Discussion on Hyrad - Hi-Tech Magento Theme

Discussion on Hyrad - Hi-Tech Magento Theme

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hi.. its been 3 days.. are you on holiday or what? i need help asap.. how can i make my menu like this one… here : http://www.magentothemestudio.com/themes/metros/index.php/?___store=default ->on Clothing

Because it’s advanced mega menus extension that allows you create any kinds of menus.

hi.. can we make menu sub-menu > sub-menu with mega-menu extensitions..? like default menu


Please create a ticket to describe your problem here: http://support.9magentothemes.com/

Best regards, Linh

Hello Linharex, Could you please tell me how to find the advanced mage menus extension? BR

Hello, Is your mega menus suitable for responsive design?

yes it’s suitable for RWD.

Thank you. I will need to modify the CSS of my template MT Hyrad in order to slide it to my design. Could you do it for us and how to proceed? BR

hi.. i just downloaded the uptaded version. and what should i do? which files i should upload?

now you said MT Slideshow.. in readme.txt you said ZT.. that confusing… anyway. when could you do it done?

hi.. when could you upgrade my theme?


The upgrading should be done now, please check your ticket!

Best regards, Linh

Hi. again.. you helped me that was cool.. but i couldnt figure the menu out. how can i make it.. is there any help text or like that?

Hi, great theme! Just one simple question. After I add products to “Add to Compare”, how can I go to compare page to view product compare. Does able to show a link to compare page on product page?


The link to open the popup for compage page: http://hyrad.joomvision.com/catalog/product_compare/index/ will be added soon! We will get it fixed ASAP. Thank you for you question!

Best regards, Linh

How can I add this link in product page? which file I need modify and how?


Depending to the theme, you should edit the product page phtml file In our MT Hyrad template the file path is: frontend/default/mt_hyrad/template/magenthemes/ajaxcart/view.phtml

This is the example to create popup link:

<a href="#" onclick="CompareWindow=window.open('http://hyrad.joomvision.com/catalog/product_compare/index/','CompareWindow','toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no, menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,width=600,height=300'); return false;">Click Here</a>

Best regards,


hi.. i sent you an ticket from support system.. when can you help me..

Hello, I have a question about mt hyrad. The twitter fragment works well with the 9megentothemes account, but when I tried to use my own account, the componet can’t display messages. any help?



This is because the Twitter has upgrade the API few days ago. We are upgrading the theme to rewrite the twitter function, this will be done soon!

Best regards, Linh

Terrible service. There are 10 days that I sent to you tickets trying resolve a problem. And any solution or answer. I will note rate your template… I `m still waiting. but not so much.. Can I have money back? It`s possible If I don`t wat loose my money we should instal the template module by module each one ?? Absurd

Really? What’s your ticket number ?

Hey I recently purchased the theme, i just wanted to know where i can find the exact documentation or user guide for this theme so that i can start building my owe site as soon as possible.

Thank you

Thank You!

I did exactly the way the documentation says but the menu still doesnt show up. Sorry for too many questions. I am just a beginner that’s why i am trying to learn. Can you give me a brief step by step instruction of how to create a menu that is connect to a page for example about us page and how to create that as a menu on top


Please navigate inside Create_Menus_Document folder and read the document to know how to manage the mega menus.

Kind regards, Linh

I’m wondering if there’s anyway to display all subcategories using the Grid view (like how the popular products are in the demo)...so let’s say I have a top menu with the main categories, and when the user clicks on any of them instead of being taken directly to the products list – the user could first see the subcategories in almost the same way they see the products…So, It would show the image that belongs to that subcategory, once they click on any of these they would be able to see all the products available under this subcategory? Thank you very much.. It would be amazing if you can help me with this. I followed the forum http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/14527/P60/ but didnt really work out for me.


Thank you for purchasing our theme, please open the ticket here: http://support.9magentothemes.com/open.php and include your site information in the ticket message (Site url, admin info, ftp and database information, please include phpmyadmin url!), then let me know your ticket number, we will help you do it!

Best regards, Linh

my ticket number is – #2119.

Is there any way I can put a photo slider in the mainright static block? (if you can help me with it then it will be great!! ) If you have any other suggestion or any other way I can put the photo slider in the mainright static block then that would be good too. I really need to put that slider there.

Thank you.

Do you have any news in regards to twitter fix? we really need this one.

Thank you.

There is still no news on this one. Support is really bad.

Is there any I can disable Smart Menu from the whole site? Thank You.

the instruction manual is too bad, i can’t setup as it. please help. thanks.

the theme is too bad. not the same as demo. can’t use and they don’t fix it after connect. please don’t purchase.


I bought the theme recently running on GoDaddy. Magento platform is running fine, as to save data but however, the theme is not saving any configuration.

What could be the reason?

Hi, I have this theme and I would like to use inline translation, but it seems that it is not working properly. When I try to use inline translation that little “book” icon for inline translation is always jumping and it doesn’t let me translate correctly.

Please help.

guys do you have any news on this one?

Does it work with Magento 1.8 ? Did anyone try that?

Is there still support for this theme. I see that the developer site is not there anymore


Thanks for using our theme, We still support it, If you have any problem, please create the ticket on http://arex.ticksy.com/

Best regards, Linh