don’t know if they are trying to pass the support deadline so that I have to rehire it, but I am very disappointed. I’m still waiting for your answer.

Hi Labrit, I was on holidays and I will answer all you emails today. Kind Regards, Nick

Hi, I just updated the theme to version

Unfortunately, the WP Bakery Builder plugin will not update. How can I solve this?



Hi, please contact us via this form and we will guide you,


Kind Regards, Nick


The button automatically generated by my website has a spelling error. http://meetweil.com/

How to modify. “Show me more” shows “shoe me more”


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