Hypnos - OnePage Parallax WordPress Theme

Hypnos - OnePage Parallax WordPress Theme

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Are you looking for a great WordPress developer to help you with your website?

Hypnos is very nice WordPress theme, suitable for agencies, personal portfolios or small firms.

  • Parallax WordPress Theme
  • Multipurpose onepage design
  • Responsive layout
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • One Page Multipurpose template
  • Create your own creative website with our Options Framework
  • Easy to use Page Builder
  • Clean and Modern blog
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Supports landscape and portrait photography for photographers
  • SEO optimized and multi-page
  • Suits food, cafe, restaurant, barber and bistro websites
  • Retina-ready
  • Corporate design ideal for startup company or construction industry
  • Free Plugin – Revolution Slider
  • Fresh Plugin Bundle
  • Document simple wedding events or music band history
  • Display big HD video and photo
  • Great for small business, studio or agency

First time WordPress user or beginner?

You want to get your new site done nicely, with minimum effort and overhead, as soon as possible. We know that making websites is not your core business and you do not want to spent more time on this, than neccessarry.

Video Tutorials With English Narration

We created step-by-step video tutorials, which explains you how to work with our theme. There is of course english speaker, who comments his actions, to make the instructions as clear as possible

One Click Demo Content Installation

Sometimes is good to have the example right in front of you and have option to “touch it”. Thats the reason, why we deliver 1 click demo content install. Your site will be then 1:1 (yes, exact copy) of our site. From our experience, this helps our buyers most.

Theme Usage is Intuitive

We dont have any complex theme options, or other settings. Everything is intuitive, so you will be able to design your website according to your ideas. Plus everything looks great out of the box.

Fast responding support

Our main business goal is to create returning customers. We are able to achieve this goal via great customer support. You will talk directly to our developers – this ensure that you will not be asked redundant questions and your issues will be solved asap. We are online almost 16 hours per day, covering Europe and USA time zones.

Experienced WordPress user?

Guess you created some count of WP sites already.You have pretty good idea, how WordPress works. Guess you can be affiliate marketer or just a friend helping friend with his new website.

Unlimited Layouts Combination

Yes, thats right. You can combine together every section you can see in the theme preview. Basically you can create an infinite number of layouts

Very Easy to use Pagebuilder

Our custom system is very effective. You simply drag&drop sections and stack them under each other and then fill their content. This way you will be able to create your wished site in literally no-time.

Tools for customizing your site

You often need to write custom CSS / JS codes, or customize sidebars, customize widget visibility or customize loops to achieve your wished functionality. We create sets of plugins for this purpose and we deliver them with theme for free.

Fast responding support

Our main business goal is to create returning customers. We are able to achieve this goal via great customer support. You will talk directly to our developers – this ensure that you will not be asked redundant questions and your issues will be solved asap. We are online almost 16 hours per day, covering Europe and USA time zones.

Are you developer?

Nice to meet you, we are developers too! So we know the main struggling points when creating website for client and we did our best to avoid them in our products.

Child Theme support

We know, that this is the only correct practice, how to do changes in themes. So we take double care, to be sure that our template supports child themes correctly. We delivery child theme inside, as a bonus to save your time.

Functions wrapped by “function_exists”

When you need to customize our theme fuctions, you will not have hard times. Every single function is wrapped by “function_exists” call. So if you create function of same name in child theme, only your function will be called.

Clean & Well Organized Code

Code is commented, clean and well organized. You will not have hard time, when doing customizations. We save your time & money, making the development process faster.

Fast responding support

Our main business goal is to create returning customers. We are able to achieve this goal via great customer support. You will talk directly to our developers – this ensure that you will not be asked redundant questions and your issues will be solved asap. We are online almost 16 hours per day, covering Europe and USA time zones.

Hypnos – OnePage Parallax WordPress Theme

While we were designing our Hypnos OnePage Parallax WordPress Theme, we intend to address as many people as possible. We wanted to make theme which will be suitable for all work positions and all possible situations. That is why this template is perfect for freelancers, doctors, designers, photographers or writers.

Hypnos theme is styled to be multipurpose template. It is modern, fresh, trendy theme which suits all professions and institutions. We already have artists using our theme as well as many business men and accouters found it suitable for their business. Lawyers, attorneys and judges use this theme to get closer to their customers thanks to its unique and nice design. And even therapists, developers, scientists, and sales managers use this theme.

If you are photographer, graphic designer, clothing designer you will appreciate portfolio which you can use with this template where you can easily show all your work to the whole world.

You would be surprised that this theme is favorite even at medicine. Dentists, orthoptists, medical clinics, private clinic, doctors, optometrists, pharmacy owners, surgeons, psychologists and pediatrics like this template.

Hypnos OnePage Parallax WP Theme is great option for freelancers as well because you can easily present yourself and your products using this theme. You can be personal trainer, food critic, stylist, nutritionist, musician, web designer or you can own shop like food shop, wine shop, jewelry shop, cellphones shop or art shop and you can use Hypnos WordPress theme to present yourself and your company.

But you can be even large company to enjoy this theme. This template is suitable even for hotel, hostel, grocery store, restaurant, wine bar and coffee.

It is not possible to list all professions and business, which is Hypnos great for, but there are really lot of them (financial adviser, biologists, economist, chemists, geologists, auditors, artist, gymnasts, salons and others).

And if you are developer we are sure you will really appreciate our clean and nice code because you are able to customize every single piece of our Hypnos WordPress theme thanks to function_exists statement which allows you to use child themes.

Hypnos One Page Parallax WordPress Theme features

Responsive Layout – mobile and tablet friendly

We are living in a modern age where mobile phones coverage is almost 100% of the world population. Responsive layout makes possible optimal viewing and interaction experience. It is easy to read and navigate at your mobile or tablet with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. Thanks Hypnos theme responsive layout your page will be perfect to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets.

Fast and helpful support

Satisfied customer is our number one priority and that is why we have awesome support for our Hypnos WordPress theme. We do not use outsourcing for our support. It is because our WordPress themes are very well coded and everything is working as it supposed to and we do not have much support requests so we can handle support by ourselves. So if you write to our awesome support center, the developer who worked on Hypnos WordPress theme will answer you directly and as soon as possible.

One Click Demo Content

To make sure your website will be up as fast as possible we provide you one click demo install. You will have a WordPress XML import file in the theme package, which contain data from our Hypnos WordPress theme. You can import this file and make your page look exactly like our demo.


We always make sure that our themes are very well documented. Thanks to our awesome documentation you will be able to start building your site without any problems. And there is not just written documentation, we have also English video tutorials for you about how to work with our Hypnos WordPress theme.

Seo Friendly

We know this is not usual practice but we are coding our template according to SEO standards to make it SEO friendly. Just by installing Hypnos WordPress theme, you will have a great edge against your competitors.

Section Builder

Section builder is a great feature which will really easy building of your website. You simple grab a section, drop it to the canvas and fill in all information you want. For example you choose Pricing section, add products, fill their features and prices. You do not need to code the website in HTML, section builder is easiest solution you can use.

One click updates

We want you to have new features as soon as possible and that is why we are issuing updates to our responsive themes very often. That is why we are using one click automatic update to make updating as simple as possible. We are trying to make update process really smooth for our customers, otherwise they will not be updating and their WordPress sites will be outdated. You just log to your WP Admin -> Updates, and update here.

Filterable Isotope Portfolio

Portfolios are great to show whole world what you are doing or what you already achieved. There are many portfolio options which you can customize as you like at Hypnos theme. Portfolios are WordPress feature. It is a WordPress Custom Post Types, so each portfolio could have featured images. Each portfolio can then point to itself or to the external source.

Bundled Plugins

Most of today themes include Revolution Slider. We offer you more for free. By buying our theme you will have our awesome plugins which are worth more than hundred dollars and will ease your work with WordPress and make your websites even more powerful.

Purchase just once, no monthly fee

You do not need to worry about monthly fee or paid update. We offer you Hypnos theme for lifetime just for one payment. You just purchase once and that is it.

600+ Google Fonts

We added 600+ Google fonts to our Hypnos WordPress responsive theme to make your page look even more professional. You can adjust the typography in our Theme Options Panel.

The Ark – the best rated theme of all time

From our Blog


2016 July 13th – Version 1.4.3

- Fixed - Fullsceen video
- Google Maps - Adding Google API option
- Improved - the latest Visual Composer version
- Improved - the latest Slider Revolution version
- Improved - the latest TGMPA plugin

2016 May 04th – Version 1.4.2

- Fixed - header logo changing trough theme options

2016 April 20th – Version 1.4.1

- Improvement - backend workflow made better

2016 April 19th – Version 1.4.0

- Improvement - backend workflow made better

2016 April 13th – Version 1.3.6

- Fixed - portfolio ajax scroll down

2016 April 11th – Version 1.3.5

- Fixed - portfolio ajax scroll

2016 April 11th – Version 1.3.4

- Fixed - options duplication
- Fixed - new version of fullscreen slider

2015 September 15th – Version 1.3.3

- Text with icon section hover text fix
- Featured projects - added printing url so the project will open in next window
- Added revisions system

2015 July 20th – Version 1.3.2

- Featured section - links fix
- Pricing Table section - removed not used monthly input
- Fixed sidebar position for single posts
- Fixed possible XSS attack by comment text

2015 June 02th – Version 1.3.1

- Slider video background image, fixed it's size
- You can now have up to 4 levels in main navigation
- The latest Revolution Slider

2015 May 22th – Version 1.3.0

- The latest fresh framework update

2015 May 06th – Version 1.2.3

- There are applied shortcodes in HTML section now.

2015 April 30th – Version 1.2.2

- Portfolio filtering by category removed

2015 April 29th – Version 1.2.1

- Revslider section fix

2015 April 09th – Version 1.2.0

- Revslider section fix

2015 April 09th – Version 1.1.9

- Small fix

2015 April 09th – Version 1.1.8

- The latest TGM plugin
- Featured works fulscreen bug fixed
- Added more description into some sections

2015 April 14th – Version 1.1.7

- Added filtering by category in Portfolio section
- Slightly improved loading speed
- Repaired portfolio section filtering by portfolio category
- Fixed iframe video issue
- Fixed space (too small) between header and content on pages and blog in some cases

2015 March 12th – Version 1.1.6

- Added the latest new fresh framework.
- Theme Options / Footer - repaired invisible icon in footer.
- Google map - repaired unescaped string in javascript.

2015 March 11th – Version 1.1.5

- Problem with vimeo portfolio video fixed

2015 March 05th – Version 1.1.4

- Problem with youtube portfolio video fixed
- Added section pure HTML

2015 February 26th – Version 1.1.3

- Problem with two featured sections fixed
- Portfolio section "Show all" translation added

2015 February 20th – Version 1.1.2

- Portfolio Section title and description fix

2015 February 20th – Version 1.1.1

- Logo/Header area, improved flexibility
- Contact Form not sending email - fixed

2015 February 19th – Version 1.1.0

- Pricing table button url fixed
- Twitter username and url fixed
- Contact form not sending email fixed

2015 February 17th – Version 1.0.10

- Revslider headers font fixed

2015 February 17th – Version 1.0.9

- Revslider headers font fixed

2015 February 16th – Version 1.0.8

- Forgotten version inserted into style.css

2015 February 16th – Version 1.0.7

- Option added for loading text
- Added option into featured section to change button hover title

2015 February 10th – Version 1.0.6

- Twitter section - Nicer info, when there are bad twitter credentials
- Intense script - removed relative image to fix 404 error
- wp_head() and wp_footer() - moved to standard place.
- New TGM version - Remove call to deprecated function screen_icon()
- register_sidebar() function called in widgets_init hook
- All user data input escaped with esc_url(), esc_attr() or wp_kses() finctions

2015 January 26th – Version 1.0.5

- The latest demo content - XML export file

2015 January 26th – Version 1.0.4

- The latest demo content - XML export file
- The latest demo content - Revolution Slider Slides

2015 January 26th – Version 1.0.3

- Small fix

2015 January 23th – Version 1.0.2

- Small fix

2015 January 23th – Version 1.0.1

- Small fix

2015 January 23th – Version 1.0.0

- Initial release